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Unexpected love affair with an Italian beauty: Fiat Linea MJD. EDIT: 100,000 km up!

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by arun_josie, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. arun_josie

    arun_josie Regolare

    I am back from an unexpected drive to hyderabad,
    - On the way to hyderabad, it was raining all the way from bangalore till hyderabad. Started 3:30 AM from HSR layout and reached Madhapur by 11:00 AM. This timing includes, 4-5 stops with one for breakfast.

    - Bangalore journey started around 10:30 AM from hyderabad.With multiple stops,we reached HSR layout by 6:30 PM.

    It was a spirited drive both ways and FE was 17.3 and 17.4(MID) respectively. This also includes around 30Kms of city drive in hyderabad and 50Kms of city drive in bangalore.

    Current ODO: 24820

    I should admit that after each long drive my respect for Fiat just goes up. It is such a wonderful machine.
    Here are few pics from my mobile. I apologies for the bad quality.

    On the way back,


    For the first time my car went uncleaned for a month due to my busy schedule,


    Hence took it to 3M HSR just for a wash,

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  2. arun_josie

    arun_josie Regolare

    So, here goes the 25K mark exactly after 9 months from purchase. 25000Kms in 273 days.


    Average usage: 91.57 Kms/Day

    Here is the split of my ODO,

    City: 11676 Kms
    On the highway: 10082 Kms
    Mixed run: 3242 Kms

    Some numbers on Fuel Efficiency:

    FE calculated full tank to full tank method:
    Overall average FE: 15.39
    Lowest FE: 12.94
    Highest FE: 19.94

    FE from MID:
    Overall average FE: 15.95
    Lowest FE: 13.4
    Highest FE: 21

    AC ON 100%
    Almost all the refuels were at BP

    Usage trend comparison(in days) with my previous cars, WagonR Vs Dzire Vs Linea on how they reached 25000 Kms


    FE comparison with Dzire - City Only


    FE comparison with Dzire - Highways Only


    FE comparison with Dzire - City/Highways


    And my feedback on Linea MJD after 25000 Kms of experience,

    The likes/dislike pointed in my initial review still stands true. However,I thought of reiterating few again,


    • On the highway, it’s really a gem to drive. The stability is really awesome even at very high speeds. Recently, I got a chance to drive on Hyderabad ORR, since the traffic was almost nil, I was able to experience the high speed handling of Linea. Also, corners can be taken at good speeds without any issues.
    • Mid-range is really quick
    • I love the purr of the engine after 3K RPM, especially on the highways and ghats. Even my wife and a few friends feel say the same.
    • Excellent Steering feedback, I experienced it for the first time in Linea.
    • Clutch/Gear shifts are still smooth.
    • Excellent braking.
    • Fuel Efficiency is good as well, considering the size of the car.
    • Excellent ground clearance.
    • Excellent boot space.
    • Good back seat comfort.
    • A/C effect has improved a lot from my initial experience.
    • Definitely this car requires 1.6MJD.
    • Driving in bumper to bumper city frustrates due to the pathetic 1st and 2nd gear ratio,
    • Wind noise at higher speeds
    • Tyre noise, may be its due to the stock goodyears
    • Niggles
    Issues faced/Parts changed under warranty:
    • Battery was changed on the delivery day.
    • Front (right/left) shock absorbers replaced, it was giving some sound while going on rough patches.
    • Front Wind Screen replaced due uneven finish on the borders with the sealant coming out.
    • Hand Brake was not working intermittently and hence replaced.
    • Rear right side door lock/latch was not locking/unlocking intermittently and hence replaced.
    • Twitter covers replaced on both the front doors due to colour mismatch
    Unresolved Issues:
    • A rattling sound from the dashboard. This is an intermittent issue and happens only when the dashboard gets very hot. FASS is willing to replace the dashboard, but for now, I have kept them on hold.
    • A sound coming from driver seat while going over bad roads/humps - this was fixed but has come back again. Its intermittent though.
    • A squeaking sound coming from somewhere near rear right door. This comes only on uneven roads especially when the rear tyres are on different level - This will be checked during my next visit as they need more time to look at this issue.
    Experience With FASS(Vecto Motors):
    • They don’t make any fuss about parts replacement under warranty for known issues or if they feel a replacement is required.
    • They try to make sure that the issue is getting resolved no matter what.
    • At times, we may get some vague response as well. So, we should make sure that we are talking to the right person.
    • Overall, I am very happy with Vecto Motors.
    • I always make sure that I am with my car during the servicing.
    Plans for Linea to explore, I really hope these plans materialize and not stay as plans for ever.
      • A drive to Sikkim
      • A drive to Leh/Ladhak
      • A drive to Gujarat/Rajasthan
    When I was discussing with one of my friend, something that crossed our mind was, we see/hear more Linea/Puntos taking tough terrains of Leh/Ladhak/North east trips when compared to a Honda City/Vento/Verna or a Swift/Dzire, especially when we consider the sale ratio as well. I think its a testament to the wonderful cars Fiat makes.
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  3. nbvcrao

    nbvcrao Amatore


    Congrats. Just went through the entire thread of yours in detail. Interesting is the comparison between your earlier owned cars with the present one Linea.

    More interesting are the long travelogues with interesting pictures.

    I am waiting patiently hoping Fiat India would bring 1.6 MJD in the New Linea at least during the first quarter of 2015. The bifurcation of AP had made me postpone my buy to March 2014 since there are no dealers in the newly formed AP.

    Turbo Automotives P Ltd., is coming up at Vijayawada but is likely to take more than a month to operate. Fiat service is available at Kakinada and Vizag. Parts are available over the counter at Kakinada.

    Once again Congrats and happy miles and moments with your Linea.
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  4. arun_josie

    arun_josie Regolare

    Thanks for your kind words!
    Yes, 1.6MJD is the one for this car. Hope they bring it soon than later.
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  5. arun_josie

    arun_josie Regolare

    Weekend Getaway to Wayanad:

    Objective was drive and relax. And, for relaxing, we found a perfect place in Blooms Green Farm.

    It’s a well maintained farm with spacious villas and an indoor games complex(Badminton, TT, Carom, Chess, Gym equipments etc.). They serve authentic Kerala veg/non-veg cuisine. So, if you have a taste for it, this is a good place to go. The staff is very courteous and we enjoyed the tour around the farm. We were allowed to pet the animals in the farm. So, the kids had a blast petting the bunnies and goats. Total area of this farm is around 20 acres. We don't have anything to complain about this home stay facility.

    Here are few pics,
    On the Way, with my friend and his family in his XUV500.


    Here is the cottage/villa where we stayed, with our rides parked along.


    Few random shots,







    During the onward journey, at around 5 Kms from home on the NICE road, car emitted heavy smoke at 2000-2500 RPM may be for 4-5 seconds. I noticed this on the IRVM and also my friend who was behind me noticed it. And this was the only time it happened during this journey.

    After this I started facing a power loss during 2000-2500 RPM intermittently. I regain the power within 2-3 seconds and I feel a thrust from behind when this happens. This happened multiple times during the onward journey. In Wayanad while going towards Kuruva Island, I took the car to 3500 RPM multiple times on the second and third gear(advised by few in Fiat forum) and now it looks like this issue has disappeared. I am still monitoring it and will ask the FASS to look in to it during my next visit. If anyone has any suggestion on this, then please let me know.

    Trip Details from MID:

    Total Kms: 618.7
    FE: 15.7
    Avg Speed: 40Kmh
    Duration: 15H 20M

    Drop in FE could be because of some spirited driving and Mysore City driving, Steep winding roads in wayanad etc.

    Something for others to note down:

    I always make sure to carry all the car related documents in my car. Before this trip, while cleaning the car, I took all the documents out and missed to keep the insurance document back. During the return journey, while exiting wayanad, Kerala traffic police stopped me and asked for all the documents. Since I was not having the insurance document they asked me to pay a fine of Rs 1000. I was willing to show the insurance copy from my email but they didn't agree. And then after I started insisting for a receipt for the fine they asked me to pay Rs. 300. A good lesson for me as well.

    Here are the documents which they requested,
    - Driving License
    - RTO document/card
    - Emission Certificate
    - Insurance document.

    Overall it was a fun filled trip.

    And the 26K mark smile.gif

  6. arun_josie

    arun_josie Regolare

    Last week, I started seeing the air pressure going down slowly from the front left tyre. So, I suspected a puncture and took it to Madhus as the Wheel Alignment/Balancing was also pending. And, they found a sharp nail pierced inside.


    Here is the culprit, this is the third puncture.


    Here is the suggestion from Road force equipment for tyre rotation.


    I misplaced the alignment report hence couldn't attach it here,

    And another 1K to the ODO, now it stands @27K.


    Took the car to Vecto Motors(FASS) yesterday to check the brake pad life as it is still the stock pads, and they said it should go for another 2K-3K without any issues.
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  7. Mabams1826

    Mabams1826 Amatore

    Fiat Enthusiast
    That must be one of the most exhilarating threads we have in TFI, you know after reading your thread I feel as if I had done those driving myself.
    I have no doubt on my mind that you will do all those long distance trips you had planned for.
    Well since you expressed many times the need for 1.6l engine, have you ever considered Wolfmoto remap? most of the people who have done it seem to give thumbs up for Wolfmoto.
    I am sure since your vehicle is less than a year old is weighing highly against it, but with amount of miles you are munching, I feel its worth trying.
  8. arun_josie

    arun_josie Regolare

    Mabams1826, Thanks a lot for your kind words! And I hope your wish comes true :)

    Regarding wolfmoto remap, I have not thought about it because I want to keep this car on a long term basis. May be if Fiat launches a Linea with 1.6L or any other sedan with 1.6L then I will give a serious thought about it.

    Yes, at this moment I have no plans for a remap.
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  9. arun_josie

    arun_josie Regolare

    Bangalore-Hyderabad-Chennai-Nagercoil trip update:


    Day1: Bangalore to Hyderabad (584Kms)
    Day2: Stay in Hyderabad
    Day3: Hyderabad to Trichy (985Kms) - Via Chennai
    Day4: Trichy to Nagercoil (388Kms)

    Overall distance including city drives in hyderabad: 2049.6 Kms
    Overall FE including the City drive: Bangalore-Hyderabad-Chennai-Nagercoil trip update: (Tankfull method).

    FE from MID:

    Bangalore to Hyderabad: 18.8
    Hyderabad to Nagercoil: 19.3

    About Roads:

    Bangalore - Hyderabad : Awesome stretch minus few speed breakers
    Hyderabad - Chennai : Not in great shape with 4L not completed in few places and 6L work going on in the Ongole - Chennai stretch. Hence lot of diversions and in few places, the diversion stretch is in a very bad state.
    Chennai - Nagercoil: Another awesome stretch minus Madurai bypass which is a narrow 2L, but its an interesting stretch for overtakes.

    Here are the tolls paid, its around 1 rupee per Km.


    About Linea:

    As usual, it took us home safely with no issues.

    - Kids (7Y and 2Y) didn't have any complaints, especially the Hyderabad-Trichy stretch of 985Kms which was done in one stretch. They enjoyed it, with my elder one(7Y) counting the number trains that passed us by and he was in charge of the toll money disbursement as well :)
    - No complaints regarding the seat comfort as well. All fine.
    - We actually decided to do the Hyderabad - Nagercoil stretch (1373 Kms) in one go, but decided to halt at Trichy after request from our parents.
    - Couple of hard braking situations and it held its line perfectly. Excellent braking I should say.

    Here are some random pics,





  10. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Wonderful travelogue and hats off to you for the road and toll updates. Strangely some of the tolls aren't in multiples of 5 or 10.

    BTW whats that black spot on your rear right bumper?
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