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Tyre Brands Pouring in Indian Market

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by Raghavnu, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Hi and Hello to All Timido's, Regolare's, Amatore's, Novizio's, Superiore's, Esperto's, Supporto's :up:up

    I have searched for threads for reviews on different brands of tires available in market now a days but couldn't find a thread ,
    So Admin please see if this appropriate thread then please approve else merge with existing

    Different Brands available in market with so much of cost variation

    --------------------Brands (Manufacturer's)---------------

    1.MRF ----- Zlo
    2.Dunlop ---
    3.Apollo---- Acellere, Aspire
    4.Goodyear--- Assurance, EagleF1
    5.CEAT(Formula 1)
    8.Yokohama---- A , S, C drives, db series
    10.Bridgestone--- Turanza, Potenza
    12. Maxxis
    14. Nankang
    15. Kumho---- ecsta
    16 Kelly
    20. Jk tyre----Tornado
    21.Accelera tires.....
    and so many and so on , these are the brands available right now in market right now (please mention if i have missed any ).
    So, i request here to please pour in all your thoughts , technical details , grip , Mileage(tyre life in kms),Price (if possible ), sizes,
    and A snap(Photu, Picthur) of which shoe(tyre) on your Fiat Siblings... So that this thread becomes a good reference and great help for potential Buyers,..
    when there are so many Good and Bad tyre brands available why our FIAT sticks to only JK tyre, Bridgestone, Goodyrear and Apollo...?
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  2. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
  3. Thanks Ganges ..But i say go thru my post once again ... the thread you suggested is not that specific ...
    To make it specific you can also post the image of the Shoes on your FIAT etc etc...:)
  4. Nuts&Bolts

    Nuts&Bolts Novizio

    Auburn Hills, MI
    OEMs buy tyres in bulk. Deciding factors include, performance of tyre in Indian driving conditions, Availability in bulk, price to performance comparison etc. Most of the cases the balance will be tilted to the price side. Thats the reason why you see low cost JKs in base variants & Bridgestones & GoodYears in higher Models. Luxury car manufacturers take extra care to have better tyres for their vehicles as they are not too much concerned about the pricing.
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  5. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Add Kumho tyres to it
  6. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    The malady is widespread. Cost cutting is the name of the game today not only in the segment where the Punto/Linea compete but even in segments a step or two higher.

    The Linea comes with Aceleres/GT3/NCT5's (Tjet) and the Cruze with JK Vectra -no idea if they changed it now. Effectively, Fiat is providing better tyres than other cars in a higher price bracket.

    But like i said the malady is widespread now.

    Kenda and Wanli are two more brands. Both are very popular here. I will myself be opting for Kenda in the Palio D.

  7. Rightly Said .. Earlier I had JK tornados on my punto Due to some reasons car ate inside face FL and FR tires at 15k only .. and RL eating full inside buttons to bald ,.but some how i managed them by rotating till 30k with one tyre out with full steel treads..:evilsmile
    ..I went to JK tyres for claim they straight away rejected saying its mechanical fault ... the person also showed me one Maruti swift with 35% buttons remaining with ODO of 40k+ running and a ritz of there manager 80% button with 23k running..
    He also claimed that " sir these outside companies cars(FIAT) are like this only etc etc Blah blah...
    Even in KHT motors SA told me to go for 15" inch and more cos 14" inch wont suit punto... but whats the truth i dont know exactly.. this was my experience with JK Tornado
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  8. Yeah thats right Guruji but even Vectras arent bad but Cruise demands more than Vectra

    and About Kenda i heard they are too cheap and bad tires ,here in Bangalore they are mostly used for cabs (indica) and there are many cases of tires cuts and burst (no means to hurt U)
    And wanli today i heard this Brand name :eek:
    Regarding the price
    Nankang 215/50/17---5000rs each(not bargained)
    kumho 205/45/17--- 4750 rs each
    Acelera tires 205/50/17---- 4850 rs each
    Dunlop 215/50/17---- 8000 rs each(not bargained)

    this weekend will update some more brands and their price and also patterns(image) if possible .....
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  9. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Just got 4 new GT3 tires for my Linea,Rs.19,000 for all 4,from Puduchery
  10. What is the size of the tyre Bala..?

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