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What could have been better ?

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by amogh, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    I think I'll agree with you here. Like Gautam mentioned earlier...since he had his picture as his avatar. Many member could identify him.
  2. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    I agree with Arun1100
  3. vks


    IMHO, there was absolotuley nothing that could have been better- I am still wondering how few handful of mods could execute such grande & amazing program. Beleive me its actually a tough job & I envy the organizers skill sets! I am happy that I could chip in with few effortless moments in the Tshirt table.

    Yes, next time, there could be some improvizations to escalate the happiness levels!
    + Add a TFI members introduction / interaction session.
    + try to avoid the morning city traffic.
    + May be a Public announcement system at the meeting point could have been better, not sure of its complications though! (while I liked the surprises at VITS, couldn't actually enjoy it since I was confused with the exit route / time. I think I was saved as I parked near to your Blue
    ++ Stick to TFI members.

    And may be the Jamuns for lunch could be a bit smaller next time ;-)
  4. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    :clap , no words other than that. ROFLOL
  5. Amogh, Sandeep, Manoj and all Mods - The event was really ONE MEMORABLE OCCASION for me and I hope (and I know for sure from the random posts in the relevant thread and its pics that, - it WAS) it was for every one alike.

    A BIG THANKS for this !! :clapping :clapping :clapping

    To the point of this thread:
    My first couple of lines talks of all the positives blanket, so straight away to what could be done better in my view. :redcar

    1. There was a bit of confusion :confused1 at least to some of us what is going to happen or happening where and when, at VITS during the flag off. We were slightly late in knowing it was at the other gate and reaching there.

    2. I knew later - it was taken care that a local Pune-ite's car is amongst every 3-4-5 cars that leave the flag off point, just to ensure that ex-Pune guys don't lose their way in the mayhem that was ahead of them at the City. :traffic Given that, some extra thought and prior announcement can be there next time at a similar event here or else where. Better than that, we could find a place that need not cover city during such a drive. One positive being we had so many free spectators :) Wish they were Cheering too...(too much to ask for ! LOL) We too could have a THRILLING experience.

    3. Experience at various places in the factory was not uniform among numerous small groups we had formed among ourselves. Like, some places we were rushing, at some we had more than enough time. and particularly in assembly line, we couldn't go through each and every line. Some were skipped. I know this is subjective, related to what some want to know and see more about, and what not. Getting a better prior idea of what is in store inside the factory and where, would help us. Fiat could have provided this probably during an initial sitting session during our welcome drink/snacks time.

    4. A point that I see most in the other posts in this thread. Applicable for me too. Intro between fellow teamfiat-ians. Yes, we had some, right from the break fast time onwards, but not enough. You know, I now realize- few of those I really would have loved to meet and talk, I couldn't!
    Yes! Profile pic helps- way to go!. I follow..
  6. MihirC

    MihirC Amatore

    Well like many other have mentioned before,

    1) A small introduction session amongst ourselves before we went to the factory.

    Maybe we still can do the same for different cities so atleast members in the same city know each other. and then we can have intercity/interstates meet so if not the whole forum around 50% of the members know each other. This can be done at best now as the forum is young and still growing.

    The second suggestion is for all the esteemed members. It was very obvious that the whole work/managing load was on the mods. I feel we all should take some initiative of helping the mods as that would help them make things better for us. By now if not each other , we know how the mods look like so atleast we can ask them , where would they require our help. I guess even small things like shifting stuff , passing messages to others would be very crucial in the rush times.
  7. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore

    Gautam i was there throughout the meet.I dunno y u cudnt spot me :cry: ?? I cudnt recognize anyone either.I agree there shudve been a small introduction session.Later after everyone uploaded pics i came to know, that is this guy n stuff and there i saw u in pics also ::D

    NMP ur right i was busy in my spying work ::D .Bond is always busy right???

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