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Turbo charger replaced under warranty

Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by romsi_rk, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. shivraj5624

    shivraj5624 Amatore

    Belgaum, Karnataka
    Linea 1.3
    Hi guys..I have a problem with my 2012 Linea. The car is losing to gain the speed suddenly in between my drive.This happened to me just before the secong service. Car went for 40km pretty well , but suddenly after slowing down for a while on a highway i couldn't gain the speed. It took around 40-45 seconds to reach a speed of 100kmph on a plain road. Then to overtake a truck i literally went to 2nd gear and pressed the A pedal too hard,a Zen fellow started honking from behind to move faster. Later, i stopped and turned off the engine for 2 min. Then started it and continued the journey and found the pick up to be back to normal.. On that particular journey and after that(got 2nd service done at KHT B'lore) , the mileage has dropped by 4-5kmpl on highways as compared to my initial mileages. ( eg i got 22 kmpl @ avg speed 74kmph and now its 17-18 for the same speed,same route,same people on board all without A/C).
    Today my father also experienced the same problem but on an uphill road with a/c on mode. He didn't stop ,as the pick up came back to normal within a few minutes.
    should i get it checked or wait for the repeatation of same event again..is it some thing to do with the Turbocharger ?? I am worried about the mileage too. Total ODO reading 18,600km.
    Well, i didn't stress the issue to the KHT guy then.
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  2. Akshay4384

    Akshay4384 Superiore

    This is a known issue with the Linea's and till date i haven't heard about a solution,even i face it at time,but everything becomes normal after sometime.
  3. rohit tunga

    rohit tunga Amatore

    Add me to the list as well. I too face exactly the same problem. I'll be heading to Fiat Service Centre this saturday and this time they better do something about it.
  4. rajks

    rajks Amatore

    Last week I was travelling on a highway and after couple of kms I found that there is no boost, I realized that turbo is not kicking in. Realized how sluggish the MJD is without Turbo ;), after an hour of travel I got the check engine message, called the RSA and had a conference call with the nearest Fiat service center SA. He asked me to check for basic things like Engine oil, coolant & black smoke which I had already checked after getting the warning, since they were fine I was asked to drive to their service center which was some 45 KMs.

    RSA and the SA did extremely well in coordinating and I had one of the best assistance even though it was on May 1st and the service centre was closed. I had a technician ready and waiting for me, and he found that the vacuum tube to the actuator (I think its the actuator) was almost disconnected. This was reconnected and everything was back to normal.

    I was worried my drive for almost 200+ KMs without the Turbo would have harmed the engine, but he assured that it wouldn't have caused any harm... mine had clocked 3.5K Kms and I wasn't stress driving this 200 KMs. Hope no harm done.

    Kudos to RSA and Salem True Sai Motors SA Shakthivel & Mahendran.
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  5. Shamis

    Shamis Timido

    Noida (Delhi - NCR)
    Dear Romsi,

    My car (Em Pk 75 hp - 2009 model) was given to Oberio Motors (Noida) for the same problem, they say that they would send an email to Fiat for extended warranty and subsequently they would replace the same.

    So just want to know, how much did you ended up paying from your pocket for the entire replacement and the procedure?

    Your valued input would be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance.

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