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Unicool AC - Ghatkopar W for all the AC needs

Discussion in 'Service Center Reviews' started by puntoharry, May 15, 2015.

  1. puntoharry

    puntoharry Timido

    I own a Punto 1.3 MJD Emotion Pk. I have clocked over 1.3 Lakh KMS. One fine day, on my way to Ghatkopar, the AC fails. I google for AC Repair and the first name that came was 'UNICOOL'.

    Went to the website and came to know that these guys have been there for over 20 years. Reputation check done. I called Anis Bhai and requested him to pick up my car from the office and do the needful. He happily agreed and sent Riyaz to the needful. Riyaz comes and checks the car. Very professionally he tells me the possible problems and assures me that it will be solved. (Tension levels down)

    After a couple of hours, I get a whatsapp message with photos of my beloved Punto disassembled and various parts of AC. Then comes the final photo of the AC Cooling coil leak. Very professionally done. I tell him to go ahead with the change and do the needful. The entire cost was quoted as Rs 8.7K. I trusted him and told him to do the needful.

    At 7.30 I get a call saying the car is ready and you can come and check. I request him to drop the car. He tells me, 'Sir I can drop the car, but I want you to personally come and check our workshop and the work we do so that you are assured of the work we have done'. Very impressed. And today the AC cabin cools in an instant.

    UNICOOL AC - Highly recommended.

    Unicool Car Aircon, D3, Ghatkopar Industrial Estate, Behind R-City Mall, Off L.B.S. Marg, Ghatkopar (W), Mumbai - 400 086

    022-2500 0019 / 98218 85500
  2. SanketGajane

    SanketGajane Amatore

    Linea 1.4
    Can you please post the details of the bill?

    I would like to know the cost involved in parts, labour, etc
    What was the 8.7k exactly used for?

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