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Unexpected love affair with an Italian beauty: Fiat Linea MJD. EDIT: 100,000 km up!

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by arun_josie, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. arun_josie

    arun_josie Regolare

    Thanks a lot for your very kind words mate!

    Since we didn't go around to all the places in Kodaikanal, I preferred this short update.

    Yes, that sea side road was little scary, but my cousin is used to this stretch so I just followed him. Left wheel was off the road and I was glad that the under body didn't scrape.

    No concrete plans yet for this year :)
  2. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Arun any thoughts of remapping :p
  3. arun_josie

    arun_josie Regolare

    No plans yet, mate I always want to keep my car with the stock mapping due to the reliability/warranty issues. But we never know, I will follow your experience/feedback on this :)
  4. arun_josie

    arun_josie Regolare

    70,000 Kms Up:

    And here goes one more milestone, this time its 70K Kms. 22 days short of 2 years ownership.


    Hit this mark while on a dinner drive to Hassan with few teambhpians. The distance was 390 Kms, overall.


    Pic courtesy: paragsachania(team bhpian)
    All four cars have Live To Drive sticker on the rear.

    It was a coincidence that both the linea's in this drive hit the 70K Kms mark in 9 Kms gap. And we knew this only when we were discussing during a quick stop near a toll booth. My ODO was 70050 then and other one which belongs to funkykar was 70059.

    Brake Pad change:



    Before the Kanyakumari/Kodaikanal drive , I had replaced the brake pads(ODO was 67011 Kms then) as a precautionary measure even though it had a life of another 2K Kms at least.

    So, this set did its job beautifully for 39577 Kms. (27434 Kms till 67011 Kms). Now, I am in to the 3rd set,
    I have also changed the Oil, Oil filter, air filter, AC filter, Fuel filter(Fuel filter is changed every 15K Kms). I will be doing the next replacements at around 78K Kms.


    The remote/auto locking was not working intermittently. So I was forced to use the key if I am outside the car, or the latch when inside the car.

    FASS replaced the Actuator on both the right sides doors under warranty. Since then, all is fine.
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  5. arun_josie

    arun_josie Regolare

    Bangalore - Nagercoil - Bangalore:

    During the onward journey, I maintained the speed around 100 throughout and the FE was 21.5(MID), 21.005(Fulltank method)



    During the return journey, the traffic was almost nil till Namakkal, so I was able to maintain some good speeds. This time understandably the FE nose dived to 16(MID), 16.006(Fulltank method).



    For the return journey, normally a speed of around 100 would fetch at least 19Kmpl.

    Overall, it was a nice trip.

    Here is the total trip distance, with ODO @ 72492


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  6. arun_josie

    arun_josie Regolare

    2 years of Ownership:


    Its two years today since I brought home my Linea. These two years of ownership has passed so fast that even I couldn’t believe the 72K mark on the ODO. It has been a pleasure so far and I have enjoyed each and every Km with this car. I have taken it all over from excellent roads to worst to no roads and it has come out with flying colors.

    Highlight of this 2 year Ownership:

    1) Uttrakhand drive - 7618 Kms:
    Obviously it has to be the 7618 Kms drive to Uttrakhand, and then driving all the way down till the Southern tip, Kanyakumari and back to Bangalore. This trip was with family including 2 Kids (2.5Y and 7.5Y old then). All of us enjoyed the trip. And, a flawless performance by the Linea.


    Some pics during this trip


    2) Longest stretch on a single day:
    On the 12th day of the Uttarakhand drive, we drove down from Shirdi(MH) – Pune(MH) – Bangalore(KA)- till Salem(TN): which was 1292.9 Kms and covered it in 21H 30M. This was a marathon drive and I never thought I will be able to do this. And this was after covering 970 Kms the previous day. I still remember my elder son asking why not drive till Kanyakumari instead of halting at Salem. Despite 21+ hours of drive, everyone in the car was comfortable enough to stretch further. In short, it was breakfast at MH, lunch at KA and dinner at TN.

    3) HVK Monsoon drive – Panchagani:
    This was my first Monsoon drive and as the name suggests, it almost rained throughout our entire drive. If not for this drive, I don’t think I would have explored Panchagani and places around it. thanks to Hvkumar. Also, got a chance to drive along with some superb bunch of driving enthusiasts and friends all the way from Bangalore.

    Here is the travelogue,

    http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/travel...chgani-mh.html (Chasing the Rains : Group drive from Bangalore to Panchgani (MH))

    This is one of my favorite pic,


    And this,



    4) About the much talked about Driving Ergonomics of Linea:
    Initially it took some time to get the right seating position and since then it has been bliss. Even during the Uttrakhand drive which included some marathon runs, I didn’t face any issue at all. I am very happy on this aspect and there was never a moment of discomfort.

    5) Experience with FASS/Spare parts availability:
    No issues till date, be it my experience with FASS(Vecto Motors) or the availability of spare parts. Yes, like most of the dealers these days we need to be little careful when the job card is being prepared to avoid unnecessary stuffs. But otherwise, I have not faced any issues due to servicing. Multiple spare parts have been replaced under warranty and every time the spares were readily available. And I always make sure that I am with the car during the servicing.

    Hill Stations Traveled:
    • Uttarakhand (Nainital, Ranikhet, Kausani, Almora)
    • Kodaikanal
    • Yercaud
    • Kolli Hills
    • Dhimbam ghats
    • Panchagani (Maharashtra) – HVK Monsoon Drive.
    • Chikmagalur, Mullayanagiri peak
    • Wayanad

    States Traveled:
    • Karnataka
    • Tamil Nadu
    • Kerala
    • Andhra Pradesh
    • T elangana
    • Maharashtra
    • Gujarat
    • Rajasthan
    • Uttar pradesh
    • Delhi
    • Uttarakhand
    • Madhya pradesh
    Here are some numbers:



    Fuel Efficiency graph:


    Fuel Efficiency: City Only


    Fuel Efficiency: Highway Only


    ODO Share:

    ODO Share.jpg

    My wife gifted me with this desktop calendar



    Here are the Calendar Pics,

    Calander Pics-Optimized.jpg

    Here are some pics after 72K Kms on ODO.

    There were tar marks all around the car which I couldn’t remove and also few scratches by 2W guys, one was little deep. One of my friends did detailing work to remove these marks /scratches and also brought back the glossy look. Awesome job done by him. Here are few random clicks from my mobile.








    Overall, it has been a fun filled trip so far with my Linea and I hope this continues.

    PS: I know its overdose of car pics, but I just couldn’t resist my self

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  7. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Fiat must felicitate you for running the personal Linea like a tourist car. 1292 kms in a day was unimaginable. You have already 4 runs of 900 kms+ in your kitty. Good to know that there was no fatigue during the longest stretch. Was it non stop too? or did you take intermittent breaks?

    Statistics prove that Fiat cars are the most under rated when it comes to mileage and performance combination. I feel pity to the herd mentality which goes in the MS or Hyundai way.

    Keep driving, I know you are going to reach the five figure mark very sooner than you say stop. Have a safe drive.
  8. KPR

    KPR Superiore

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    The kind of long hauls that you and your ride are doing is highly commendable. Maybe owning a Fiat is about such drives. Apt the ad for fiat.
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  9. Ravi_M

    Ravi_M Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    @arun_josie, thank you for putting a sum-up here. This is quite motivating. I am suggesting some interested colleagues to read posts on this forum as well as Team-BHP for learning about FIAT. Here, people are now enquiring about Linea and my long drives (not comparable to yours, though!) may be one of the reasons, apart from the new launches since 2014. But the sad part is FIAT is unable to support this interest. I am not in a position to vouch for FASS or dealership.
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  10. arun_josie

    arun_josie Regolare

    Thanks @ghodlur for your kind words.

    Regarding these 900+ Kms drive, I took breaks during Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner and then fuel breaks. At times, I used to take quick naps as well. I think the 1292 Kms drive includes two quick naps(5-10mins)

    And yes, even I feel that Fiats are underrated. They are far better than how they are being projected.

    Thanks KPR!

    At least in bangalore we have multiple options for servicing and it is better than many cities where the options are limited or No service centers like Mumbai.

    Also, its time for some new launches. Otherwise the existing customer base will get diluted further.

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