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Unfortunate event

Discussion in 'Sports and World News' started by Sat-Chit-ananda, May 9, 2013.

  1. Motorsport is more often than not associated with speed, which is why it calls for adequate safety measures at all times. However, despite the best of efforts at times misfortunes do rear their ugly head given the risks involved in any form of the sport, typically road racing. While racing has become much safer today thanks to advancements in technology, accidents cannot be avoided, and at times cause more than mere bodily harm to racers. One such incident took place last week at the MMRT, Chennai.

    The race track allows enthusiasts to 'pay and practice' on days when the circuit is free, and anyone interested can ride on track. With the racing season to commence next month, racers have begun practicing at the Chennai track which plays host to most of the rounds of the national motorcycle racing championship. Last Sunday, S Dinesh Edwin, who races for Sparkz Racing was one of the racers practicing on track. Dinesh had a crash during a practice session at turn 7 when he lost the rear of his motorcycle, which caused him to slide off. He ended up with severe head injuries despite him wearing his helmet. The fact that he was missing caused concern amongst the team and when his team mates found him, they rushed him to a hospital where doctors declared his condition as critical and he was moved to another hospital for further treatment.

    However, after fighting his injuries for two days Dinesh finally breathed his last this morning. A commerce student, Dinesh was passionate about racing and had taken to the sport not very long ago. He died doing something he loved and enjoyed, but that is only so much consolation in the face of such a terrible mishap. We offer our sincere condolences to his family and pray that such incidents do not happen again. At the same time, we also hope that safety measures at the race track are brought up to international standards soon, which should eliminate the possibility of such accidents.
    Source Sad demise of a motorcycle racer at the MMRT, Chennai - Overdrive Magazine
  2. nkapoor777

    nkapoor777 Regolare

    New Delhi
    It is very sad indeed! RIP bro!
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  3. This reminds me of the incident involving Bangalore's Sandeep Gawda.
  4. I always want to take my car for a spin at MMST. But, haven't done so far. After reading the finer detail about this incident, i realize that it is not a child's play. Moreover it is clear that, MMST has to improve a lot in terms of safety and response time.
  5. No doubt, i heard one can pay and do TD of the car in BIC, that must of of international standards.
  6. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    Very sad to hear this..my favourite rider Marco Simoncelli from Italy in Moto GP passed in a race incident..RIP Dinesh and Marco Simoncelli...

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