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Wanted stock steel rim and T-Jet wheel cup

Discussion in 'TFI Classifieds' started by gvm, May 9, 2011.

  1. I am looking for stock steel rim for my punto Em Pck (4 no). As posted in issue section, my car is having whobbling issue at speeds and service centre has pointed to alloy bend.

    The tyres are due for change and I don't want to jumb and buy new alloy without confirming. Planning to drive the car for few thousand kms with steel rim and new tyre and see whether the issue is really with alloy.

    Anyone interested to sell their steel rim (preferably from Trivandrum or Ernakulam), please contact me @ 98479 15140 or vargheze@gmail.com
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  2. soccerfan

    soccerfan Regolare

    You want a steel rim for Punto or Linea? Punto rim is 14" and linea is 15"
  3. soccerfan

    gvm is talking about 15 inch wheels and the normal wheel caps of the linea.. they look like that of t-jet it seems when seen from a distance
  4. Think I over looked that Punto steel rim come with 14". Mine is Punto Emotion Pack with 15" alloy and the steel rim idea is a short term plan to inspection before buying new set of alloys.


    1) Does any Linea model comes with 15" steel rim?
    2) Can I fit 195/60 profile tyre in 14" steel rim of Punto/Linea (for this test period)? - thinking for going for Bridgestone MY01 model tyre
  5. 15 inch wheels need 15inch tyres.
    the basic versions of the linea just like the punto come with steel pressed rims.
    why not get a set of steel rims and transplant the tyres from your alloy wheels and use them for a while.

    once try getting the alloys balanced once from a reputed/good tyre shop and see if the wobbling/vibration stopped.

    you can get the steel rims for a cheap price from a tyre shop. onwers usually tend to exchange them for bling(alloy) wheels
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  6. Pran

    Pran Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    gvm, if you plan to go for the Punto steel rim its 14" and the tyre has to be either 175/70R14 or 165/80R14, if you plan to fit a Linea rim it will be 15" and the tyre can be 195/60R15
  7. soccerfan

    soccerfan Regolare

    185/70 r14 fits the stock 14" punto rims without any issues. I had used that setup for around 15k kms. 195/60 R14 may bulge out from the stock 14" rims
    All linea models except Emotion pack comes with 15" steels rims. You can use 195/60 R15 or 205 tyres in that.
  8. Thanks guys. Linea come with 15" steel rim. So I might get that...

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