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Trip to Bandhavgadh-Land of Tigers

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by sanjeev, May 9, 2012.

  1. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Nice photography..... ;) i guess your cam lens was exposed to more grreenary option(Out of RGB :D)
    Nice write-up.

    Emman he Daulath hein !
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  2. Thanks @ ganges... yes i was pretty much surprised to see so much of greenery... after staying in concrete jungles even natural things have started looking doubtful!!:D
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  3. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
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    Beautiful Pictures and well said Travelogue dude.
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  4. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    Thanks for the detailed travelogue and very nice photos indeed.
    The details will really be helpful for all others planning a trip to Bhandavgarh.

    Thanks once again.
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  5. 1st & 2nd May @ Bandhavgarh

    The first safari in morning was concluded successfully with a bang....We were ready for the 2nd safari of the day from 3p.m to 6 p.m in Magdhi zone...

    This time our driver had changed and Neeraj (our new driver) was waiting for us near the reception...
    I was highly pleased with his knowledge..knows his job of tracking tigers very well...

    Sun was on its complete wrath when we left for the safari...however once inside the jungle it was bearable and at times pleasant as well with so much of greenery all around....

    Anyways we had taken our icebox with ice and towels inside so that we can respite us from the heat...


    Once you are inside the jungle and get to see pug marks on the road...it sends a chill down your spine to believe that tiger is roaming somewhere nearby only...atleast it did to me..

    Picture6.jpg Picture7.jpg

    and this further terrifes you... claw marks of tiger on a tree to mark his territory..


    Peacock ..again...we all have lost the count of them since morning...


    Picture1 (2).jpg


    This forest had many other animals also other than tiger to see

    Picture8.jpg Picture9.jpg Picture10.jpg

    Finally we reached a Waterhole....This was the place Bahera Male(prominent male in Magdhi zone) is visiting nowadays....

    Now watching tiger in a jungle after waiting for it has its own excitement and thrill...
    Imagine waiting in a place for a long time....analyzing all the sounds & alarm calls which you can hear...sometimes its pin drop silence as well and finally get to see the mighty one walking in front....

    So we decided that we will wait here and see....


    At times you feel that you are making a fool of youself by standing there...
    But at times you are lucky too:p





    We saw Bahera Male walking towards the water hole... the feeling cannot be expressed in words... one must experience it ...he was walking carefree in midst of alram calls by monkeys,birds and Deer...

    this was one of the best sighting we had...

    The moment he appeared neeraj said that hrithik roshan has come... i was like :shocked
    later got to know that Bahera male has blue eyes and so this comparison...

    All of us were awestruck for a while...</SPAN>

    Such mesmerizing was the sight..



    He was thirsty....

    he was even keeping an eye on us ....

    see this..





    Naa.... just catching breath...




    After quenching his thirst he decide to pose a bit for us...


    see how big he is...


    Can you make out his blue eyes??


    trying to say..."Enough ...now move on...."


    it was time to say bye to the jungle...we were very deep inside the jungle and it will take more than half an hour to reach the exit gate..so we decided to leave...

    but couldnot take our eyes from the rest of the jungle...



    Dear oh deer



    See the number of deer... this healthy prey base is the reason there are so many tigers here...


    We were very happy... and elated but a bit of sadness had started looming since the time to leave Bandhavgarh was also nearing....

    who wants to leave a place like this and go back to concrete jungles... but this what is life i guess...


    to be continued:

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  6. sungoa2010


    What a picture ! Each one is a treasure. In some of the shots tiger is looking at you to for a perfect shot:D
    How much safe is the ride? Is there a possibility that a tiger attacks the visitors ?
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  7. Thanks@Arryan & sungoa2010...for the kind words...

    the jeep as such is open... safety is a factor no doubt but then there are few remote incidents of tiger attacking visitors...
    the thing is we are not in their food chain..so they dont get tempted on seeing us...
    but a possibilty cannot be ruled out...and thats one of the fun i guess in doing thses kind of safaris
    Apart from being irked they attack human beings & cattles only if they are injured, weak and cannot hunt animals as we are the easiest prey for them..

    however the authorities transfer these kind of maneaters to the zoos ASAP.

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  8. 1st & 2nd May@bandhavgarh...

    So the 2nd safari was over.... and till now we had sighted 4 tigers.....but expectations were still riding high...I wanted to see "Bamera male"..the most dominant male at present in this area and the successor of the legendary " B2 male "

    Bamera male was sighted 3 days back in Taala zone and it was a good news for us because there was a hgih probability of his presence in taala zone next morning...its because a male tiger keeps on roaming in his territory in a routine way to miantain & mark his territory ...this also helps him to know if there are any tresspassers (other male tigers) in his area... and Bamera male travels around 60-70 kms every day and night to keep a vigil of his area...

    we (neeraj, and myself) were discussing the same thing and he was also very optimistic about Bamera male presence tommorw in Taala zone...

    we returned happily to the resort where they had arranged for tea and small ice water soaked towels...

    Wipe it once and you will know how thick layer of dust is there on your face...Magdhi zone is really very dangerous for Asthma patients...so anyone travelling there should take this point into consideration...

    we got freshned up and had an early dinner and went to sleep with a prayer to see Bamera Male in our next safari..

    Next morning we were ready and neeraj was already there waiting for us...
    we left for taala zone and as soon as we left the resort in open gypsy we encountered a chilling breeze..
    this is the beauty of this place...day time its burning hot and once the dusk sets in temperature falls down and its so pleasant afterwards that you dont even need to switch on the ACs...

    This feel of getting lashed by chiiling breeze in the mornings were the magnitude of chilling is directly proprotional to the accelerator speed of an open gypsy is quite a fun.....u think for a while that i should have got a jacket or shawl and then next moment you think...leave it..lets face it and enjoy!!!!..

    Last night i was also shaken up and was quite sad to know that i almost forgot that my camera even has a recording function ..i was so mesmerized and amazed after seeing bahera male last evening that i completely forgot to record its walking and all action...
    i was like :shocked...how can i??
    but thats one beauty of seeing tiger in open i guess...

    so this morning i was determined that i have to record the tiger but only if i get to see it:(

    We entered the park....it was a bit unusual today compared to the other safaris..there was pin drop silence everywhere... as if the whole forest was mourning for something...
    is the bamera male nearby??--this was the first thing which came to my mind


    the team


    Amongst the serneity and calmness we were driving ahead and suddenly saw a jeep standing by side...
    got to know that Bamera male, hansiyani female and their 3 cubs(the ones we saw in the first safari) are moving atop the hillock...and are expected to come this side

    God!!! i couldnot believe it ... are we so lucky that we will get to see a family of tiger moving together?? which itself is so rare in nature as tiger are not social animals like lions....

    With bated breath we waited there..and after sometime we saw them..
    Yes... bamera male walking ahead ..followed by hansiyani female and their cubs after sometime.....
    the female stoped after sometime and growled continusly which was a signal for her cubs to follow them...
    the growl was so good to hear as it was not a ferocious one but filled with motherly affection and care...more of a kind of tiger chuffing.....

    and i recorded them...:clapping i had no other options also as the light was very low to take some good pics..

    For some reasons i am unable to upload the video here...i will try to trim it and upload it once more in night...

    Ah... so happy to see them..every wish has been accomplished in this mission...
    we moved ahead to enjoy a bit more of the jungle...we were moving towards a corner of the jungle...

    Picture4.jpg Picture5.jpg Picture6.jpg

    Enjoying every bit of it...
    Picture7.jpg Picture8.jpg Picture9.jpg

    and then we saw this Sambhar... one of the heroes of this trip as i had mentioned in my first post...
    Picture11 (4).jpg
    He was standing there in an alert pose...giving alarm calls in between ..
    see how it is stomping his leg.. this is how they react on seeing tiger...and it is said that they never give false alarms....

    Picture12 (4).jpg

    so the wait started....
    Picture13 (3).jpg

    Meanwhile got to know from neeraj that this area is of Mirchiyani tigress but last she was seen in october and after that forest officials are assuming that she migrated somewhere else.. incidentally 2 cubs of her turned maneater last year and killed 4 people of nearby villages..they were shifted to Bhopal zoo after that...

    Jungle was real dense in the direction in which Sambhar was pointing and there was a flowing nalla there so we were assuming that a tiger is resting there...
    Trying to sight a tiger sitting there was very less since it will get camouflaged easliy...

    However to our luck there was some movement in the bushes and we could locate a tiger...
    i guess i should have bought a lottery ticket that day somehow...i was so lucky that day that i could have won a jackpot...
    Well i did it in a way...this was the 10th tiger i was sighitng !!! in a total of 3 safaris...

    Picture15 (3).jpg
    Picture17 (3).jpg
    Picture19 (3).jpg
    Picture14 (3).jpg

    And it was indeed mirchayani tigress as confirmed by Neeraj...its first sighting of the season after october...

    it was time to end the safari now...
    On wednesday evening the park is closed so there are no safaris..
    We had ample time to relax now....
    We went back to the resort where after a nice breakfast i headed towards the massage room for a recuperating massage.....
    i was a bit sad though as we cannot do anymore safaris here....the trip was coming to an end..
    We will be leaving next morning for Nagpur and in way will visit the Dhuandhar falls & Bhedhaghat near Jabalpur..

    to be continued:
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  9. sungoa2010


    It looks that God has decided to release all tigers of the forest for you:D
    How close was the tiger from the Gypsy?
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  10. yes Sungoa..you are correct..it was my day!!!!
    the 3 cubs which we sighted were pretty closeby...just down the road....

    The bahera male which we saw near waterhole was far..but then its big and mighty that it was the best sighting we had..
    the family of Bamera male was aagain very close as they were walking on top of a cliff...(may be 30-40 mtrs) and this mirchaini tigress the last one was close but was a bit far across the road but was inside deep vegetation..
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