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Turbo not working in a new 75 HP Punto

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by abhiuday, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. abhiuday

    abhiuday Amatore

    New Delhi
    This thread is regarding loss of turbo in my new Punto (75 Hp) and my experience
    with TASS.

    KM clocked till date: 3137
    Car purchased on: 05 July 2012
    Driving style: Light pedal
    Max Speed reached till date: 130 (for 3-4 seconds)
    Prev Exp with diesel vehicles: Yes
    Location: New Delhi
    Scratches: Only 1 on the left side of rear bumper, introduced by Him Motor on my first visit. Do notice this point. It gets updated in the content below.

    Low, neglible pick up in gear 2,3,4
    No turbo push evident
    Car unable to reach 100 km mark (at all, even at 4000rpm)

    In breif:
    Got car checked at HIM Motors (TASS), clutch changed, no turbo
    Took car to Oberoi Motors, turbo pipe checked, still no turbo

    In detail:

    On Friday (19 Oct 2012) around noon I started from my home towards my relatives place. I noticed that the car is not moving quickly. On rpm range 1800-2000 I used to feel a surge in power. This time it did not happen. I pulled over the car and checked for air in tyre. Re checked the hand brake. Every thing was fine. On 18 th Oct I do remember while on my drive back from office, there was no such problem. I was driving at speed around 70-80 and could feel the turbo working.

    Next thing I did was opened the bonnet of the car, and checked for any pipes which have come out. Everything was in place. So the next logical thing to do was to take it to TASS. I decided I will take the car next day to TASS.

    On Saturday morning, there was a FiatWorld meet at India Gate (new Delhi). There I asked the members to take a drive of my car and see if they also feel the same problem (No turbo). Members, Vivek and Anupam drove my car and immediately said there is some issue with Turbo. They also checked all the hose/pipes. Everything was in place.

    After the meet got over I went took the car to TASS (Him Motors patparganj).

    Experience at TASS (Him Motors)
    This was my and my Car's 2nd visit to HIM. The car has not been to any service station.
    Car checked by Rafeeq and OP Sharma
    Both said that the car has some issue, engine is Ok
    They said turbo may not be the culprit, it should be the clutch
    Car kept overnight for repair
    Monday morning I got a call from service adviser that the car is ready.
    Reached TASS around 2 pm.
    Saw the car, immediately notice a fresh scratch on the rear bumper. Now the tally of scratches introduced by Him Motor becomes 2. It seems for every visit they leave behind a scratch. Kind of like a Souvenir that you bring with you from your holidays. A reminder of visiting them again (or never again).
    Asked for test drive.
    At the start of test drive, the mechanic made a bold statement “I drove this car at 130 and there is nothing wrong.”. My first reaction was to shout loudly and say, “130!! You idiot I don't drive the car beyond 100. And you took it to 130. Crazy.”. I restrained my self. I just wanted the turbo thing to be solved.
    Started the car, reached 1800 rpm, accelerated, no turbo. Reached 2000rpm, still no turbo. Reached 2500, no turbo. What the hell.
    Told mechanic, that there is no improvement. The Turbo still doesn't work.
    Took the car back to work shop. Now the fun begins.
    Second bold statement by the mechanic “Since yours is a 75 HP car, there is turbo provided. Also the car does not give you a boost of power. You are mistaken, it does not happen with any 75 HP car”.
    I said you should look for damage to turbo, this was totally declined.
    A relatively old 75 hp Punto (80K km) was coming out of the workshop for delivery. On my request I was allowed a test drive on that. I asked the mechanic to sit with me. As soon as the car reached 1800, turbo boost was felt. I told the mechanic to observe this. He acknowledged.
    The third bold statement of the mechanic “Old cars had Turbo. 2012 models do not have”.
    Now I am totally angry, my fuse is blown. I ask the workshop manage to intervene.
    He asks me to leave the car. On Thursday they will get some one from FIAT who will confirm what they (HIM Motor) are saying is correct and there is no issue with the car. Its all in my brain. And my heart is sinking now.
    I ask them to issue gate pass as I am taking my car. Will bring it on Thursday.
    Immediately called up Anupam. Took the car to Oberoi motors Noida, sector 63.

    Experience at TASS (Oberoi Motors)
    Reached around 5 pm. Quickly got the car checked by Mr. Gopalan.
    Diagnosed as some hose/pipe problem with Turbo. My heart got some respite.
    Car check on the lift – some turbo pipe was bent.
    Car given back by 6 pm. Took a test drive, no turbo again :(
    Again my I have the same sinking feeling.
    Advised that I should bring my car next day for a thorough check up.

    Disappointed, I went back home. Told me wife. She held a gyan session for 1 hour. No dinner served for making the decision to buy Punto. Ek toe gaadi kharaab, aur upar se ab biwi naraaz. Fiat ye tune kya kiya :(

    Had dreams in the night about the problem being resolved.

    Will take the car to Oberoi on Saturday. Till then good old SWIFT is driving me to office.

    Will update the thread on what happens on saturday.

    In the meanwhile if some one has any advise. Pls give.
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  2. Write to Mangesh of FIAT, your problem will be solved, this might be an issue with turbo boost leak.you can get the contact information in the contacts section of the forum.
  3. halfclutch

    halfclutch Amatore

    I am having similar problem with pickup of my 75hp punto, whenever i am driving in 1st,2nd and 3rd and i want to upshift or downshift there is a horrible loss of power, RPM drops from 1700 to 800-900 suddenly when the clutch is pressed(funny thing is this doesn't happen when the car is taken to TASS:evilsmile) , i know rpm is supposed to drop when clutch is pressed but the "jhatka" that i feel was never felt before.
    No issues with crossing 100 though :)
    Sorry if i have posted this query in a wrong thread.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2012
  4. naveen2cool

    naveen2cool Superiore

  5. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Yaar simply hook the ECU scanner. See the readings of Actual boost VS Desired boost. 50-150millibar difference is okay. If there is zero boost you get an ECU checklight error.

    Take a drive with scanner hooked and check reading at all rpms.
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  6. abhiuday

    abhiuday Amatore

    New Delhi
    Good idea, dropping a mail to him.

    Now the Car doesn't reach 100. Max it could do is 90 that too at 4000 rpm.

    I told Tass to do this. Him motors denied. Oberoi motors will do this on Saturday I guess.
  7. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Why are they denying? Write a mail to Mangesh Kodalkar about your ordeal. 75 hp turbo costs just Rs. 15000 and is also repairable. They should not make a fuss of small things.
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  8. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    I am not sure, if this is a similar problem. Once when I was doing around 80kmph in city after it rained heavily, I zipped off in a huge puddle of water splashing all around and I guess the engine bay was also splashed with considerable force, immediately I noticed that the car wouldn't pull even after flooring the accelerator. The check engine light was on aswell. That whole evening I experienced the same. Since it was a sunday evening, I thought of taking it to the TASS the next day.
    But somehow, when I started my car the next day, the check engine light was gone and the car behaved asusual. This was somewhere 3 months ago and so far the issue hasn't cropped up again. I assume that the ECU was splashed hard and the sensors some how how stopped working and the next day everything was fine.

    Can a faulty fuse in the ECU be the problem in your case too? If so, get the fuses checked at the TASS. Somehow I have the gutt feeling that a faulty fuse should be the culprit here.
  9. abhiuday

    abhiuday Amatore

    New Delhi
    Good idea, I will ask TASS to check for fuses too.

    But I think TASS people should be aware of such things themselves and should do it without any intervention from my side.

    I can only think of 2 reasons that could be behind this attitude by TASS centres - TATA and FIAT breaking up and that during warranty period TASS does not get paid for labour etc by the customer.
  10. clash81

    clash81 Regolare

    Fiat India is on facebook, tag them post your woes there. I am sure they will swing in to action.
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