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Trip to Bandhavgadh-Land of Tigers

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by sanjeev, May 9, 2012.

  1. thanks @sungoa2010 for the nice compliments... its a big honour.. actually i want everyone to experience what we felt in this tour..so everything is being penned minutely..and its making the posts bit long
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  2. sungoa2010


    Nothing is as great as it flows from the heart directly. What is missing in a book for example is the purity. The author add masala to get more popularity. It will be like drinking polluted Ganga water where, here it is like drinking it from Gangotri. That is what I feel when reading the travelogues here.
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  3. @sungoa2010 thanks again for the encouragung words..they mean a lot ..
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  4. Nicely written!!! That reminded me of my adventures (before marriage ;-)), where we started from Pune -> Mumbai -> North East -> Mumbai -> Pune. Every day late evening we used to reach next city. I still remember the dark and scary roads, quiet villages along side the road like seen in horror shows. We went in a group of 5 and our companion was Scoda Octavia. I lost in thoughts for some time while reading this post. It is must for everyone to take a break from hectic lifestyle. Back to concrete jungle.... :p
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  5. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    I feel like going for another long trip..........
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  6. Thanks @sly.cooper....
    @thomman 85 if this blog can inspire anyone for a long trip and to take a break..the purpose will be fulfilled...
  7. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    i believe you have...
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  8. 29th April (Sunday), 2012

    So after a refreshing sleep got up at 5:30 to a nice cup of tea. Had a shower and refilled my icebox with the ice I had ordered at the reception earlier when I checked in.The reception guys were very nice and didn’t charge me for the same.
    Settled the bills, Switched on My GPS and left from the hotel at 6.
    I will recommend this hotel for a night stay in case you are travelling from Mumbai towards Agra, Nagpur or Surat.

    Proud to own a FIAT...You bet....
    Picture1.jpg Picture3.jpg

    Today the plan was to reach Nagpur where we will be meeting the next part of our gang who were joining us from Bangalore. The total distance was around 520 kms and we were taking NH6 to Nagpur via Jalgaon-Bhusawal-Akola & Amravati.
    Untitled.jpg Picture4.jpg Picture5.jpg

    Now after travelling more than 300 Kms on butter smooth NH3 my expectation were high that NH 6 will be equally good. However I was wrong and was a bit shocked when took a right turn from NH-3 towards NH-6. I actually asked few passers-by if this is NH-6 and if this goes to Nagpur…. Imagine my condition …it was like a sudden transition from pure Bliss (NH-3) to Misery….

    A scene from Rajnikant movie flashed infront of my eyes - where beautiful roads & infrastructure are getting laid as he walks… wish it could happen with me driving my punto… but I am not Rajnikant after all:p

    Anyways Nothing could be done now so it’s better to be happy and to expect good roads ahead...
    Nh-6 was not bad in terms of pot holes or shabby roads but it was basically bit broader than single lane and with very high traffic density. Now the problem with these kind of roads is that you have to have high concentration levels (both while overtaking &passing other vehicles) on the traffic coming in opposite directions which in my case where mainly big trucks….. A slight lapse of concentration & judgement can lead to fatal consequences…
    Tanked up my Punto to the brim and had breakfast in a nearby dhabha and continued our trip…
    After asking few truck drivers got a confirmation that double lane highway will start from Amravati to Nagpur… so around 70% of today’s driving will be mainly on this kind of road only…

    Meanwhile temperatures had started soaring and I must mention about Punto’s ac here. I think it did its job very well and will rate it a 9 on 10. I have subtracted 1 point only because of the sound you get to hear when you are outside but it’s not a concern for me anymore…
    The kind of cooling it was doing in temperature range of 42-44 degrees was commendable…

    We had our lunch at Mutuzapur and reached our hotel in Nagpur at 6 pm… road after Amravati to Nagpur was again breeze to drive…
    Picture6.jpg Picture7.jpg Picture8.jpg

    Statue Of mighy hanuman ji (105 feet tall) at nandur
    Picture9.jpg Picture12.jpg Picture11.jpg

    Had a nice family reunion with rest of the gang along with discussions on the tigers of Bandhavgarh….. which one we will get to see and which one we want to see…
    The hotel we had booked was hotel orient inn… my GPS brought me to the address without any major hiccups…

    Nice rooms , clean linens and bathrooms… Best thing is 24 hrs checkout facilities…
    Recommended only for stay…dining should be done outside as we had an unfortunate incident during the return leg…
    They charged 2300/ for double room with ac.

    So after a nice dinner in a nearby restaurant we headed to our rooms for a recuperating sleep.

    To be continued:
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  9. @ mods pls delete this post..
    donno how is it happening and same thing ias getting posted twice
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  10. 30th April (Monday), 2012 , Nagpur To bandhavgarh

    Today it was 6 of us (4 adults & 2 kids) who will be leaving for Bandhavgarh. So after managing all the luggage along with the ice box in the boot, we left at 7 am from the hotel.

    The plan was to take NH-7 via Seoni , Jabalpur, Katni to Bandhavgarh (432 kms).

    I was unaware of condition of road from Jabalapur so called up my resort in Bandhavgarh and asked them for clarity… The guy who spoke to me confirmed me to come via Katni only…little did I know the mistake I was doing….

    Road condition till Jabalpur was mostly allright with patches of double lane in between…

    However a stretch of around 30 kms traversing through pench reserve park is horrible…. At times you need to halt your car and take a few moments to decide which way to go!!!!:eek:
    Picture1.jpg Picture2.jpg Picture3.jpg Picture4.jpg

    Punto with so much of load however did not give me any complains except once when it got hit underneath but this was my fault in judgement… Thanks FIAT for providing the steel plate underneath..its a big stress reliever..:clap

    We halted in Bison Highway treat,rookhad for breakfast just after crossing this patch…
    Picture6.jpg Picture7.jpg

    and I thought of monkeying around a bit…

    Picture8.jpg Picture9.jpg Picture10.jpg
    It was hot...
    Picture11.jpg Picture12.jpg Picture13.jpg

    Meanwhile my colleagues who were at Bandhavgarh conveyed that they could sight Tiger once in 3 safaris… this was bad news as far as bandhavgarh is concerned
    We had no idea what fate had in store for us...

    We could see all kind of vegetation in between..
    somehwere it was dry..
    and at palces,green..
    Picture15.jpg Picture16.jpg

    After having lunch In Jabalpur we left for Bandhavgarh via NH7….now this road till katni was supposed to be in a battered condition..with no option left we went ahead..however after driving around 20 kms my colleague called me who were on way back to Jabalpur from Bandhavgarh…. And as suggested by their taxi driver they asked me to take an alternate route via Kundam, Shahpura( Sh 22) ,Umaria , Bandhavgarh (SH 11)… which is much better and breeze to drive..
    Accordingly we turned back to Jabalpur by pass and took this road and were glad that we took this decision…
    Sh 22 & Sh 11 are single lane tarmac road with very less traffic and dream to drive…

    We covered around 190 kms in less than 3 hrs and reached Our resort Tiger Den in Bandhavgarh…

    Fantastic resort with Nice luxurious rooms …. We checked in and after freshening up had a nice dinner.
    Picture19.jpg Picture20.jpg Picture22.jpg

    Meanwhile a chat with resort manager gave me some more bad news that there were no sightings that day...

    Went to the bed with a silent prayer to sight tigers in our first early morning safari next day..

    To be continued:

    meanwhile a question for all TFIan's:D
    Spotted on way

    English translation: Overtaking Makes Yamraj Happy??
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