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Westward from the city by the sea into the desert to the border..

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by Excelerate, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. Excelerate

    Excelerate Amatore

    Linea T-Jet
    The itch for a long road trip was always there and ever increasing after the entry of Tjet into the family. Although this is not my first one, have driven quite a few 1000km ones and a couple of 1500 Kms one. But I will still call it the first major one This trip had been in planning stages from about July 2014 but finally being materialized in November 2015, one hell of a wait!!

    This is my first Travelogue so bear with me on the writing skills which I am sure will improve as the time passes..

    First thing first, Plan your travel:
    Since it is going to be a long trip so a plan needs to be made more so a realistic plan. As for most of our generation, Google came to help. I charted down on what my priorities are and what I definitely do not want to miss. Took route guidance and distance calculations from Google Maps and accordingly planned my stay points.

    Brief outline of the initial plan:

    Day 0: Pune - Surat: stay in surat: Route: NH 8- 406 KM approx. 6.5 hours.
    Day 1: Surat-Junagadh: start early to reach by evening, stay in Junagadh: Route: NH8,8A,8B,8D 552 KM approx. 9.5 hours.
    Day 2: junagadh-Gir: stay in Sasan Gir: Route: SH26 - 52 Km approx 1.5 Hours.
    Day 3: Gir-Somnath: stay in Somnath. Route: SH26 approx 1.25 Hours.
    Day 4: Somanth- Porbandar: explore sabarmati ashram and around. Route: NH 8D,8E. approx 2.5 Hours.
    Day 4: Porbandar-Dwaraka: Visit the temple and stay in dwaraka. Route: NH 8E, approx 2 hours.
    Day 5: Dwaraka-Bhachau: Stay in Bhachau. stay options?
    Day 6: Bhachau-Dholavira: Start early Visit Dholavira, fossil park. Route: SH 51, approx 3 Hours.
    Day 6: Dholavira-Patan: Start in afternoon. stay at Patan.Route:SH 51 and NH 15 approx. 5.5 Hours. Stay Options?
    Day 7: Patan-Modhera:start at 10 AM reach by 11 AM. Visit Sun temple. Route: SH 7, approx 1 Hour.
    Day 7: Modhera-Ahmedabad: start at Noon. Stay in Ahmedabad.
    Day 8: Ahmedabad-Pune: Route: NH 8, approx. 11 hours
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  2. vinit

    vinit Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    I am also visiting Ahmedabad from Mumbai after Diwali but then heading northward towards Rajasthan.

    Any particular reason to halt at Surat on the first day ? You can directly go to Ahmedabad..

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