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Used Linea petrol FIRE 1.4 Emotion Pack is a Super Deal! Read this to know why...

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by Maxtor, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Maxtor

    Maxtor Amatore

    New Delhi
    I recently sold my Swift 2007 for a good Rs 3.05 lakhs after buying it for Rs 5.10 on road back then. Sold through Mahindra First Choice which gives me the best deal on cars that I have been selling in the past decade. Anyway while interacting with them for my other car I pretended to be interested in selling Linea also. I always knew that a used Linea is dirt cheap in the used car market and I was right.

    For a top condition, Linea Fire 1.4 Emotion Pack, 2010 with a cost price of Rs 8L on-road back then - the Best Price now is Rs 2.25 lakhs!

    Disappointed though I may feel on knowing the throwaway resale price of my 'asset', but it is indeed excellent news for anyone looking at buying the longest sedan in its class with premium features. Coupled with its existing qualities if you also rejig the chip and change its dynamics like I have described in a thread earlier, to make it almost as good as a T-Jet, you are getting a car no less than a Cruz or a Laura(if not better) which are several lakhs of rupees higher in price.

    So anyone looking for an excellent car, go for a used Linea and laugh all the way to the bank with lots of money saved!

    PS - By the way I am not selling my car so don't try to contact me. This is only for information especially for those landing on the forum while considering the purchase of a used car.
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  2. Even MJD's are dirt cheap, If i had parking place would have brought one.
  3. Akshay4384

    Akshay4384 Superiore

    Dont go by what dealers say.
    In 2012 when i thought of selling my 7 year old Well Maintained 1.5L SOHC Petrol Accent GLE,dealers came up with stupid prices like 110K, and 80K.
    I finally sold the car for 2.45L.When Purchasing or Selling a used car,patience is the key.
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  4. Maxtor

    Maxtor Amatore

    New Delhi
    Ok, so let me shed some more light on the used car market, quite a bit of which I know out of the experience of selling my own cars, and while helping out with those of family and friends.

    So at the top tier are companies like Mahindra First Choice, True Value and in fact now every car company has a used car subsidiary too since it is a win-win situation for them - most people who have decided to buy the (new) car of their dreams are usually in a hurry to sell their old car or have the amount adjusted against that of the new one. These companies have a valuation price that is fixed everyday and is circulated across all their branches, and includes a 3-tier valuation for each model/ year. Something like the used car valuation on Carwale but I doubt whether Carwale used car prices are updated regularly - I think it depends on the mood of the boy who looks after that particular page, or maybe he goes on leave too frequently ;-).

    The next category is that of the neighbourhood broker who also fixes prices depending on the model of the car with a good/ bad/ ugly kind of tiered valuation to leave room for negotiation. I think the news of prevailing rates filters down from the top tier above or in most cases are arbitrary depending on how well off you look. Usually the main broker is stocky guy sitting in an 'office' (the office could be out in the open also) and he or his 'boy' does a test drive of your vehicle, circles the car to survey it and then quotes a price - depending upon not how the car looks but how you look. The test drive is just for show and for a very basic evaluation.

    The third category is that of the individual buyer who is adventurous and wants to take matters into his own hands for the full satisfaction of having found a good car 'on my own'. Or someone who is known like a friend who buys a car off you and knows that you are the Mahatma Gandhi of driving and absolutely nothing can go wrong with something you have owned. Now this 3rd category pays the highest price and the adage 'beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder' can be applied to them. I remember I sold a 12-year old M800 in 2002 for over Rs 1 lakh to a buyer from the 3rd category although brokers had pretty much written off the car(but it was in a good condition no doubt).

    Trouble is, waiting for the third category of people to turn up takes time, and most people don't have the time.

    Anyway there is a 4th category also, and this is something that I have started seeing more and more in the last few years. These are 'freelancers' who do buying and selling of cars on weekends. What they do is they make a list out of Olx, Quickr, newspaper ads etc contact the sellers and make an initial conversation and then set out in the morning for car-hunting. Now these guys are well aware of how much a car can be bought for and how much they can sell it for. They carry cash in a pouch or briefcase and the requisite forms for signatures, and promise to get the paperwork done in a few days. They will pay you cash on the spot and take the car away, to show it to people whom they may have posed as sellers(or may have even published ads who knows). But of course they pretend that the car is being bought for themselves and that they need it urgently because of an upcoming marriage or other car broke down completely etc. They deal only in highly popular cars that sell in large numbers, mainly diesel and sometimes CNG cars.

    So in the case of my 2007 Swift which I sold, they would try and purchase it for Rs 2.70 lakhs or so and then sell it to a very needy buyer for a price that could go up to Rs 3.30 lakhs. That is a cool Rs 60k profit for a few hours work for just 1 car transaction. These guys can't be underestimated, they may be freelancers but they are professionals in their own right and can judge you within 2 minutes and figure out the minimum that you will sell your car for, almost as though they can read your mind(eerie actually, reading the mind very accurately). These guys are mainly folks who are unemployed, or traders who run some small business or junior level employees in small firms who would like to make a quick buck over the weekend.

    2 guys who I met last time from this 4th category - one was working in the finance department of a high-end car showroom and the other was a Congress leader from South Delhi. Both were carrying enough cash for purchasing the car right away. One of them(you will easily guess which one from amongst the two) even took out out wads of 500/ 1000 rupee bundles and threw them on the rear seat from his leather bag saying "Ab batao kitne mein..."(now tell me how much). Anyway I know how to see such people off so it was no issue for me.

    So that's a summary of how the 2nd had car market looks like, mainly in Delhi where I live, but of course could easily be representative of all major cities in the country.
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  5. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    My experience : whatever car you buy be it Honda, Swift,Verna etc you always tend to loose money when you sell it.

    Dealers are there to make money and its their business. My experience in used vehicles is good to worse be it two wheeler or four wheelers.

    All my previous cars except for FIATs were used ones from MAHINDRA 1st choice and no doubt they provide value for money, but there are always some niggles.

    before I bought my Linea, i was inclined to buy a used Cruze for 10.5L...story goes like this
    no where could I find a decent used Cruze within my budget... Evryone quoted above 12L fora car driven between 30k to 60k kms.

    I casually called one dealer and said I have a Cruze to sell and gave the details of another car I had seen elsewhere, the price quoted was 8L + commission., after 2 days my collegue called up this dealer to check if there were any cruze available, and the same dealer said yes (in reality he didn't have the car), said he can view the car tomorrow noon as it was sent for washing etc...price he said he will provide once he visits his showroom.
    immeidately I got a call from this dealer that if I am ready to sell the car today he has a party who can buy it for 8.25L its best offer ----- remember he hasn't seen me or the car that I described !!

    To keep playing, I said I was out of town and will bring the car tomorrow noon, he requested me to get the car washed and cleaned before I come so that deal can be finalized immediately and he also played up that he is offering this price without seeing the car and said he is trusting me that the car isint abused or met with accident etc. I said 10.5 L is my last price nothing less than that he made all sort of stories on the prevailing market conditions etc etc and finally 8.7L was the offer - remember he hasn't seen me or the car that I described !!

    then this guy calls up my friend and mentions that the car is ready for viewing anytime he wants and when he asked the price he quotes 11.5 and not a penny less !! Description of the car that I provided was uttered like a parrot by the dealer !!

    Now you may judge how the used car market guys make money !! Not that every used car dealer fits the description, that but there are people who might not represent the true facts !!

    My suggestion is buy from a known source, atleast you are sure in what you are dealing, else go for a good reseller who guarantees the car mechanicals or engine for 12 months and bargain hard it's your money and I have lost a good share of my money on cars already and it will continue for some more years as well ;)
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  6. mchanna

    mchanna Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    I truly agree, now that FIAT has taken all the effort to became the worst, this is the right time for anybody who is looking to buy a used FIAT.
    I have a very strong feeling that FIAT will rise from here.

    Here is my story of buying a year old t-jet for half the price which I was about to buy for 7 lakhs after departing my lovely palio. Brokers or anybody comes in between for that matter are tend to make money thats why they are there :) my broker was open and told "we make 10-15% profit on every car".

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  7. Cubbie, I will take your help when i pln to buy used car:) you seem to out smart those used car dealers.
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  8. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    I sold my earlier cars to known individuals only. I started off with used car dealers and the so called manufacturers used car outlet (true value, advantage etc) and everybody wanted to quote a price which was far less than the market price with a standard statement - the car valuations have gone for a toss courtsey the recession. But I was patient enough to wait for the right price and sold it to known people who have seen me with the car and appreciated the way I kept the car with all records.

    During my car buying process, I had test driven and inspected 4 Fiat Puntos, all of them were supposed to be in car showroom condition, but reality was totally different. There was no issues with the engine, but there were huge gaps in what the onwer said and what the car looked in person. Finally exhausted with the drama, decided to buy a new one.

    Also 80% of the times the car dealers or the owners themselves who post on online website hide the true facts of the car - less odo, service issues, minor body work etc. It always pays to be honest.

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