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Trivandrum >Goa>Kollur>Trivandrum

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by kannan.suraj, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. Hi Fiatians

    Planning a trip to the above said route next week with my family in my Punto Emotion. Let me know guys how is the road conditions ? Ill be staying in Calicut, then Upupi on the way to Goa and while returning staying at Kollur , Guruvayoor and back to Trivandrum. If you have any tips and advises im awaiting for it . My beauty has just completed her 3rd year service a week ago. So do i need to check anything again? Replies and guidances appreciated
  2. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    I think you dont have to prep the car for the journey. You make sure any niggles are sorted out, from the servicing.
    But you may consider having torch, tyre inflation pump (electric), water storage, ready to eat food (biscuits, etc). You may keep FIAT helpline numbers also ready.
    If you are carrying children, better to put them on child seats.

    Enjoy your trip!!

    Btw, If you may consider, you can trace the path of Parasuraman's axe, in the 2nd leg of your journey. You will have to extend to Kanyakumari :)


  3. Ty Limraj for your inputs , done the tour without ant hiccups My beauty had done 2400Km well .DIdint visit kanyakumari though ...

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