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Want safer highways? Speak to the Union Road Transport Minister on G+ Hangouts.

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by Herbie, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Herbie

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    The Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), Dr. CP Joshi will be taking suggestions for highway safety from netizens through a Google+ Hangout on March 29, 2013. Those interested in participating in the Hangout should note that the ministry’s tweet handle is @MORTHIndia and here's their YouTube channel. In order to participate, users can submit their suggestions on the Ministry’s website or post on its Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page.

    Interestingly, Dr. Joshi told the media that the move is a part of the ministry's initiatives to connect with the people in the country. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is organising this initiative on an experimental basis.

    <iframe frameborder="0" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/NZsh6naEpfc"></iframe>

    "With Internet reaching far and wide, the Ministry aims to reach out to a larger section of audience and gauge their feedback. The minister’s conversation with people will expedite the process of inclusion of people’s voice in policy making. This feedback will be there in public domain and users can engage online. Once any idea reaches a critical mark of 5,000, it will be brought to the notice of concerned officials. The feasibility of the suggestion will be examined, and those found suitable will be implemented," a post on Joshi's official website reads.

    Today, the nation's Finance Minister P.Chidambaram will be on Google+ Hangouts to respond to queries about the budget. He will also discuss the state of the Indian economy with a panel of industry leaders and citizens.

    Chidambaram read out the Union Budget in Parliament on February 28. He will today be answering budget-related questions from those participating in the Hangout. Note that the Hangout will commence at 8pm IST tonight.

    To ask Chidambaram a question, head to the InConversation YouTube channel, and submit your question in the form of a video or as a comment. You can also ask a question through the Google India Page by submitting a video or text question using the hashtag #askthefm.

    SOURCE : http://tech2.in.com/news/web-servic...-road-transport-minister-on-g-hangouts/799342
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  2. ramjn

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    This is an eye wash.

    Indian roads can't be made safe overnight. Multiple exercises are needed, right from RTO reform, Infra, educating ethics, new laws, etc. If the Government want to really initiate such a step, with the current infrastructure it would take at least 5-10 years to make our roads relatively safer.
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