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Visit to the Tulu Port City bounded by Sea and Ghats

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by zenwalker, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    For 3 weeks, my hands were itching, heart longing for a excitement, mind reminiscing for a journey to be done. Those 3 missed weekends, something was blocking for the plan to succeed. Finally with much strong discussions and pressed upon, the plan got fixed for 22 and 23 Nov.

    Route and places visited:


    As usual, we left the office by 6PM, hit the mangalore highway. We stopped for a dinner break at AADYAS restaurant. We reached this place around 830PM. By this time, the weather was already very cold and could see fog formation outside.


    This place has a good parking space. There is a separate dinning hall for Pure Veg folks. We dined at the mixed tables and ordered food.


    The quality of the food was good and we liked it. Price wasn't that high as well.

    We left this place after having coffee around 930 and straight drive towards Kottigehara. We had already decided to drive down the Ghat during the daylight. Reached kottigehara around 1230. We parked our vehicle at the road side at kottigehara and dozed off till 6AM. This place is very busy all round the clock so safety wise no issues.


    Around 7, we left this place and straight drive towards Mangalore via Charmudi Ghat. As i had already referred to TBHP and @nkrishnap about the road conditions, i was suggested to take this route.

    Driving down the Ghat was really one of the most fun part of the whole journey especially with FIAT car. The roads are in excellent condition. At this wee hours, the traffic was very less and i could drive down swiftly yet keeping safety at high attention.




    The past travelers on this ghat would remember the famous temple somewhere in between this ghats where every passerby would stop or atleast every KSRTC bus would stop for a pooja to be done in reference to have a safe journey. The road markings done at this spot is nice due to the very narrow road.


    We reached mangalore around 10 AM. By this time the weather was really damn humid already. We were sweating like pigs all along. Since we had decided to look for a hotel reaching here, so we had some ample time to wander around the city in looking for a good hotel after referring to TripAdvisor.

    We got a chance to visit a Kadiri Temple and port nearby and what ya know, time for a quick photo shoot having my beast against a ship :p


    While we searched, we got a good hotel at city center. Hotel Roopa - Balmatta Road, Hampankatta, Mangalore - 575001. This place is not very far from the railway station. Near to this hotel, there are other good hotels like Woodside.


    The street is very busy street with lots of shopping stores and restaurants, etc. Worth for a evening stroll.
    We got AC room for 1.5K/day on 24 hours checkin-out mode. The rooms were kept neat and clean including the restrooms. It was worth it except that the mattress were not that soft as one would wish for. Also has a good parking space at the backyard. Around 10 cars can be parked.

    We took 1 hour rest in the hotel and after refreshing, we decided to hit for a lunch. Again referring to TripAdvisor i had already decided to dine at 2 hotels Gajalee and Pallkhi which both had very good ratings for seafood and non-veg


    So first we decided to go to Gajalee for the lunch. There i ordered Squid ghee roast, prawn meethi masal. And my friend ordered north indian dish though he wished for veg south indian which wasnt avail there.

    All these were really tasty food. I really enjoyed the food here. The prices were not that high. This hotel seemed 3 star. I would definitely recommend anybody visiting mangalore to try out once here.

    After dinning, around 3PM we decided to hit Tannirbavi beach which was near to the mangalore city.



    We spend some time there though it was very hot and sunny, the wind blow kept us kool a bit.

    Next we decided to hit Surathkal beach and since i had already been to manipal beach few years earlier, i knew that the beach would be deserted before 5PM, the beach gets glamor when the sun is about to go down :D.

    We left this place around 430 to reach manipal beach



    We saw these fishermen separating the mussels from the bunch and filling the sack to be sold at the market. All these time i kept thinking to myself, wow what a luck would be to eat all these mussels:rolleyes:


    We returned back to the hotel around 7PM where in the udupi highway was jam packed. No wonder mangalore will be bangalore soon :banghead: w.r.t traffic.

    After refreshing we decided to have dinner. But before that, we decided to do some stroll and see the city life in the evening. Wandering around, visited the City Central Mall, local shops, etc. all these places were very near by and in a walkable distance. With this, we also enjoyed the beautiful girls of mangalore all around. Worth a walk, i must say. :p

    My friend wanted to have a good south indian food. Hence we went to woodlands. The hotel did not look like a 2*,but it was not bad as well. Though i did not had anything here, my friend seemed to enjoy the food, but unfortunately the mangalore typical food was not available here after 830PM.

    We finished the food here and then marched towards Pallkhi Restaurant, this restaurant was very near to our hotel. I had planned a bit to visit this hotel during the night time. It all worked out well, yea :happy:. I must thank my friend for the enough patience shown in giving me company though consuming nothing.

    This restaurant has an in-house bar which is neatly maintained. The place is quite small though. Thankfully we got a seat than need to wait.


    I ordered prawns ghee roast.

    The food was really tasty as well. I loved and felt lucky to savor the fantastic, tasty food in both these restaurants.

    Day 2: Stay tuned.. :brb:

    Mod Note: Please refrain from posting about alcohol and related pics. The post has been cleaned up for all such references.
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  2. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    You are always on the move, good about it. These impromptu drives are the best. Glued to this thread.
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  3. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Hehehe thanks mate. Thanks to my team who are always there to give me company and even self motivated to hit the road ;)
  4. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Wow Zen! Your White stallion is crunching miles at a brisk pace. Nice detailed travelogue. Mlore ghats is one which am keen to do in Punto. Might travel this stretch in December, shall get in touch with you for route info ;) I believe one of the ghats would be closed for traffic next few months as they would be converting the stretch into a concrete one.
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  5. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Recently i heard that closure of Shiradi ghat has been postponed again to sometime in Jan 2015, not sure though. However, please keep an eye on this news as when it shall get closed down. Even if it does gets closed in Dec, the Charmudi would be really crowded and since it is much narrow than Shiradi, i would not recommend you to drive down that during that time as much of time will be wasted and fun drained out.

    Pertaining to crunching miles, its not as per my expectations though. I had planned to complete 20K by now, but oh well still stuck at 17k :D

    Thanks for reading the TL :)
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  6. Pramod N

    Pramod N Amatore

    I am planning to do Bekal Fort in the month of December.... (During the Christmas week, as my daughter's school will be closed) Hoping this thread will help me with all information... :)
  7. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    @Pramod N
    Sure, ill update tonight about the second day. Stay tuned ;)
  8. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Day 2:
    Previous night we decided to visit Baikal fort in the morning as its 1.5hours or 60+ Kms away from Mangalore and then on return would vacate the hotel as its 24hours checkin and then to visit Panambur beach.

    Based on the decided plan, we left the hotel room around 6AM towards Baikal fort.
    We had breakfast at a udupi hotel on the highway. We then headed towards Baikal fort. Starting from mangalore, the highway is under construction. So the roads are bad, but after around 10 kms or so, the roads starts to get very worse with very big pot holes on the roads. Even the heavy load vehicles, were struggling to pass along. Was very careful to not scrape the underbelly. Till fort, the road is getting repaired. I would definitely not recommend any body to travel in rainy season.

    Due to the bad road, it took us almost 2+ hours to reach Fort, thankfully the traffic wasn't that much in the early mornings yet the worst roads are the culprit. Also the border cops did not bother us during both the ways unlike at goa border :(
    The fort opens from 8-5PM. The entry fees for Indians is 5 INR and for NRI its 100 INR. Camera to carry along costs extra.
    DSC05278.JPG DSC05279.JPG IMG_20141123_081501.jpg IMG_20141123_081526.jpg IMG_20141123_085032.jpg IMG_20141123_091305.jpg
    By this time, the weather started to heat up and the humidity made us again sweat very badly. The fort was pretty big and we had to walk all around it in the bring hot sun. The view around the fort is really amazing and one would love to spend some time watching over the ocean. We were able to spot 2 dolphins near the fort. The fort is really well maintained and neat all around. I do hope it stays the same.

    Around 10AM we departed from this place as by 1130 we were suppose to check out as more time would cost us another day extra rent. So we rushed back in a hurry yet safety at highest priority. Again the worst roads and more traffic, cost us almost 3 hours to reach back. Thankfully the hotel owner obliged to checkout without extra cost.
    We vacated the hotel room and decided to have lunch at Shiv sagar.
    As per Tripadvisor, this place was good for veg food. I ordered Neer dosa and mushroom ghee roast. and my friend ordered fried rice and chinese platter. The food wasnt that tasty/great.
    After lunch we decided to hit the panambur beach. The IOCL, fertilizer and cement factories and its lorries have ruined the road and environment and its surrounding places. The highway and the beach roads are pretty dusty and blackish all over yet high traffic. The Panambur beach was pretty happening place though, we heard from locals that most of the mangaloreans do come to this beach for a good time pass on weekends.
    Around 4PM the beach started to get more crowded yet it was not comparable to Goa beaches. Tripadvisor user reviews said there were few beach shacks here, yet we didnt find any, another disappointment.
    Though both beaches provide (Panambur and Tannirbavi) the dustbins and are kept at few places and often boards are hung in requesting to keep the place clean, the people of our country are careless :( To hell with Swaccha Bharat: they say :banghead:, yet these 2 beaches have life guards equipped.

    Around 5PM, we finished with this beach and got refreshed at the nearby paid restroom, we decided to leave for bangalore. But then we got a suggestion from a friend to have an goodbye icecream savory at Pabbas, Mangalore before departing. At first i was not so determined about this, but then oh well why not; yet later realized that it was very much worth the visit.

    We had 5 icecreams and every thing was really worth the price and to satisfaction. The pace is pretty spacious and good and the price as well average. From top left -> Senorita, Strawberry milkshake with Vanilla, Chocolate with vanilla, Elaichi with Vanilla and Center -> Pabbas special with custom base and toppings.

    Around 630+ we decided to say goodbye to the mangalore and departed towards bangalore. Without breaks (for sleep or rest except Coffee) we straight away drove to bangalore and reached around 130AM.


    Could max achieve 19 FE while driving at 100+ Speed on an average except on Ghats ;) ODO2.jpg

    I Would like to thank my friend who is not only like minded w.r.t adventure and travel yet very co-operative, excellent planner, understanding and supporting, hence making every trip memorable and enjoyable, without him noting of this would ever have happened.

    Thank you for reading through. Good day :)
  9. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    Wonderful pics @zenwalker . Those ice cream pics made me salivate. Did you drive solo all through the journey or your friend chipped in too.

    Keep those travelogues coming, I am sure this is not the end of them. All the best for your future drives and enjoy maadi.
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  10. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Thank you bro. Glad you liked the TL. Yes the ice cream was really awesome. Of all the chocolate and leechi icrecream was the best. I would recommend a MUST to visit this place any body traveling Mangalore.

    All my drives so far are solo only.

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