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Want optional safety features with base variants in Punto and other Fiat cars.

Discussion in 'Safety First!' started by basis, May 6, 2011.

  1. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    to me features like abs and airbags only makes 50 percent sensible to be made mandatory in vehicles.

    people sitting inside are safe what about pedestrians and vehicles which run over footpath and off-road . well these are subject of debate .
    it is same like in india cops are worried about passengers in car not wearing seat belt but they have'nt even thought about people in public bus and truck not even intaxi or trains ..

    what should be made mandatory is strict rule against illegal driving like under alcohol ,disrespecting road manners ,rash driving etc and of course better roads. that should solve most of issues on our soil.
  2. Rizzou


    This is India. Where once upon a time owning a car was a dream, with growing options and jobs loans and rest we have come a long way, Safety sure is a concers but do we have the kindda roads in here..?? and Base variants are ment to be for people who just need transpotation from Point A to Point B. now that we have the kindda money and the spark to take the car to heights.. thats when you need ABS+EDS airbags in mid segments cars... and god is good on you.. sky is the limit you may fly low or get high... :D
  3. Herbie

    Herbie Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.4

    --IN BRIEF-We in india are still in our infancy with regards to to the transportation standards and many more issues aswell:(.. EBD, airbags etc are mandatory in developed nations coz they have higher average speeds on freeways and interstate highways which again is coz of better quality of roads etc. and in turn the quality of roads lure the automotive makers with higher speed cars to transport the occupants in lesser time from on state to another or for that matter of fact from remote residing places to places of work etc...
    in india before the implementation of expressways and quality intercity roads (viz. national quadrangular road project) the average safe drivable speed was very low (for obvious reasons) and the manufacturer didint find it neccessary to introduce these safety packages for such slow moving vehicles and add to that they would have made the cost of vehicle up a couple of notches and hence loose out on potential buyers.
    now with the improved/better infra and buyer potential , the time now demands that these safety features be a part of the standard package. (also the large volumes(sale) as opposed to lower volumes during the hey days should take care of lowering the cost of per car safety feature add on thingy!)
  4. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    ABS-EBD and ESP should be a part of the standard equipment just like the foreign countries.
  5. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    You know what worries me about the airbag in Indian cars? I have seen Accords & Innvoa's (well informed car buyers) where the lady is sitting in the front passenger seat with a small child in her lap.
  6. teky

    teky Esperto

    Well said Amit, Even the drivers don't wear the seat belts. Airbags are only passive equipment and seat belts are active one's.

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  7. basis

    basis Amatore

    Thanks Friends.....I see a lot of response here!

    I echo same as jishnu .

    Now I want to buy a Punto 1.3/1.2 with ABS+EBD.....But for that I need to shell put minimum 7.2 L which is well beyond my reach. So I have to compensate with safety!

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