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Urgent Service Query

Discussion in 'Pre service query' started by clash81, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. @clash:-
    if i add your break out its come around 4800Rs/-
    there will not 0Rs for labour charge.
    i think the SA(would be Ramesh or surendra jain), i would suggest you if your not getting the wheel balance printout then don`t do it. as its free from Fiat can refer the service manual.
    about break pads i don`t think it should be change so early. but many people reported that its don`t last much. but i think it can last for 20k kms.
    better you have a inspection of the break pads.
  2. clash81

    clash81 Regolare

    Before the payment, i am planning to get all these sorted. I will definitely question them on the labor charges.

    TASS will do wheel balancing as of now and if i am not happy with it, am planning to visit Sai Iyengar sons in Indiranagar as i heard they are pretty good.

    I presume the brake pads are in a bad condition keeping in mind the fact i ironed out my driving skills initially on this vehicle. Off late, i have been having a feeling that the brakes are up to the mark. I dont know if this just a feeling though....:eek:

    And i have to say that you people have been awesome to have around. Thanks for all the suggestions and welcome for more..... :D
  3. naveen

    naveen Novizio

    @Fiatlover, when I asked the same question during my second service I was told that change of brake pads is not covered under the scheduled service and it has to be paid !!
  4. nkapoor777

    nkapoor777 Regolare

    New Delhi
    Any work which is not part of standard service schedule will need to be paid for, parts and labour both. Dealer is entitled to the labour charge for brake pad replacement.
  5. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore

    If you check the service coupons,behind every coupon there is a checklist to be done or followed during that particular service.Whatever it says has to be done free of cost i.e no labour charges obviously one has to pay for the parts.But labour is absolutely free!! In my third service I had told the SA to clean the Front and Rear brakes.He told it would cost me 450/- to clean the brakes.I argued and he told "Sir Whatever is written behind the coupon is done free of cost" So i told him "Why dont you have a look at the coupon properly?" He nodded and waived off 450/- :-D I denied alignment too which is mentioned behind the coupon.It's not necessary to check everything at TASS!

    My friend who owns a Manza was charged 900/- at the same service station for cleaning of the brakes during the 3rd service :p
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2012
  6. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    dont worry i have also been charged the same 5800INR for my second service.....(brake pads were good)
  7. adit

    adit Regolare

    clash81 :- bring it to KHT Motors whitefield :)
  8. clash81

    clash81 Regolare

    Next time, i am gonna come to you people! :D

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