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Tyre busted on rainy day - Need new ones for punto 90 HP

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by Hurricane, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Hurricane

    Hurricane Amatore

    Well said ganges.

    Michelin PLC ( Speed index - V )are available in 195/65/R15 profile.. other tyres from Michelin in the same profile is "Energy MXV8" ( Speed index - H )

    Other than the GC effect, What other advantage do we have if we go for just a profile upgrade from 195/60/R15 to 195/65/R15 ? If GC is what you are looking for, can't you just go for GC kit upgrade?

    lol.. You are right. Agreed, How can I change the title of this thread? I checked the rules but couldn't find any.


    Can you please change the title of this thread to something more appropriate? "Need new tyres for Punto 90HP"
  2. Acceleration might be affected as all the gears will become taller,might get better top end speed.
  3. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    i want to rust/use the stock GC kit upto its extent as my car is just one and half year old,if i go for the GC Kit i have to pay about 16K INR which brings me in sort of bomb to pocket,hence i'm ready to compromise myselves with my driving style over bad roads and speed bumps, above all i dont have confidence with the TASS work.Will do GC upgrade after 4 or 5 years :)

    i'm not understanding what you mentioned :( i'm very poor in engine specs. if i reduce the tire profile then what happens ?

    May be i will finalise this one,i dont want tire noise...
    when on highways doing above 120Kmph already the engine sounds like a hell and in that the sound from tires makes more irritating to do high speed driving.
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  4. albyspunto

    albyspunto Timido

    go for michellin primacy lt gives u better comfort
  5. Since you are going to for the bigger tires,initial acceleration will come down a bit and top end speed will improve by a bit,off course there will be speedo error as numbers would show less than what is actual, I mean car will be moving in higher speed but speedo will show it as little less.
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  6. Why are you going to upgrade only the front tyres?And that also you are thinking about upsizing,wont it look a bit odd,I cant say much about if the tyres might affect your car dynamics..But my 2cents,when you are going for upgrade,upgrade all the tyres,the ride will be more smooth,tyres will have even wear and tear...
  7. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    I am telling this again and again. Try to have same brand tyres on all 4 wheels with same spec.
  8. Hurricane

    Hurricane Amatore

    Rightly said Arnab :)

    Only the front tyres because rear ones still got a lot of life in them.

    No, the tyre dealer told me that I can go ahead and upsize them.. I was kinda against upgrading only the front tyres. He then suggested that I can upsize the front ones for now and later on in couple of weeks, I can do that same with the rear tyres.

    I just got tempted looking at the S-drives.. that's all. ::T and upgrading all 4 will burn a big hole in my wallet (each one costs 6300/-). As of now, I am on a tight budget and I am not planning on upsizing the tyres..

    Yes sir, I will have the same brand tyres on all the 4 wheels with the same profile. I am looking for a good deal on my two rear GT3's with a dealer. If the offer price is not tempting enough, I will go ahead and get the GT3 for the front as well. :up (Problem solved!)

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