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What about Unanswered Posts ?

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by amolmane, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    I saw many posts which are unanswered even after 15-30 days.
    This is not good for forum.
    It shows that members gives answers to posts in which their interest is included.

    As I wrote in previus thread, Our site is not created only for discussing about Modifications/Accessories & other points related to Asthetics of Car.

    I saw http://www.team-bhp.com. On that site,wide technicle discussion is available.

    On our web site.members are writing only on Modifications/Accessories & other points related to Asthetics of Car.

    To keep engine in healthy condition,we should make nore discussion on Technicle point.
    Not on color,modifications & other Show BiZ

    Lastly, if members are not responding to Unanswered posts,then what moderators are doing ?

    At least, moderators should give answers to Unanswered Post.
    I am sure that Moderators have more Scientific Auto Engineering Knowledge
  2. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3

    Frankly speaking : you are one of the unlucky ones who constantly has some problem with his car. Not many members share the same experience as you.

    This is a free forum. We are free to discuss anything we want as long as it is supported by logic and facts. It is not in the moderators or anybody's hands to make members reply to unanswered posts. Moderation does not necessarily mean scientific auto engineering knowledge. Running a forum like this requires a lot of adminstrative work. Moderators are precisely for that purpose.

    Color, modifications and show biz : may not interest you, but it does interest others. (Similar to how only you seem to have so many problems with your car, but not others)

    Most member's car's engines are running in healthy conditions in spite of members have not having sophisticated technical knowledge. There are members on this forum who have covered 40k+ running on their cars and all they have done is routine maintenance. Did they get into technical discussions ? No. Are their cars running in great condition? Yes

    I don't know what point you are trying to make : and probably many others on this forum don't understand too !! I am not surprised to see no responses to this thread.

  3. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    My intention is only to invite the attention to the Nos.of Unanwered Posts.

    I repeat only to invite the attention to the Nos.of Unanwered Posts.

    In this thread,I have not discussed about my problem.
    About my car :-
    See After 5 years,surlely it will be 100 % better & one step ahead of any members of this site.

    I am not complainting that members are not giving response.

    other members are not making complaint means It does not mean that their cars are all OK
    To identify "Something is Wrong" it requires Auto Eng.knowledege.& intellectual capacity.
    Please do not misunderstand Iam not singing my own trumpet with my own mouth.

    Members who only knows to spin wheel can not identify that something is wrong in the car.

    Most car owners are depends on ECU Examiner.
    But beyond ECU Examiner ,there is big dady ( Human Brain)
    This human brain is grandppa of all computers & ECU Scanner.

    It is not important that ECU Examiner is showing all is ok

    It is important that What you feel & what you sense when you drive the car

    If one can sense right then he is true enthusiasist
  4. I don't agree with that statement. Majority of car owners don't know anything about cars but they do identify that there is something wrong with their cars otherwise we would see lots of people stranded on roads with broken down cars.Thats like saying you require H/W or S/W knowledge to own a cellphone or a computer.

    You don't know most of the 700+ members we have here personally, so it's not wise to pass blanket judgments like that.

    About unanswered posts at the time of writing this there are 39(13 locked) unanswered posts out of 1019 posts thats like 2%. Also no one here is under obligation to answer others posts and even then i've seen majority folks here make an effort to help out others when needed because we all share a common passion towards FIAT cars.There can and will be cases where posts go unanswered since no one has answers to the question asked.We don't know everything about everything nor we claim to know.
  5. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Hi Amol

    This is a forum, a coming together of FIAT enthusiasts (people who own a FIAT and people who dont own a FIAT, People who admire FIAT, people who have knowledge about cars, People who dont know a rat's ass about cars). I repeat again, this is a forum, not a technical support website. Forum is for having a discussion with other people who share similar interest, no matter what their Auto Eng.knowledege.& intellectual capacity is. Every active member in this forum (based on what i have seen and experienced) is ready to share the knowlede, have that important discussion, provide that feedback, share great and sad stories, learn new things and most importantly help each other reach common objectives, if any.

    You mentioned "It shows that members gives answers to posts in which their interest is included". You joined Team Fiat as you had an interest, similarly other members have their own interests, if someone has an answer to a post or somehow they can help, i bet they would, even then nobody can force anyone for a reply. This is a democratic forum, Moderators are only here to implement simlple rules and they are the ones who have provided this platform for even having this conversation. Thank them for what you have and not worry about what you dont ( I bet recommendations would always be welcomed to improve) and please dont compare as the objective of this forum is completely different. Else theres always an option, click on the link which you posted on your first post.

    Have a Nice day

  6. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    Dear Amol,

    From your posts it seems that you are a FIAT lover but FIAT service hater too. Yu are enjoying as well as complaining continuously.

    There are so many posts coming in everyday and the subjects may be of relevance to a few or irrelevant to many. For eg subjects such as ICE, Android, Central locking...etc dont catch my fancy and I dont even open those. If someone has a problem with his FIAT he immediately posts on the forum looking forward to some tips, If none replies to it, then TASC is the mother station for all complaints to be addressed at. If you are still not convinced then mails to FIAT will be appropriate or still you can put your foot down at the TASC or do a dharna and get your issues sorted out. Blaming members for not answering all posts is not ideal.

    You have yourself stated that you are a human ECU, so with yor capability you should be helping out a lot of members with trouble shooting thier problems.
    If you feel that unanswered posts are innappropriate for the decorum of the forum, you can always go click on each post and type out your thoughts from your experience.

  7. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    Dear Jumu

    Thanx !

    You correctly observed by quoting "FIAT lover but FIAT service hater"

    Mine problem is that I have too much interest in Technicle Section.
    You might have observed that I have wriiten on most on technicle section.
  8. HarishSegar


    I understand what you are saying but this is a forum and everyone is here voluntarily. They would respond if they like. Its human nature. Mods are here to regulate the forum and are not meant to be a solution center. The forum itself is not a FIAT solution center. Its more of a gathering of FIAT fans. From what i have seen, if anyone knows the answer, they respond. As the forum grows, so will the responses.

    The other forums you mentioned, please do a % calculation based on the user base and how many actually post technical responses. You would be surprised at the result. This is a common problem with all forums.

    The only thing we can do is to encourage participation & if anyone is posting a query, please be as clear as possible.
  9. royj

    royj Esperto

    I do have some statistical information for typical forums provided by an auditor. It says a typical forum has a 90-9-1 participation distribution.
    That is for every 100 members, 90 will just hang around and read (lurkers), 9 will actively contribute and one person will be there to initiate discussions and lead.
    However, I think (haven't done an analysis yet) the percentages for TFI are much healthier, probably in the range of 80-15-5.
  10. ratanshivi

    ratanshivi Regolare

    Mald (East)
    Hey Guys !!

    Take The CHILL PILL Man!!

    The 1st most Important thing is Time- Everyone probably does not have the time to sit behind their comp's on a regular basis - So I guess Everyone cant really reply to all the post's

    For example - It is only once in a a while I really get the time and I am Inclined to Go through all the post's

    Secondly - Everyone is Not Tech savvy!!

    Thirdly - I would say the others in this post are absolutely right when they say that if the post does not concern them or they do not have any expertise in that Area they would probably have read the post but not commented on the same.

    I personally Keep in touch with the Moderators over the Phone as I have limited time to access the Net.

    Chill Bro - We all are true FIATIANS irrespective of the fact that we answer Post's or are complaining about our cars.

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