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TwinAir twin-cylinder engine wins “TECHNOBEST 2010” Prize

Discussion in 'Fiat Global News' started by karthik1100, Sep 13, 2010.

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    The TwinAir twin-cylinder engine wins the “TECHNOBEST 2010” Prize
    For the second year running, FPT – Fiat Powertrain Technologies has been awarded the prestigious international Technobest 2010 prize for its innovative TwinAir twin-cylinder engine.

    The “Technobest 2010” prize was awarded by the international, independent Autobest jury of 15 specialist journalists from a number of countries whose populations together make up a universe of 300 million people: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Turkey and Ukraine.

    AUTOBEST was founded in 2000, and in the Automotive sector it is considered among Europe’s most important automobile juries.

    When it communicated the prize, the Autobest jury acknowledged the absolute technological innovation of the TwinAir which, by taking the concept of downsizing to an extreme, thanks to the innovative technology of electro-hydraulic control of the Multiair inlet valves, combined with fluid dynamics studied specifically for the engine, has made it possible to achieve outstanding efficiency and minimal consumption.

    The 85 Hp turbo version of the new family of TwinAir engines made its official debut at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show. Its distinctive features are its compact size and cutting edge technology, which enables the engine to set new efficiency standards, with consumption that is the lowest in its class, confirming the Fiat Group’s leadership in this sector.

    The TwinAir boasts a number of particularly sophisticated technological features, normally only found in higher engine classes. Two examples are the electro-hydraulic control of the Multiair inlet valves, which is installed on all TwinAir engines, and the timing chain which drastically cuts engine running costs because it does not need any maintenance. A counter-rotating balancer shaft also guarantees that vibrational comfort is maintained in all operating conditions.

    Depending on the version (aspirated, turbocharged by turboblower and bi-fuel CNG), the TwinAir can deliver from 65 to 105 bhp. The top-of-the-range versions in particular, stand out for their excellent specific power and torque values, delivered with a cylinder capacity of just 900 cc.

    Because of its extremely small size, the new TwinAir engine is ideal coupled with an electric engine, producing a hybrid propulsion unit that is particularly suitable for use in town. It maximises the advantages of hybrid propulsion by making it possible to store and recover the energy normally dissipated during frequent deceleration and braking.

    The TwinAir engine currently powers the 85 bhp Turbo version of the new Fiat 500, guaranteeing CO2 emissions of just 92 g/km on the version with MTA gearbox, the lowest offered today on the petrol engine market.

    The 2010 Technobest Prize is further confirmation of the attention that the Fiat Group and Fiat Powertrain Technologies focus on respect for the environment, and their consequent and continuous commitment to the reduction of polluting emissions.

    This year, for the fourth year running, the JATO Company has named Fiat Automobiles as Europe’s most eco-friendly carmaker, with an average value of just 123.5 g/km of CO2 an improvement of 4.3 g/km on 2009. Fiat Group Automobiles also remains in first place even in the classification by company, with a value of 126.2 g/km, which underlines yet again its technological leadership in terms of environmental sustainability.

    Turin, October 13, 2010

    Source : Email received from Fiat Press : Fiat Group Automobiles Newsletter
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  3. amogh

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  4. nk4FIAT

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    Re: FIAT's New engine technology

    Simply amazing. FIAT should introduce in India at right time.
    In fact now every year a new model is required.
    Linea was introduced in Jan 2009, Punto in Jul 2009, 90 bhp in May10 and T-jet in Oct10.
    Now by May'2011 they should plan for at least one new model.
  5. Top Gear Review- Fiat 500 TwinAir driven

    In the midst of the disappointing sales figures, I found this article. It looks like a pretty long time since Fiat was appriciated. Read on guys....

    Fact! The 500 TwinAir is the greenest petrol car in the world. Wait! Before you file it in that Dull But Worthy shoebox, hang on. Such greenness is achieved because the TwinAir is powered by a two-cylinder engine, just like the original 500 back in 1957.

    A twin! In a 500! To be precise, it’s an inline two, displacing 875cc and developing, in the turbocharged form seen here, 84bhp – a naturally aspirated 64bhp and warmer 104bhp turbo version will follow. With Fiat’s MultiAir timing and stop-start tech, the twin 500 will return a claimed 69.9mpg and emit just 95g/km of CO2: cleaner than a Polo BlueMotion, cleaner than a Honda Insight.

    Enough numbers. You want to know how it sounds. If you’ve got the manically popping, staccatoed stutter of an old-school British bike in your head... sorry. Aside from a puttering noise below about 1,500rpm, the TwinAir 500 isn’t hugely engaging in the ear department: largely hushed, a bit droney at high revs, but no worse than the 500’s existing 4cyl petrol.

    The TwinAir is, for such a dinky engine, amazingly refined and smooth. If you’ve had the misfortune to drive the three-cylinder Corsa from the mid-Nineties, you’ll know how binary few-cylindered engines can be. The TwinAir, though, is thoroughly linear in its responses, picking up easily from low revs and delivering a nice spread of power.

    Maybe, if we’re being picky, it’s a bit too grown-up. We had visions of a whipcrack bike engine, fizzing up to high revs with featherlight flywheel response, but the TwinAir is nothing like that. Fiat’s engineers have clearly worked hard to banish the Twin’s two-cylinder character in favour of relaxed, easy-drivin’ manners.

    Even though the TwinAir won’t be the cheapest 500 when it goes on sale here in September – prices are expected to start around £1,500 more than the entry-level 1.2-litre four-pot petrol – its driveability and awesome economy will make it the Cinq of choice. And this engine represents just the start of Fiat’s two-cylinder plans: a petrol-electric hybrid version should enter production in the next year or two.

    For now, the guys at Fiat should be applauded for a cracking piece of engineering. The TwinAir offers a brilliant prospect in an era when small-displacement engines have become virtual clones of each other. Just imagine what it’ll sound like when Abarth gets its hands on it…

    Sam Philip

    On your drive for: £289pcm
    Performance: 0-62mph in 11.0secs, max speed 105mph, 69.9mpg
    Tech: 875cc 2cyl, FWD, 84bhp, 74lb ft, 1030kg, 95g/km CO2

    Source: http://www.topgear.com/uk/fiat/500/road-test/twinair-driven
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    Re: TwinAir twin-cylinder engine wins “TECHNOBEST 2010” Priz

    That is around 24.7kmpl Wow!
  7. Re: TwinAir twin-cylinder engine wins “TECHNOBEST 2010” Priz

    Fiat Twin Cylinder Wins Top Gear Award

    Twin Cylinder Fiat.JPG
  8. keviinpiter


    Re: TwinAir twin-cylinder engine wins “TECHNOBEST 2010” Priz

    Depending on the version (aspirated, turbo-charged the turboblower and dual-fuel CNG), and can provide TwinAir from 65 to 105 horsepower. At the top of the range version, particularly highlighting its excellent power and torque than the value of delivery, the cylinder capacity of only 900 cc.
  9. Re: TwinAir twin-cylinder engine wins “TECHNOBEST 2010” Priz

    Pictures from the 2011 Geneva Auto Show




  10. From

    Fiat 875cc TwinAir is International Engine of the Year
    by Sopan Sharma Posted on 07 Jun 2011882 Views0 Comments

    Fiat's new small soldier receives rousing welcome in its debut year, wins best sub 1-litre engine, best new engine, green engine of the year and the outright International Engine of the Year award

    Small won big once again at the world’s premier engine awards. After its stupendous success with the 1.4-litre MultiAir engine last year, Fiat showed how going even smaller with even more efficiency, specific output and lower emissions is still possible. The 875cc, parallel-twin petrol engine pleased and even surprised judges across the board with its excellent driveability, pep, refinement despite an unnatural internal balance – and stonking, singing power output of 85bhp at 5,500 revs with 150Nm of torque – more than enough to power Fiat’s much-loved retro-revival, the Cinquecento.

    The power is not all thanks to natural aspiration though – the powerplant gets a lot of its pep from the Mitsubishi sourced turbocharger. The engine easily topped its own sub 1-litre category, beating its nearest rival, the 3-cylinder Toyota iQ plant by scoring almost twice as many points. The TwinAir also won the Green Engine of the Year award, announcing loudly in a field rife with all-electric powertrains that the time of the internal combustion was not dead even in these desperately green times. The TwinAir manages very impressive emissions figures of 95 g/km of CO2, and unbelievable fuel efficiency numbers in excess of 25 kilometres to the litre.

    At the root of the TwinAir’s easy mannerisms is the electronic-hydraulic inlet valve timing system, the same sort that was seen on the 1.4 MultiAir engine that was widely acclaimed. The main challenge for Fiat boffins was to adapt this fairly complicated engine head to the relatively small area on top of a parallel twin mill. A motorcycle-style counter-rotating balance shaft ensured that the twin did not have unpleasant harshness – most judges were surprised with the eager-to-rev and smooth engine.

    The Fiat TwinAir beat some serious competition in the final round, which featured respective winners of their categories, based on displacement. These included Volkswagen’s two-time outright award winner – the 1.4-litre Twincharger, as well as Ferrari’s acclaimed 4.5-litre V8 from the Italia, and a bunch of strong contenders from BMW. Small, it would seem, can be both safe and sexy, and it needed the Italians to show the world this exact fact at this year’s awards.

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