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Tyre Rotation, Wheel Balancing and Alignment

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by PatchyBoy, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. shams

    shams Esperto

    Have been to tyre empire three times. twice to hsr and once to whitefield outlet. all three times had good experience with them.

    had gone to get routine alignment n balancing done at 5k intervals. work was done without any fuss. costed around 780 including weights.
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  2. Crazy Fiatian

    Crazy Fiatian Amatore

    Linea 1.3

    In next 1300 odd kms my car is going to touch 5000 km, I am planning to do wheel alignment/rotation/balancing.

    Few questions..

    --> Shall I do it in FASS while giving for 1st service?
    --> Is there any professional tyre shop in Chennai? Preferrably near Medavakkam/Velachery.
    --> For wheel alignment/rotation/balancing if I rely fully on outsider will it affect my warranty? Because I am afraid that Fiat may say "You didn't do wheel alignment/rotation/balancing in FASS as per the schedule,hence your warranty claim rejected".

    Please advise.
  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    If your car is driving fine, just let it be. FIAT specified 15,000km rotation interval and though not ideal, you can follow it without harm.
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  4. Crazy Fiatian

    Crazy Fiatian Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Car is driving fine, no issues at all but rear left tyre got punctured once, Still shall I wait for 15k km for wheel alignment/balancing/rotation ? Also doing from outsider void warranty ?

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  5. HariKrish

    HariKrish Timido

    Hello Experts,

    Please suggest better place in bangalore to do the wheel alignment of punto 2012 other than fiat service centers.

    Why i ask this ? => In FSS, they use readings specific to 2012 make, this is not available in most of the Tyre Shop's in bangalore including Madhu's (they have 2010 readings instead as on 2013)..i am told by FSS people not to use 2010 readings for 2012 make (due to increase in GC, readings are different). I see that many people are doing wheel alignment outside FSS, and so i am confused here with the FSS statement about the wheel alignment and 2010 readings. I had very uneven wear and tear on my stock wheels and FSS stated wheel alignment done outside using 2010 readings as the reason.

    How often should i do wheel rotation ?
    I changed my stock wheels to Yoko A drive. it clocked almost 12k km's and no uneven wear and tear yet.
    I visited Vecto FSS to do the wheel rotation last week, but they advised me not to go for any rotation if there are no issues now.
    Should i wait for any issues to pop up, or do regular tyre rotation ? (what is the regular inteval ? 15k kms ?)

  6. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Take readings from Fiat and show to Madhus to adjust accordingly.

    Regarding, rotation, ideally it should be rotated back to front, and vice-verse, in each 5-10K kms. I guess service center would have advised to keep it safe, since there is no issue with current settings. But rotation with proper alignment should not create any issues.
  7. manishgarg921

    manishgarg921 Amatore

    I have been consistently getting all my cars aligned and balanced at every 5k kms, the reason being
    1) timely rotation
    2) even wearing out
    3) I specifically visit MRF T&F stores which are most genuine wheel alignment / balancing / new tyre / puncture stores.

    This review is basis my 14 years experience.

    The issue with not rotating the tyres at 5k is uneven wearout.
    Front especially the Left tyre is most prone to all sorts of potholes and off roads ( reason being when ur driving RHS u tend to save ur side from going off road or into pot holes; at times when u do tend to be on a road where in parallel traffic cannot ply, u had to get off the road and hence its the Left tire )

    Also what I have observed from 5k alignment at MRF is that they check for any suspension related problems before they align a car, so that ways Im assured that my suspension ( shocker mounting, swing arm, tire joint or ball joint ) are all in good condition.

    Unlike other alignment stores who align the vehicle irrespective of any technical issues.( they will align it so as to make money, while in case of MRF this is not the case)

    As for puncture - in case of tubeless tires, the sealant that is used by MRF is of a better quality than the normal road side puncture shops ( again own experience) despite the fact the cost is the same Rs 50/-.

    So, id suggest to keep your car in good shape, always go for regular alignment and balancing ( especially if you have any sort of suspension work done in your car)

    (The 15k kms alignment mentioned in your service booklet, presumes under normal / good road conditions.)

    * P.S - I am not trying to propagate MRF stores here but its solely out of own experience
  8. deepakhon

    deepakhon Amatore

    I had been to Tyre Empire at HSR. After the alignment, I got to test it immediately, as I travel by NICE road to reach my home. There was a play around the 10:10 position in the steering, and it was alarming. I then went to Vecto Motors the following day to get that corrected. The beauty of any Fiat car (I am graduating from Palio to T-Jet) is the steering. And, there is no way one can live with the bad steering. I thought of going back to Tyre Empire and getting it corrected, but, decided to go to Vecto as it is also on my way, and I thought they know better how to handle their cars. Thankfully, it is corrected now, and things are fine.
  9. manishgarg921

    manishgarg921 Amatore

    Professional Tyre Shop in Chennai - Plz contact MRF Tyre Drome near ZARA restaurant ( Alwarpet) if i remember
    Warranty for alignment & Balancing - Doesnt get void; its like Fiat saying you should get your air topped up from Fiat else Warranty void.
    So relax and visit a good wheel alignment store
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  10. GP_Freak

    GP_Freak Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    Guys, My take on this subject.

    Alignment and Conditions of suspension and Tyre pressure are some major factors which affect the life of tyre

    Alignment - Any where from 5k kms - 15 k kms. This purely depends on your road conditions. Mandatory Alignment every 5 k kms is a marketing tactic. Unless you hit potholes frequently or ride on rough roads or feel steering pull to one side, alignment can be postponed ( but need to check the tyres every 1k kms for uneven wear).

    Alignment gets screwed up sometimes when you hit potholes at high speed. Sometimes even lower arm gets bent.:p

    Rotation - I recommend the following pattern for non directional tyres and this is the right way to do 4 Tyre Rotation.
    1. Front to rear after 5 k
    2. X after 5 k
    3. Front to rear after 5 k
    4. X after 5 k
    For directional tyres, its only front to rear method.

    If you are one of that rare person who is planning on 5 Wheel Rotation, go clock wise every 5 k kms for non directional tyres. ( Clock wise or anticlockwise doesn't matter as long as the direction is maintained till all the tyres are exhausted. Just keep the cycle going. We say clock wise to standardize the method) But technically this is the simplest method, but not the right method because going clock wise, the front right tyre would be moved to front left and this single tyre will be heavy load and will get worn out faster in the first two phase.

    The other method is a bit complex and we are bound to screw up the rotation for sure, but ensure that all tyres are run evenly.
    The following Diagram is taken from tirerack.com for easy understanding.

    If you can faithfully follow this, then this is best, if not, go clockwise.


    Balancing - Do it when you are getting new tyres and do it again if you have removed the tyre and refitting it and do it if you are having vibrations. ( When Balancing a tyre which has already run, ensure that all the stones stuck up in the tyre threads are removed)

    Balancing every 5 k is absolute BS call and unnecessary.

    Having said all this, if you are that guy who doesn't have time to check or not very clear, then please get it aligned and rotated from the same Alignment center every 5 k Kms:)
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