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Weekend trip to Uttarakhand of 850+ Kms in 48 hours

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by ajay.sarin, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. ajay.sarin


    New Delhi
    Hi Guys, </SPAN>

    Uttarakhand travel is exciting due to the sheer topographical variety of the region which comprises cross country roads, snow-bound mountain road, valleys, and some part of plains and we experienced all of this in our 48 hour trip. And of course, Grande Punto also bears all of it with us J</SPAN></SPAN>. Okay, little about the route we took and then our experience with GP. </SPAN>

    Our Route:</SPAN>
    New Delhi ->Lansdowne->Tahiri Dam-> Chamba - >Mussorie->Dehradun->New Delhi</SPAN>

    Day 1- We started on Saturday morning (01:00 AM) and back on Sunday night. Road was plain till Bijnor, and then steep hills till Lansdowne. After staying for couple of hours in Lansdowne, we headed towards Koteshwar (Tahiri Dam)and it is where fun starts :)</SPAN></SPAN>. There is one bypass stretch of 70 KMs between Lansdowne and Koteshwar with single vehicle cross country road. We have to drive most of the time on 2[SUP]nd</SPAN>[/SUP] and 3[SUP]rd</SPAN>[/SUP]</SPAN> with landslides on right and deep valley on left. (We only saw three vehicles in this whole stretch and one small village). This ends in Koteshwar, where we stayed for the night.</SPAN>

    Day 2 – After visiting the dam site, we headed toward Mussorie, via Chamba and Dhanaulti. Road till Dhanaulti was Hilly but in good condition. However, we have to drive on 3[SUP]rd</SPAN>[/SUP] for most of the time. We’ve got a stretch in Dhanaulti, with snow as well. GP tends to slip a bit :eek:, but so as other Fortuner and Scorpios:D. After staying for a while in Mussorie, we headed to Dehardun, which again is downside curvy hill road and I must say GP handling is great on curves. Post Dehradun, we however feel some sluggishness in it, but it may be due to so much mishandling. Post dehradun it was mostly plain again with little bumpy roads. So that was our 48 Hrs trip, in which 23 Hours was our trip time. And with so much hill and bumpy road, GP still manages average of 19 KMPL for us. </SPAN>

    Now about vehicle experience:</SPAN>

    Good One :)</SPAN>
    • Excellent handling on curves, it was so stable</SPAN>
    • Picks up on 3[SUP]rd</SPAN>[/SUP] gear from like 25-30 KM speed as well. In Hill curves you know. </SPAN>
    • Stable breaks</SPAN>
    • 19KMPL even after most of time in hell bumpy roads on 2[SUP]nd</SPAN>[/SUP] and 3[SUP]rd</SPAN>[/SUP] gear. </SPAN>
    Bad One:thumbs down:</SPAN>
    • Ground Clearance – Man, it touches every leaf on the ground even :p</SPAN>
    • I felt little sluggishness, after running for 50-60 KMs on continuous bumpy road</SPAN>
    • Some cranky noise came from Breaks for little time but is fine now. </SPAN>
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  2. niranjan_81


    wow...850 KMs in two days is excellent. The high point which you mentioned about ghat road handling in punto is something everyone has experienced. During my recent trip to Konkan I had a great experience on Ghat roads. :)
    On the other note, what do you think about GMVNL package tours to Badrinath and Kedarnath. Has anyone in this forum travelled with them? It's govt. of Uttarakhand initiative.
    I have already booked the 6 day tour for my Mom and Dad for the month of May.
  3. singh

    singh Amatore

    Do post the pics of the trip , make it a travelogue . Would like to know more .
  4. prakhar_lfc

    prakhar_lfc Superiore

    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    Linea T-Jet
    That's one hell of a trip Ajay! Good to see that you enjoyed your trip to Uttrakhand! Do post some pics.

    Despite living in Dehradun since the past 14 years, have never made it past Dhanaulti :)
  5. abhinav

    abhinav Novizio

    Great trip Ajay doing 850 km in 48 hrs! Yeah GP is real good on those hills roads, enjoys the drive. Do post some pictures!
  6. Anish_A


    Nice one ...............Hope u njoyed the trip.

    By the way is this Punto a 2012 make by any chance.............The RC has increased in the new variant so shouldn't b n issue i felt...:).

    850 is a good number in 48 hrs.

    Safe Driving.
  7. ajay.sarin


    New Delhi
    Hi Guys,

    Sorry for the late reply, as I said, it was just a unplanned trip so we actually haven't taken much pics. But some attached for you...just see the roads :)

    IMAGE_348.jpg IMAGE_350.jpg IMAGE_351.jpg IMAGE_356.jpg IMG_0021.jpg

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