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Want to avail the Aug 2011 discount plus Upgrade offer - need advice on deal

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by abiteamfiatforum, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I am looking to buy a grande punto 1.3 76 HP diesel emotion pack. In fact i am looking to book it by the end of this month so i can participate in the august 'fiat upgrade' contest.

    I resigned from a fat-paying IT job, took a 6-month break from all jobs and now joined a relaxed, but medium-paying job. So, the finance guy at Aadya says only Kotak is willing to give loan for my case.

    I talked to the sales person and the finance person at Aadya motors near hebbal and these are the details of the proposed deal:

    * 7.65L OTR for Tuscan wine color
    * 12.5% @ Kotak Mahindra (Finance-man quoted). I shopped around and got a quote of 11.5% floating from VIjaya Bank
    * "No pre- and part- payment options at all sir"(even if I wanted to) in Kotak, according to the finance person. At Vijaya Bank, pre payment is present and comes at a 1% penalty. Vijaya bank manager also said they can give me part payment option without penalty from day 1 !!!!
    * 80-85% loan of the ex-showroom price as loan (85% of 6.6k ~= 5.6lakh) at both banks
    * EMI: 12.9K per month for 5 years at Kotak. Did not enquire about this at Vijaya Bank but I am sure it'll be lower than at Kotak.
    * Standard accessories free like: Floor mats, mud flaps, perfume, idol, sun-film (i think). I am thinking of asking for car cover in lieu of some of these as I feel it is more valuable
    * I did not ask for any discounts as it was already official discount season and the showroom is unlikely to give anymore discounts apart from the ones given by Fiat

    Does it sound like a good deal to you?

    Things I haven't asked them and which I want to ask at teamfiat:

    * Whether we can seal the car's price at the time of bargaining or will the price at the time of delivery will be applicable?
    * How is Aadya Motors as a dealer?
    * I have a fair idea about the car-buying process but not 100% confident e.g. which form I need to sign at what stage and after verifying what. I am an avid googler and a voracious reader but I haven't been able to find an India-specific answer to this..this forum included. Please point me to threads or external blogs considering me a noob in this
    * Is any teamfiat member around hebbal/yelahanka/sahakara nagar/vidyaranyapura/mathikere/around Aadya Motors etc ready to meet me so I can clear all my doubts in person? Especially, accompanying for the PRI and PDI part. I know I am new to the forum and all...so apologies if this is an outlandish idea/request
    * Is there any disadvantage in playing the August Upgrade Offer contest against withdrawing from it? I ask this because in the Terms & Conditions page for this offer, they give the customer an option to not play the contest. I mean, why?

    The sales person is new and eager to help, but not extremely knowledgable about the car. In fact I was telling him things I have known from teamfiat (and other forums) :-D.

    The finance guy, like I expected, was more practical, to the point and curt. So much the point that he was generous with information unless I pushed him.
    In fact this makes me think that he might know of a better deal that he might be keeping from me.

    And finally, sorry for posting so many questions. I have gained so much knowledge going through the forums and yet some links are missing in my information - likely owing to bad luck in finding the answers. Feel free to chastise my luck, but not my laziness hehe
  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
  3. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    Ask for coloured parking sensors too!!
  4. Thanks for the links Ravi. I dont know how i never came across the group concept all the months. I will continue on these other threads.

    Sure Jishnu, that's my opinion too. I would love to go to any distance to keep my punto (if i get one, god willing) free from scratches...esp in our city !!

    Also: any idea why fiat is offering us an option of not participating in the August upgrade game? Is there a catch to playing it?

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