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Tyre Upgrade

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by Pravin Ebenezer N, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Pravin Ebenezer N

    Pravin Ebenezer N Timido

    Chennai, India
    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    Hello Team, I am planning to switch from Apollo to Michelin Tyre for the comfort and smoother drive. My current Tyre is 195/55/R16. But the same spec is not available in Michelin/hankook. They have 205/55 as a starting range for R16.

    Please confirm if I go with 205: any warranty issues will come or any other discomfort I may face while driving?


  2. Anup

    Anup Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Not at all an issue, you can go with 205/55 R16 peacefully. Expect a marginal drop in FE and a little harder steering.
  3. nibedk

    nibedk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    @Pravin Ebenezer N .Any issues with the Apollo Alnacs that you got.

    I own a 2014 manufactured GP 90 HP and am still on the Apollo Acceleres that came as OEM fitment which have already done 21 K.

    Brilliant handling. Excellent dry weather grip and very good wet weather grip( from the few chances that I got to drive in heavy rains). I drove carefully as it was very heavy rain. Didn't do any thing unreasonable to push the tires to limit in rain. Ride quality is pretty good too. People have reported that these being hard tires ride quality is affected as the tires grow old. With my mileage per year I guess I will have to change tires before the 3 year mark. So no issues there as my running is pretty high and none of the tires should bother if changed within first 3 years. Till now the ride quality has been supreme. Its a little harsh in lower speeds. Its more due to the stiffened suspension due to raised ground clearance since 2012. Go beyond 40 and it gobbles up everything thrown at it. I do not think any car north of 1 million can match ride quality of Fiats other than pre 2012 Fiats. They were even better due to lower GC which made ride and lower speeds pretty great as well.

    In my 21 K kms with Apollo I can assure there has been no change in ride quality yet. I do the following to take good care of the tires.

    -- Alignment every 5K
    -- Alignment, Balancing and Rotation(5 tires. My spare is an alloy as well which I changed during delivery)
    -- Air Pressure check up during every refill.
    -- 32 PSI all round within city limits and 33/34 PSI on highways depending on load.

    The only -ves that I can think of is tyre noise. Yes it can get bothersome for some but I for a change the love the engine and tire noise at high speeds. I do not think its an issue till the ton mark. Once you go beyond 110-120 km/h that it starts getting bothersome.

    Coming to the best part I haven't had a puncture in any one of the five tires. I have done close to 10 K on road trips more than 500 kms with some of them close to 3 K kms. Please check my travelogues on Kudremukh and Pondy to know about the trips more. I have done all sorts of roads including ghats, bad roads, no roads, brilliant freeways as well. I done pretty good speeds as well so I can assure you may not find tyres sturdier than Apollos. Bridgestone will come close to sturdiness but will be costlier as well.

    I would suggest you to stick to Apollo if you plan to do a lot of highway trips. Michelin and other low noise tyres will give you better ride quality at the cost of handling and softer side tire walls. I know of TFIANs who had to change tires pre maturely due to side wall cuts. I am not sure if its worth all the hype just because it makes lesser noise or a little better ride quality. I would rather be putting my tape on higher volume to mitigate the tire noise rather than being stranded with my family somewhere on highways.
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