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Tyre Upgrade - Discussion

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by Andy, Jun 18, 2010.

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  1. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    35psi when cold is a LOT for this size. The factory recommended 33 already feels a bit on the higher side.

    But like the British say, you pays your money! :)
  2. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Tire Tech Information - Air Pressure, Temperature Fluctuations

    here also it says, to check tire pressure while tires are cold and its a good practice.

    maintaining 35psi is dangerous in long runs.
  3. On the sidewall there note saying these tires can take upto 44 PSI
  4. Vj Vj

    Why did you go for it man ? even after reading my review. If Cost was the only factor it is OK but for anything else you should not have gone for it. And if you really wanted only a ZLO I would have given mine for 4000 :D(just for joke). For Braking at high speed I didn't find it bad in my ZLOs. May be get the alignment checked once again.

    And one more thing I noticed is, the buttons are deeper and I have a feeling that these tyres will last longer than GT3. The dealer told me these tyres will last more than 50 K but even if they are good at 35K I will kill them anyway and go for the accelere or GT3.
  5. sanniks


    Hi, go for bridgestone potenza g3 amazing performance..


    Grande Punto 1.3
    Since i bought Appollo Acceleres at 45k .. i have driven through rough terrain roads. For past 3 days i have driven 800Kms+ on rural roads... I say Accelere is amazing tyre for those run in typical indian rural roads.
    Till now too good apart from noise.
  7. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore


    Sure Srida, I should have taken your advice. Confused i was. I was reading so many diverse review here and elsewhere that i wasn't sure what to do. I mean there were multiple reviews praising the tyres so i thought it couldn't go wrong. Little did i know that it would change the driving dynamics of a fiat so drastically.

  8. That is OK Vj. ZLO is not a that bad Tyre. It is actually good but doesn't do justice to the FIAT. Drive for few thousand KMS and you will get used to its limitations. What I have learnt is , do not rely fully on reviews. We would not be sure if the review is from a spirited driver or a sedate guy, the car that he used, how long he was driving on his old tyres so that changing his new tyres he would have felt very good, the previous tyre he used for xample if he had used a ceat or jk, zlo would feel better than them and finally comes his knowledge on the handling, dynamics and wat not. So it is always better to go with our experience or reviews from a identical environment or do an experiment. I have taken up the experience option and succeeded many times and going by internet reviews I have failed a lot.
  9. amar_gahir

    amar_gahir Amatore

    Hi Friends,

    I hv just completed 50k. Time to get new shoes. After going all kind of Tyre discussions i am zeroing down to BS MY-02. Any first-hand feedback?
  10. Linear

    Linear Amatore

    Please read post #192 on page 20 of this very thread where DRIV3R has given feedback regarding these.
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