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What FIAT needs to do to sell more

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Sumit, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    :confused WHY FIAT INDIA is not acting on the new launch and new statergies of promoting sales, WAKE UP GUYS, :A , Fiat has world class design and engines they what is stopping them from. :confused
  2. aroon25

    aroon25 Timido

    I have a suggestion for fiat,
    1. Mind share
    2. Heart Share
    3. Market share

    Mind Share:
    This is where Fiat should have done before launching their product line.
    Project Fiat as a Brand
    Show as Fiat as a part of Masarati, Ferrari, and Alfa Romeo
    History of fiat
    Show from early days how Fiat cars are known for their design than Germans, Japanese and Americans.
    Show Ariel View of LINGOTTO factory, and fiats being tested on top of that.
    Show some PAL fiats and love of Indians towards it (Real people especially old Doctors and VIP‘s)
    Performance Fiat:
    Show the rally winning performance and standing records created by
    1. LANCIA Stratos
    2. Lancia Delta
    3. The V8 engines etc .
    Show the Eldridge and the Mefistofele world land speed record attempt in 1924.
    And of course the Ferraris.
    At least in your web site.

    Heart Share:
    1. Portray, the testimonies of Passionate Punters and Linians, along with their photo contact details and Photos with their machines, In every dealer and show room, in a separate bill board.
    2. Have a separate uniform for Fiat sales team if that is a issue make them wear some fiat badge,
    T shirts and caps etc. the point is differentiate from Tata guys.

    3. Have your sales man deliberately say that you can’t compare Manza with Linea and Vista with Punto.
    4. Have a separate sheet tabulating the features available in Sx4, Vento, Verna and Fiesta, i20, Polo CITY, variant for variant including the OTR. In this Please don’t include Manza/Vista.
    Ater every test drive gives these sheets to prospective buyer, and indicate whre Linea/Punto Stands
    5. Make an online complaint booking system, and coordinate with the concerned Service Managers and Service Advisors.
    Market Share:
    1. Sales of fiat are in a negative downward spiral.
    One of the main sore points in purchase of fiat is the re sale value, see the resale value of
    Swift D and Honda City, once is a product is in demand the resale naturally increases.
    Have used car division buy back used cars, to a premium say 25k to 50 k more than prevailing market rate.
    If Fiat is really aggressive they can offer to buy back the used cars with in the 5% range of used HONDA City, with similar attributes.
    Sure fiat is going to lose money in initial years, but after they pick up the sales to say 4k to 5k units Fiat, is going to get another revenue stream form this division.
    3. Have a unique paper add per week day.
    Monday: about History of Fiat, Brands of Fiat.
    Tuesday: Performance records of Fiat, and the Racing pedigree.
    Wednesday: Fiat National engine name the cars that use 1.3 MJD including mileage figures.
    Thursday: Features in Linea and Punto
    Friday: Testimonials of Punters and Lineans.
    Continue this till your sales picks up to say 4k to 5 k units per month.
    4. Weekends go full blast on TV print and internet, and on malls and public places.

    5. Get the names of persons who have not TD’ed Linea but on the long waiting list for VENTO, i20, Sx4 and POLO and offer TD to them, try to sell a better car.

    6. Have a back office team, which calls the customers who have TD’ed Fiat cars have their feedback and dynamically interact with your sales team down to every sales man.
  3. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    really good suggestion by aroon. i think he has covered mostly all the points. even i wonder that if fiat cannot sell their cars now, when there are long waiting period for their rival cars, when will they be able to sell. the same scenario can be seen in the two wheeler market. bcos activas and access have long waiting period, tvs wego and mahindra have benefited from the spillover effect. but fiat cannot even do this. just imagine people would wait, pay extra but will not buy a fiat.
  4. sharma_sanjeevin

    sharma_sanjeevin Regolare

    Some good suggestions here by aroon, but it seems all the efforts and posts on the Forum are going waste. Because FIAT has turned deaf, they are not listening to anything dont know whats going on. Where are the Accenture Guys that they hired to suggest the positioning of the Brand and other stuff.

    Also, they just have 2 Products in their portfolio and on top of that they dont promote them :) they need to bring in more products ASAP like Ford did it with Figo. For god sake bring in the Panda / Idea or the New Small Car ASAP and price them VERY competitively, and then i bet they have a winner on their hands.

    Hope FIAT India management checks out this thread on this forum and get into charge.
  5. Guys check this out:

    Link: posting.php?mode=reply&f=16&t=449

    Fiat India Automobiles Pvt. Ltd, an equal joint venture between Tata Motors Ltd and Fiat SpA, is re-working the sales and distribution arrangement for Fiat cars in India in an attempt to improve sales and strengthen the brand.

    Currently, both Tata and Fiat cars are sold by a dealer under one roof. This arrangement is set to change.

    According to people with direct knowledge of the plans, Tata Motors may ask some of its dealers to set up separate showrooms for Fiat cars.

    This comes close on the heels of Fiat’s decision to set up so-called brand centres in different cities. The theme-based centres will be up and running in the next two months.

    Rajeev Kapoor, president and chief executive at Fiat India, said that on account of space constraints within the existent dealerships, there could be separate showroom areas for Fiat while the dealerships will remain common. “However, nothing has been finalized as yet.”

    With the introduction of newer models by both the companies, space in some of the showrooms has become constrained, Kapoor said. “We are evaluating whether it’s possible to extend the existing area within the same set up. There are some which do not have the scope of further expansion and, as such, will have to procure another showroom. Everything is being worked upon and there is no common formula.”

    In an email response, Tata Motors’ spokesman said, “Tata Motors has repeatedly said that it, as a distributor of Fiat cars in India, is continuously working with Fiat at improving the sales of the Fiat range in India.” He declined further comment.

    Fiat’s partnership with Tata Motors has two parts—a joint manufacturing facility in India that produces cars for both firms; and a distribution agreement under which Fiat retails its products through Tata Motors’ outlets.

    With Fiat’s sales declining month-on-month, the joint venture is under strain on the sales front. In September last year, Tata and Fiat engaged global consulting firm Accenture Plc to study and suggest ways to address Fiat India’s weaknesses in product, price, positioning and distribution.

    The company’s sales dropped 14% to 17,405 units in the 10 months of the current fiscal to January, even as domestic car sales expanded by almost one-third to 1,599,495 units in the same period over a year ago, according to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, or Siam.

    In a bid to revive sales, Fiat offered discounts on car purchases by Fiat and Tata Motors’ employees and vendors in February.

    The company sent out emails to employees of Tata and Fiat and their vendors announcing the scheme, which allows them to buy the Punto and Linea models and avail a discount of up to Rs.1 lakh.

    According to one of the persons familiar with the development, the companies (Tata and Fiat) will adopt a dual-phase strategy.

    The first phase, which is already under way, involves brand improvement, and the second phase, which is a long-term strategy, will take into consideration the distribution network.

    As part of the new arrangement, Tata and Fiat models will not sell in the same showroom and Tata Motors will ask some of its dealers to set up separate outlets for the Fiat vehicles. Still if the company doesn’t get good response from the dealers, Fiat may consider appointing its own dealers in addition to the existing ones, said the person.

    Experts are sceptical whether the new arrangement will push sales. Puneet Gupta, an analyst at sales, forecasting and research firm, IHS Automotive, said that while the new model will help Fiat serve its customers better and enhance its brand appeal, “its success will depend on the number of Tata dealers who are willing to invest in separate outlets”.

    “Fiat also needs to look into the product proposition. Altering the sales and distribution alone will not help,” said another independent analyst who did not want to be identified.

    Dealers do not seem to be enthusiastic either.

    “It’s not feasible to have two separate outlets. The new outlet will increase the recurring expenses even as the fixed costs remain the same,” said a Mumbai-based dealer who declined to be identified. “Why would one set up another outlet if volumes from both the brands are low?”

    “What matters more is how the customer perceives the brand and the value he sees in buying it,” said a Delhi-based dealer who also did not want to be identified.
  6. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    iam least convinced with such hypothetical kind comments. i see only hope, if fiat bring back the lost smiles of present customers . look at volkswagon ..look at nissan micra ford figo. they have hardly much of any outlets or service centers yet they are selling like hot cakes.

    fiat betrayed thier customer like no one else. only those people give second look at fiat who have kind of brand loyality or know what really is fiat.
  7. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    out of all odds ,to boost the sales of fiat in india i found a possible solution. though it may sound funny...

    why not whole fiat staff in india watch movie


    may this idea could be forwarded by teamfiat members to fiat authorities.
  8. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    It's the unfortunate bad reputation that FIAT has among indian customers. When I decided to go for Punto, my brother warned me against going for a FIAT car. He was talking about the unavailability of spare parts and maintenance costs. I had to convince him that FIAT cars are technologically advanced and that critical spare parts are now manufactured in India and not imported from Italy any more. FIAT cars are not technologically behind any other brand.
    A person will not be remembered for the 100 good things he does, but for the only one bad thing he did. It requires a great marketing campaign to change the brand image. There is definitely a change in the attitude towards FIAT. But it is very slow, as the numbers show.
    In case of volkswagen and nissan, they have just entered the indian market seeing the big opportunity. As far as Indian customers are concerned, VW and Nissan were elite brands that they dream of owning.
  9. point_petes96


    What fiats needs to do now is to lauch the new uno or palio with great news and witn teasers in the media and press.This is what ford,vw(polo cup.vento) have done to increase their sale.
  10. Sumit

    Sumit Superiore

    Fiat india shud stop being slow and lazy.

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