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Tyre Upgrade - Discussion

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by Andy, Jun 18, 2010.

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  1. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
  2. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
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  3. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    These are some things that caught my eye.. I'm not going to say more but for all those blaming/flaming fiat for various issues and simply spoiling the brand name because some idiot somewhere had 1 freaking minor problem is just being too too too critical about a great brand.
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  4. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    LOL... read through the full thread ram .. its 90% good highway driving. Still 2L kms is just too much for those tires. surprised michelin gave free set of tires which he is still running for more than another lakh kms !!!
  5. teky

    teky Esperto

    Another update - Now I've added 2000 Km's and I believe they tires are performing to the best. I took it over non-existent roads for about 20Km's and it came out without any issues at all. Drove through the Palakkad - Thrissur stretch during night and drove over potholes lots of times and no issues and also whilst driving through Valparai - Athirampaly had to get down off the road and no issues noticed at all. So after 5K I can comfortably say these are the best in business albeit at a higher price. One small drawback over GT3 is that I find the handling not be as close, may be I need to get used further however it's only wee bit lesser so I'm not concerned that much.
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  6. This is how the Michelin's look after 36,000 kms in my Palio MJD ;) Guess 50k kms is gonna be a cakewalk, let's see.

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  7. When I was changing my tires a Bolero owner came and started conversation with me,he said he changed to Michelin at 200Kms on ODO now he is changing it at 70000 kms, tires still had some life !! I couldn't believe it at that moment.


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    I concur with you handling is little less than GT3 but not way too much may be 10% less,I have already got used to it. Just need to little more careful with space between our car other when attacking the corners.may be comfort and handling don't belong to the same line but just 10% difference is acceptable compromise.
    In future I might still go for the same tires,as braking,grip it much better then GT3.more than anything else it is a silent tire i have ever used.
    Only additional work is PLC seems to collect few stones,which I removed while washing the car.
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  8. vivek_lko

    vivek_lko Amatore

    Thanks Gurjinder for your feedbacks. The reason for Bridgestone Ecopia was not performance but rather the increase in fuel efficiency as I was reading on the internet.
    1. How do the Primary LC fare in this respect(fuel economy compare to stock GT3) ?
    2. What is the difference between Michelin xm2 and primary LC ? I saw that xm2 though is not available in 195/60 R15 configuration?
    3. I have upgraded the ground clearance using GC enhancement kit which seems to be on the stiffer side . So I was thinking if a little bit softer tyres would be better . How would primary LC fare in this respect and road noise ? Or should I consider the DB series from Yokohama ?
    4. Any dealer in Noida who could give a good deal for Michelin?

    Please feedback.
    Thanks once again!!
  9. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    I used the stock GT5 on my Tjet for about 700 kms before replacing them with Primacy LC 205/55 R16 (TJet stock size). Following are my views/observations:

    This is a difficult one to comment on. My view is there is not much difference. However other advantages (better than GT5) are as follows:
    - Comfortable
    - Less noise than GT5
    - Excellent wet grip
    - Good braking capability

    GT5 appeared to be better at following:
    - High speed cornering
    - Lesser stones getting stuck into tyre

    The tread pattern is different in both. XM2 is available only in smaller sizes. Beyond that the Primacy LC is available. So probably you shall have to go with 195/60 R15 Primacy LC

    Primacy LC is pretty comfortable and has less noise as compared to GT5. I am not sure about Yokohama though. A word of caution though - small stones get stuck in Primacy LC (this maybe true for all comfort tyres due to their tread pattern) - I have seen this in multiple cars. So if your daily route includes mud road with lots of small stones, then you should probably stay away from Primacy LC. The number of small stones that get stuck in GT5 was considerably less primarily due to its tread pattern.

    Since you are buying new tyres and not exchanging, the price may vary only by 100-200 per tyre across dealers. So, whichever dealer you go please check for the following:
    - the car dealer should be an authorized dealer
    - they should have proper setup to lift cars and should not use jack for the same
    - check the date of manufacture on the tyre at 2-3 different dealers and select the dealer that has the latest one
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  10. khoj

    khoj Amatore

    50K kms on a MUV/SUV tire is par for the course. These tires are built for much more rugged driving conditions than they ever see (for majority of the users in our market) and easily last between 50 odd to 70+ K kilometers.

    As for Michelins, I myself like them and have over the years used the Preceda, Certis and the X series including the X-energy, the XM1 and the XM1+. However I have somehow not been able to bring myself to buy the Primacy LC. I do not know what it is but a look at the tire and I do not want it. This happened in 2010 when I bought my Cedia and I opted for the Yokohama AVS dB550. Made in Japan these tires are everything you want them to be and then some more. The only negative (if you can call it that) is that these are 'unidirectional' tires and so in an emergency one cannot flip tires from the right side of the vehicle to the left and vice-versa.

    Was faced with this situation again last week, when I picked up a TJET+ for my parents, that came shod with the NCT5 from Goodyear. Once again came face to face with the LCs in 205/55R16 with a W speed rating and just as I was about to go ahead, I caught sight of a Bridgestone flyer. Got talking regarding BS with the dealer and was shown the Ecopia and the Potenza. Asked him for the master catelogue of the current product offerings and on flipping through liked what I read about the Turanza GR90. Settled for the same even though this rubber was priced at 1K more than the comparative LC and in fact came with a lower speed rating of V (NCT5 also were rated at V, so no sweat there).

    Flew the Jet+ over 1500 clicks from BOM to DEL and the tires proved to be a revelation. Absolutely silent over tar and concrete alike, help bring the Jet to a halt with nary a drama nor a scream. The shoulders are harder than the LC yet flex more compared to the CPC2. Did take them off road for nearly 5 odd kilometers weaving my way out of a jam at Nasirabad and the tires performed impeccably. Faced a tricky situation the next morning when I was overtaking a couple of trucks racing each other on the right and middle lane on the Kishangarh - Jaipur expressway and suddenly a sprightly buffalo took a leap of faith on to the left most lane, the same on which I was flying midway between the first and the second ton. Braked very very hard and kept the pedal pressed, saw truck roar past out of the corner of my right eye, buffalo now in the centre of my lane, truck passes buffalo, I inch closer, the buffalo takes another jump, I flick left, the jet's hood flies past the buffalo's rear legs and I have my left wheels on the shoulder, flick right back on to the middle of the lane. No screeching, no drama, never for a moment did the tires give me a reason to doubt my faith either in them or the Tjet+'s ABS strengthened with disc brakes on all wheels, just beautiful handling & confident grip, through-n-through.

    Anyhow enough ramblings, the point is that there is now a great alternate to the LC. The Turanza GR90 in 205/55R16 & the Turanza ER60 in 195/60R15 sizes. The Ecopia competes with the XM1+ in the low rolling resistance sweepstakes. Trust the information is of use.

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