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Trip to Narsinghgarh and chicikho sanctuary

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by Pranob Mukharjee, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. Pranob Mukharjee

    Pranob Mukharjee Novizio

    After very long working months it was time to plan a holiday, as it was not possible to get leaves approved for 10 people at same time so we decided to plan for a weekend. After many suggested names we selected to visit Narsinghgarh and Chidikho sanctuary situated in Rajgarh (M.P.) district due to it was least known among peoples and one of the colleagues have his parental home there. Itinerary was decided as to start early in the morning and to reach chidikho by 10:00 so that we can have utilize full day, take night halt either at chidikho forest rest house or any hotel in narsinghpur. Before narrating the travelogue a brief about Nasinghgarh and chidokho

    Chidikho (Narsinghgarh): Wild Life Sancutary of Narsinghgarh is among one of the 35 sancturies of M.P. established in 1978 under Forest Division Rajgarh Social Forestry. Sanctuary is situated on N.H.12 (Jabalpur-Jaipur) 70 Kms from Bhopal, 221 Kms from Indore, 35 Kms from Biaora and 278 Kms from Kota. (Latitude: 23035' to 23040' North, Longitude:7702' to 77010' East, Height form Sea Level: 462.07 to 576.08 meter). It is covered 57.197 Sq. Km. (Reserve Forest) area. Due to its natural beauty it is one of the most beautiful place of Rajgarh district, so it is also known as "Kashmir of Malwa" region.
    In the center of this sanctuary "Chidikho Lake" is situated which is one of the attraction among the tourists. This sanctuary is built by the rulers of the state and in the ancient time this sanctuary is used for hunting purpose by the rulers. Migratory birds from different places reaches here in this sanctuary. The lake situtated here is having special appearance due to which the local people named this lake as "Chidikho Lake". Here in this sanctuary we can have a glimpse of local birds and migratory birds. State bird Dhoodh Raj is mainly seen here in this sanctuary. National bird peakock is mainly seen in this sanctuary and in nearby areas. The climatic condition is suitable for the national bird peakock. And this sancutary is having a chance to develope as Mayur Park Area of this sanctuary is sufficient for wild animals. 11 GULBAGH, CHEETAL in large number and SAMBHAR, NEELGAI are mainly found. We can see them freely roaming in this sanctuary. Near to "CHIDIKHO LAKE" JAMUN KHO, ANDHIYAR KHO, DHUWALI wild animals can be seen. Work is done for protection and preservation of wild animals.

    Back to travelogue:

    We were 9 people in total 6 from Indore and 3 from Bhopal so it was decided to meet at around 9:30 am at NH12 intersection just after Shyampur on Sehore Biaora road. There were two routes to reach from Indore one using NH3 (usually known as AB road) upto pachore and then turn towards Narsinghgarh but the road condition is pathetic after dewas so we choose to go by Indore-Bhopal road till Sehore then cross Sehore town and move towards NH12 on Sehore-Biaora road.


    We started around 5:30 am in morning from my home I started picking up one by one and we were at the border of Indore around 7:00 and have reached our first stop at "Dodi Highway retreat" on Indore-Bhopal road @ 8:30 for having breakfast.

    At dodi highway retreat

    Started again after half an hour or so and we have reached Bhopal bypass Sehore intersection around 9:30 and it took us more 40 minutes to cross Sehore town and to reach NH 12 bypass intersection after shyampur (which was 25 km from Sehore). Here we got a bad news from Bhopal team which stopped us to move further, due to bad section on NH12 their back tyre had bad puncture and was out of repair so we have to wait till they get spare tyre from near by town as my friend from Bhopal thought it was not good idea to travel ahead without stepney. The NH12 is undergoing 4 lane work on that section, so all both ways traffic was on single side we thought to stop at a safe place where we have ample space to take rest. 3-4 km ahead of intersection a parallel road was going with NH12 and was literally empty so we pulled over to have some photo session and get our hands on badminton.


    stop3.JPG stop4.JPG

    Photo session

    stop7.JPG stop8.JPG
    Playing time

    stop1.JPG stop9.JPG

    Rest time

    Finally after wait of 2 hours another team reached us and we were ready to move ahead. Road conditions till now were excellent as Indore bhopal road is in excellent condition 4 lane expressway and from sehore to NH12 intersection a 2 lane road was without any potholes but from here road were not so good and full of potholes here and there for the next 15 kms and the last stretch till chidikho was in good condition.
    NH12 (This was 5 km from our stop)

    Finally we reached the gates of chidikho sanctuary (Narsinghgarh is around 18 km from here), filled in our entry forms at the sanctuary gate and started our journey inside reserve area, charges taken were INR 600 per vehicle (max 8 person per vehicle). Vehicles were allowed till 3 km into sanctuary were a forest check-post near by lake, onward jouney inside the sanctuary have to be on foots.
    At the gates of sanctuary


    Spotted dear

    chidikho (6).JPG

    Joint tree

    chidikho (5).JPG
    chidikho (4).JPG
    chidikho (3).JPG
    chidikho (2).JPG
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  2. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Beautiful Pics @Pranob Mukharjee !!

    Especially the one with open boot.;) I, too, visited Van-Vihar, Bhopal in the same fashion with my cousins in our M800 when we used to live there almost 15 years back.
  3. Pranob Mukharjee

    Pranob Mukharjee Novizio

    It took us full day to roam around the sanctuary, we spotted a good number of spotted deer, swamp deer, nilgai, a good number of different bird species, monkey etc. We enjoyed both flora and fauna of the sanctuary. While on returning to checkpost lake we went towards the watch tower to have top view of the sanctuary. At the day end we moved towards Narsinghgarh for night stay.


    My beauty



    My baby relaxing at the shores of lake

    CIMG4568.JPG Top view from watch tower

    We stayed for night at 'Bhandari palace' hotel just outskirts of Narsinghgarh. Rooms were too good clean hygienic and the food at restaurant was awesome. We again had a session of badminton in parking lot of hotel from 11:00 pm upto 1:00 am, we all fell asleep the moment we hit bed.

    Day 2 was waiting for us :)

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