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Trip to Bandhavgadh-Land of Tigers

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by sanjeev, May 9, 2012.

  1. sungoa2010


    Thanks for lot of information. many are new to me. One thing I noticed is that it is very difficult to spot the tiger with dry leaves in back ground.
    The green and brown combination of the forest really looks nice.
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  2. yes spotting is indeed a tough job...and its nearlyy impossible unless and until the tiger makes a movement...but then thats the fun... waiting for it, tracking it and then seeing it....
    imagine this is the condition of forest when summer is in its peak...imagine what it will be like after monsoons!!!
    forest looks beautiful and serene no doubt....the air is so refreshing and energetic....
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  3. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    You were very lucky that your wish was fulfilled.
    You came to see tiger in the wild and you got to see more than expected.
    Well I would say you had picked the right time of the season for visiting the jungle. Travelling in summer is a bit awkward due to the heat in Central India, but this is abosulutely the right time if one wishes to see tiger in Bandhabgarh/Kanha.

    Many thanks for the beautiful photos.
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  4. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    What a great picture dude.. agree with sunil and others.. wonderful pictures..
    would have been a wonderful experience..

    but i'm quite surprised as the gypsy's are open..in respect to safety..!
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  5. thanks @arryan & @thomman85.... the experience was indeed wonderful..
    as for the open jeeps i think this is the trend in all national parks in India...
    closed jeeps/vans are used only in safaris that are conducted in zoos...

    and believe me the tigers really dont care even if they see us..they have the whole jungle for them and they are happy with it..however any possibility of untoward incident cannot be ruled out...

    @mods request you to pls move if possible the last two pics in post no. 48 above the last paragraph...i had attached it correctly but it got messed up.

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  6. sashank82


    I have made 7 trips (Ranthambore 2 and Sariska 5) and never managed to even 1 tiger.\

    Simply superb....you are one hell of a lucky TFIian..:eek:

    Stunning pics and great narration!
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  7. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

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    Mods Note - Done.
    Please Report the post, instead of writing in the thread. If mods don't read your post, it will never been done:D.
  8. thanks@sashank82...
    @ravi..point noted sir...
  9. 3rd & 4th May

    The stay in bandhavgarh was over.. after settling the bills & tips we left the resort at 7 in the morning with a heavy heart...
    Bandhavgarh has permanently made a place in our hearts....not only because of the tiger sightings but the overall ambience, beaty and serenity attached to it..

    Resort guys had packed our breakfast which was a nice gesture from them..

    Today we were supposed to reach Nagpur with a break in jabalpur to visit Dhuandhar falls & Bhedhaghat...

    From Nagpur the rest of the team will be flying to bangalore and we will be returning to Mumbai...

    Dhuandhar Falls is located on Narmada River in Bhedaghat. it flows through the marble rocks and plunges donw to a a water fall and is made up of 2 word Dhuan & Dhar which means a waterfall which owns its smoke...
    this smoke is created by the water vapour/mist the water fall...

    Geologically this place has a very great significance as dinosaurs fossilised eggs and bones have been discovered in this area (lameta ghats)...however owing to time constraint i couldnot go there...






    After Dhuandhar we went to Bhedhagaht...a place where you can take a boat ride in between marble rocks on both the sides...
    Best time to appreicate the beauty of marble rocks is on a full moon night as they have the boat service available all through the night..

    Picture6.jpg Picture7.jpg Picture8.jpg

    Picture9.jpg Picture10.jpg Picture11.jpg

    the commnetary of the guide in the boat is the one i enjoyed the most...
    Picture12.jpg Picture13.jpg Picture14.jpg Picture15.jpg

    After reaching Nagpur we booked the same hotel we had stayed while coming...and left for Dhule the next day... we left comfortably around 9 in the morning and reached dhule around 10 at night.

    Next day we left around 6 for mumbai...
    Now this was the unplanned part of our plan...we had ample time to go back to mumbai and actually we were not in a mood to go back!!!

    anyways we left for Mumbai ...we had planned to get some Sula wines from nashik this time...so while having breakfast i googled about them and got to know about Sula Vineyards...called up them and got to know that they have complete trip in which they inform you everything about wines -how it is made,what are the kind of grapes, bottling plant followed by Wine tasting.. which costs 150/ per head for 4 wines..
    i was very much surprised to hear this... staying so close to nashik and not having even so much of information made me a bit embarrassed in myself..but i guess it will be news for many people..


    Picture17.jpg Picture18.jpg Picture22.jpg

    Picture20.jpg Picture21.jpg Picture23.jpg Picture25.jpg

    Picture24.jpg Picture26.jpg Picture27.jpg

    they have nice restaurants inside too....and food is simply amazing...
    a must place to go with your beloved to have a nice romantic time..specially during monsoons and winter season..


    After having a nice time there we left for mumbai around 4 ..while leaving i saw this


    hmmm... we saw somehitng similar in Bandhavgarh..only difference was a tiger and some dense bushes...
    is it an invitaion by bandhavgarh again?? or am i still in its hangover....
    i donno.. what i know is i am going there again next year.....:)...it has in someway come very closer to our hearts...

    We reached home sweet home at 7 in the evening of 5th may...

    With this the travelogue ends here...
    Many thanks to TFI for hosting this travelogue:up:clapping... and all the wonderful TFIans to go through the thread with so much of patience...:clap

    and not the least to my wife , in laws from bangalore who were such a nice company and my PUNTO....my love & respect for it is increasing day by day....


    P.S -All those who are thinking of going on a fun trip for a long time....just do it guys... and enjoy your life
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  10. onlymakarand

    onlymakarand Amatore

    Excellent Excellent Writing!! :)
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