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Very Close to becoming a FIAT owner, but will it be so....

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by pdranjith, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. pdranjith

    pdranjith Novizio

    Have been planning to change my ride from a 6yr old Wagon R for the last 2 years, as usual was looking ahead to buy a Maruti again, SWIFT in particular. But the long wait made me look elsewhere, so window shopped for almost two years, been reading review after review of new cars and TDing almost all new cars, right from SX4, Manza, Etios, Verna, I20, Ritz, Figo and Punto to the Linea but none of them could appeal to my love for the Swift.

    Never looked at buying a FIAT, given the fact that I had visited all their showrooms in Chennai and expect at TAFE where one Ms. Parvathi was handling sales, all the others were a pity of a sales force, this was during the initial launch of the Linea and I was disappointed with the performance, so did not bother with it.

    Now with the new Swift launch, decided to go for it and booked a red ZDI, but this again had a waiting of 4months and got extended due to the strike, also a review on TeamBHP got me thinking that the ZDI was really VFM. So started looking around for other options, decided to try the Punto90H, could never get a TD of one, did try a Linea MJD and liked it very much, also at the same time a friend of mine had bought a Linea and kept bothering me with his praises for it. So, decide to look did a bit deeper and ended up on TFI, read a few ownership reviews, became a member and posted about the non-availability of a 90HP for TD, the post got me in touch with Ramjn, who is a very good friend of mine from college days, with his expert advice and guidance have booked a BNW Linea MJD Emotion, on the 30th of Sept. But, sadly the VIN I got shows April, I have expressed my disinterest in second hand cars to the SA, so keeping fingers crossed.

    Oops! rambled too much I guess:eek:

    A wee bit about myself, this is Ranjith out from Chennai, been passionate about things with wheels from the day folks started getting me toy cars, current set of wheels are a Wagon R and a Pulsar. Have a restless soul, hence travelling is mandatory than anything else, love music and books. Work in the IT sector and currently manage projects for a living.

    Love to drive around, specifically drives with just music for company is something I enjoy very much. Sadly the daily commute within the city, given the population density, pathetic roads, impatient drivers’ poor public transport and the number of F1 drivers in autos and share autos is nothing but nightmare.

    What saddens me extremely is when I see senior citizens and people with kids breaking rules like breaking eggs, without a second thought. Hopefully our driving culture will improve as time goes by and the country prospers.

    Hoping to be active on the forums and learn a lot from the experts here.

    Thanks to all again, have a happy and safe ride.
  2. Hey Ranjith .. Welcome to the party :) ..
    Luved this line from you post " the number of F1 drivers in autos and share autos is nothing but nightmare. "
    Was wondering how true it is ..
    Today I was also avictim of such a driver .. While I was travelling backto my home from Central station after picking up my family , one dumb autowala (good carrier) scrapped on right side front of my car .. Got a decent dent and the bumper broke from right side .. It was my favourite zen at that time .. Would hav got a heart attack if it was a new punto ..I was trying to consolidate my self thinking the same since I will be getting a new one in a week...
  3. pdranjith

    pdranjith Novizio

    Thanks Cuty Red.
    I guess this was at the junction where you take a u-turn rite after comming out of Central. But IMHO, it's not just with these drivers, if you look at it from a different angle, most of the drivers who ply inside the city day in and day out, which has dirt tracks for roads and tiny roads for the vehicular population, driving habits, the noice and pollution etc results in a behavioural change I guess.

    Congrats on your Red Punto, keep us posted here on your experiences.

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