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Tyre Upgrade - Discussion

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by Andy, Jun 18, 2010.

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  1. Welcome to the Michelin club :up
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  2. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Sat, so i see you finally gave in and picked up PLC only aye? ;-)
    Ride comfort over stiffness ??? wow nice conversation we can have over the weekend ;-)

    Shop looks like the one on KR road, is it ?

    NOTE:: Please check the DOT on the tyres and ascertain that they are not older than 5-6months
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  3. Thanks to every one for helping me with your suggestions,tire is made in 10th week for 2012,it is 5.5 months old.
    I have driven some 30 kms since yesterday, some initial observations
    a)Steering feels lighter at city speeds (less than 40Kmph),I felt like driving punto with 165/80 sized tires or even better than that.
    b) Side walls are not as soft was depicted in the internet it is actually as hard as Goodyear F1 Eagle GSD3,little more than C-Drives,I had an opportunity to check these two tires.As teky wrote it is as thick as MRF ZLO and softness seems to be almost equal.
    c) Comfort ..Comfort , i might fall asleep some day in car while driving!!I can't say anything more.
    d) Noise from what ever little drive i did , it is silent, i was feeling some block in my ears as i did miss the roar of GT3 initially.i am hearing small sounds from seat and other stuff which i never heard before although they might have been there.
    e)Very important car feels more spirited due low rolling resistance than GT3,I hardly touched 1800 RPM in my commute to office.
    f) One thing which is confusing is it just little bumpy on those rubber speed breakers near to my office than GT3.
    Over all i did drive slowly to office not because the tires are delicate but just enjoyed city driving in a Punto for first time.It has taken away the stress that i used feel with earlier tires.
    I am not trying to say some thing just for the sake of it,my shoulder blade(neck) used to swell almost every day and putting Volini and ICE was regular routine.That also is partly due to my habit of handling steering with Right hand only.
    Over all although it is early , I salute Michelin for the wonderful tires,they have spent lot of money on their R&D and it shows up in the way their tires perform.
    I will post the experience with high speed driving and cornering by next week as i am going to Sringeri over weekend.

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    Why don't you come today evening before 7 PM? I am off to Sringeri in the weekend.
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  4. I have stock alloy wheels and tyres 195/60/ r15 , I am thinking of getting 195/65/R15 .Any suggestion disadvantages?
  5. I just completed trip to Sringeri a total of 870 kms,I must say Michilin's performed more then expected.Awesome comfort,en route to Horanadu tires side walls took lot of abuse with out any problem. I even had scary moments of dropping down from road in ghat section but side walls did not had any damage.FE is up by at least 1 kmpl.
    there is slightly more biddy roll then GT3, hence while cornering if there are potholes then car become little unsettled.it doesn't mean cornerisng is weak on PLC I was coolly driving on corners in Bangalore mangalore road at speeds of 170+ ,A Eritga guy got offended by my speed got into a dual but lot badly and I lost to a Range Rover supercharged and turbo charged SUV even though i was touching 175.Good thing about Punto was RR was never lost from sight and it might be the nearest car seen in it rear view mirror!!.
    before you caution me on this, i was not competing with them at all but enjoying my noise free drive on Punto and perfectly safe stretch of road but people got offended by seeing sluggish punto in those roads zoming ahead.:)
    These are great set of tires,if you are only concerned about handling these tires are not the best.but they are not very far behind.I am thankful to DJ.Nish,Cvanand,Gurjinder,Ravi for strongly suggsting to go for PLC.

    In every thing else it good,there is slight road noise on rough roads but no where near to GT3.
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  6. vivek_lko

    vivek_lko Amatore

    Hello All,
    Am planning to change the tyres for my 90hp from the stock GT3. Am planning to go in for Bridgestone Ecopia . Here is the link :

    Tyre Company, Tyre manufacturing company, Car Tyre

    I read decent reviews of these tyres on the internet . But I dont find anyone on TFI with the reviews of these tyres. Does anyone know how they perform ?

  7. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Great choice Sat. The comfort of PLC's is said to be up there among the best. I pretty much go deaf listening to the roar of the Aceleres on the highway. :)

    I believe the brake pedal feel will be better as well?
  8. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Frankly, Bridgestone is now the proverbial also-ran in the tire market. They got left behind.

    Go for the Primacy LC. Trust me, comfort is more important than any such thing as performance on track etc etc.
  9. Yes breaking is more confidence inspiring than GT3,I could bring down the car to halt at much shorter distance than before.
  10. thanujj

    thanujj Timido

    y u wanna go for that 65 profile...ny probs with ur old tyre
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