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Used Speakers - Audio System HX 165 Phase MK II

Discussion in 'TFI Classifieds' started by harmon_bro, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. harmon_bro


    HX 165 PHASE MK II - MRP Rs.87,000 expected price Rs.60,000/ used set -

    • 2x 220/140 Watt
    • 38 mm voice coil. 165 mm standard basket. Phase plug.
    • Very stable cast basket.
    • Crossover with more than 3000 individual settings.
    • Impedance 4 Ohm
    • Installation depth: 68 mm
    • Components:
    • 1x Alu Case
    • 2x HS 28 VOL
    • 2x FW HX PHASE
    • 2x EX 165 PHASE
    photo1.jpg photo2.jpg photo3.jpg photo4.jpg photo5.jpg photo6.jpg photo7.jpg photo8.jpg Untitled-2.jpg
  2. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    [h=1]Audio System HX 165 Phase MK2 165 mm, high-end COMPO-HX165[/h] [h=2]Quick Overview[/h] Audio System HX 165 Phase renovated MK II 165 mm, high-end COMPO-HX 165 Fresh line is the HX phase in the new season.
    woofer and tweeter from a German production
    were brought up to date. HX-PHASE LINE (New)
    highest quality and finest sound is the motto of the new PHASE LINE Compo systems and all MADE IN GERMANY.
    highlights of the HX systems are the new 3000 times a variable crossover, the completely revised and improved mid-range speakers with AS Gu├čkorb and 28mm high-end tweeter with an Fs of 760 Hz (resonance frequency). Prices are produced in Germany for a high end system located conveniently. HX-PHASE 2-way system
    Made in Germany 165 mm 2-Way HIGH END Compo with phase plug
    Includes: Wed 1x aluminum case
    2x HS 28 VOL
    2x FW HX PHASE (crossover with 3000 options)
    2x EX 165 PHASE Depth: 68 mm < br /> Impedance: autohifi 2x 220/140 Watt
    Excerpts from the journal:: 4 Ohm Power

    the aluminum phase plug is not only of cooling, but also looks stylish.
    the woofer EX 165 Phase 16 brings ventilation and complicated cast basket is reinforced.
    for the acoustic brilliance saw the Tweeter HS 28 VOL. < br /> the crossover phase FWX is equipped with very good components and gold-plated jumpers allow an extensive set - more than 3,000 possible combinations
    No detail of the music is hidden, and the kick bass thundered rock hard! . Conclusion:
    Proud 83 points - a top system for a comparatively low price !

    Audio System HX 165 Phase MK2 165 mm, high-end COMPO-HX165

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