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VW service in bangalore

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by Sat-Chit-ananda, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. This was best quote in thread.
    This is the ultimate incident - there was this doctor couple in Peddar Road in Mumbai, both quite aged and very very elegant. The dear lady just gave away the vehicle to me and said "Behram, I am gifting my car to you personally, not to the company. Take it, I'll sign the transfer papers". She also said - 8.5 lakhs means nothing to me. I just want to lump it", she said. I politely declined. The year was 2003. The car was blue in color. It was MH01GAXXXX. I am hiding the registration number as I want to protect the vehicle's identity. What further can I say? I know that somebody will read and quietly smile! Sir - I hope something happens!

    Happy Customer - he uses the car.
    Unhappy Customer - goes to dealership, dealer does something, he uses the car.
    More Unhappy Customer - talks to service engineer, he tells dealer to do something, he uses the car.
    Still More Unhappy Customer - he storms into the area office, fights with the area manager who tells dealership to do something, he uses the car.
    Disgusted Customer - will send E mail to all the top Bosses whose secretary will promptly forward the E mail to the Head of Customer Care who will tell the area manager to do something, he uses the car.

    What about The Completely Cheesed Off Customer - he will do nothing, he will lump it.

    The deadliest customer is the one who does not even talk to you, let alone complain. Against this, all corrective actions are "based on field feedback". It is time manufacturers understood the "latent desires" of customers!
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