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Tuscon Wine Punto 90HP First Service in TAFE (Don't) Reach - Chennai

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by FiatJay, May 3, 2011.

  1. FiatJay


    Thanks Tony. I am looking sill Plate and good floor mat. I heard that its available in Jawahar Auto spares. But i could not find a shop yesterday. I drove twice on GP road but due to heavy crowd i could not find a shop. will try again today.
    Also i am planning to put a same beige color (Seat color) on side door black foam.
    Any other suggestions?
  2. FiatJay


    :) Agree. But i love this color combination. Lets me see how i am maintaining...
  3. teky

    teky Esperto

    You can get it from Tafe or VST motors. The one sold at Jawahar auto spares isnt original and will cost you 700 rs I think.

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  4. clash81

    clash81 Regolare

    I recently got a 90hp too. After reading this thread, i checked my gear too, if it has some vibrations. One thing i noticed is that, it doesn't vibrate at all, apart from some minimal vibrations in the 5th gear (which i feel is quite ok, it is not like it is vibrating the hell out of it)

    Again, i do feel that there is some sort of play in the gear even after it slots in any particular gear, that is i can move the gear a bit back and fort, even after it slots. I feel, this kind of play can lead to vibrations, if the lever is not correctly fitted in or so. That is an inference from my very little knowledge of cars :)
  5. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Clash81 Just engage the gear and take off the hands from the Gear knob and enjoy the car. As the Turn signals are on the Left side as the LHD, so you are left with not more time to keep the hand on the gear knob.
    Check the other Fiat cars and you will get the answer.
  6. FiatJay


    Yesterday when i coming back from office, My Blue & Me suddenly got disconnected. I could not make/receive any call through blue and me. I deleted all user data and tried pairing again but no use. tried with different phone but it could not find a Bluetooth signal from the car. After some research on Google i found a simple solution to reset the blue &me.

    Just disconnect the battery (only -ve) and leave it for 10 sec. Connect again and pairing again. WOW it works fine.

    Later I decided to keep the battery removal spanner inside my car (had enough experience with Microsoft products). Only problem every time you have to set a date and time again.
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  7. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    same thing happened to me twice . i left car turned off for some time and it worked second time i removed the battery of my phone and it worked fine . connection error in blue tooth is a usual chore in computer too.
  8. FiatJay


    In my case, no problem in the phone and its able to detect other blue tooth devices. Problem is Blue&me in the car. Thats why it was not connected even i left the car full night. So I disconnected car battery for 10 sec. Now its working. :)
  9. FiatJay


    Its almost 45 days since Punto joined in our family.
    So far I have done two Long drive. One is to Coimbatore (total 2000kms. started from 1000 to 3000 ODO) and second one is from Chennai -Villupuram-Chennai (400 Kms)

    So far I have faced the following issues.

    1. Rubber beading comes out (found during PDI)
    2. AC was stopped working with in a week after delivery. ( This was immediately rectified when I went to TASS)
    3. Got some sound from bonnet when I go with low gears. (This also was fixed next day after I went to TASS)

    Other than that I have thoroughly enjoyed all the 5000kms. I understood the real meaning of "Stability" , "Handling" and many more.

    Since I ODO show close to 5000 kms Last week I decided to get my car serviced. I called TAFE Reach on 21 June they gave a appointment on 24th June. They promptly called me on 23rd June and confirmed that I am coming on next day.

    Finally day comes, I have taken out all the valuables from the car including Tool kits. I reached TAFE reach at 9.00 am. I was stopped by the securities and they said all the staffs yet to come, then only they will allow me to go inside. Went Inside after 10mins waiting.

    I had to waiting another 15mins to meet a Service Adviser. One gentleman called my name and took me near to my car. I started explaining the following problem

    1. Able to feel some noise when I go with 1 and 2nd gear. He just moved the car 1 feet and accepted my problem. I got surprised what a excellent technician He is.
    2. Auto Play off functionality not working in blue &me. Explained the problem on&off the car. During that time I got a call from Blue and Me. But based on his face expression he is seeing this first time. I started afraid.
    3. Sticking the Rubber beading in Top left back.
    4. Water not coming out properly from front Windshield .

    Asked what else normally they will do in First service. He gave very general answer. After that while I signing the form I have noticed the Adviser name mentioned as Joel. I asked the person "Are you Mr. Joel?. He replied back saying Joel is on the way to office. Meantime Joel asked him to take compliant list from me. When I spoke to that person further, I got surprised that he is TATA car technician :A. I was concerned that How he is going to explain all my problem to Joel. So I requested him to ask Joel to call me. Then I left from TASS around 10.15

    I expected a call from Joel but I did not get. So called TAFE Reach Service center and got a Joel mobile. When I spoke to him he said he is working on all the issues and he assured me that he will sort of everything. Evening I got a call from TAFE Reach saying my car is ready. I reached around 6PM. By the time Joel left for the day and he asked the same TATA technician to handover the car.

    I started verifying the issues I gave. Since I was inside the showroom I could not check the 1st problem (creeeechhh sound coming in second gear.)
    Auto Play off problem not resolved. When I asked the TATA Person, he brought another Fiat engineer and he started explaining what is Blue&Me and how to use. I told him that I know the features of B&M and tell me what is the purpose of Auto Play off. He could not answer. I thought there is no point to discuss with the person further.
    Rubber beading issue fixed. But the funny part is, they have fixed only the place where I mentioned, Other area (Front side) started coming out :hit. (I noticed this after I reached home).
    Windshield water problem fixed.
    Very very poor water wash. Since my expectation was already very low, I don’t get any surprise.

    When the TATA technician gave a feedback form, I mentioned clearly that " I was attended by TATA Technician not a Fiat Adviser". Rated very low except few areas like attending customer on time. Informed about the delivery etc..

    Next day I got a call from TAFE Reach they asked my comments I told same what I mentioned in the feedback form. So he gave the phone to Joel. Joel tried to convinced me saying he resolved AC and other problem immediately which I faced with in a week after deliver. He also requested to give a good feedback when I will get a call from Fiat. I told I will give the same what ever I wrote.

    27th Monday, I got a call from Fiat Customer care and as usual they started asking all the pre defined question. Most of the question about Service Adviser. I told fiat I have not met the Fiat Service adviser first, with that How can I give a Feedback about TATA technician to Fiat. So There is not point to rate about the service adviser. They have noted down my Point and told me that they will get back to me.

    Till today I have not received any other call from TAFE or Fiat. Having said that, I don’t think I will go to TAFE for my 2nd service :thumbs down
  10. FiatJay


    Have couple of question to Mods and Experts.

    1. Since I crossed 5000 Kms Do I need to do wheel alignment.
    2. What are the things I have to do before my 2nd service. If I am correct my next service due it 15K Kms. Do I need to do any oil change etc.
    3. Mods : I dont know How to modify the Title and bring this review on first page. I could not see any option.

    Other that that I have added some of the times specific to my car.
    1. Recently bought a Samsung Car mount for my Nexus S. Installed Sygic on my nexus S. works great.
    2 Still my floor mat hunting going on. could not find any shop in Chennai. Planning to get it from UK.
    3. Planning to fit a amp.

    Following are the items planning to buy from UK


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