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Trip to Bandhavgadh-Land of Tigers

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by sanjeev, May 9, 2012.

  1. teky

    teky Esperto

    Great Start Sajeev, Keep them coming. So is Summer not the right time to visit then?
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  2. thanks @#8 sungoa2010,Drive_drift ,onlymakarand and teky.
    @ teky..summer is no doubt the best time to visit..but the way we were expecting the forest with scanty vegetation was a wrong assumption...we couldnot believe how beautiful and lush green it was inspite of tempertaure ranging around 44-46 degrees and tiger shiting within grasses and vegetation was still a tough job to do...
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  3. sungoa2010


    How was the road condition?
  4. road from mumbai to dhule (nh3 ) is excellent... from dhule to nagpur (nh6) is again ok... its single lane till jalgaon and then mostly double lane... from nagpur to bandhavgrh (nh 7)is also ok..mostly single laned...
    the only problem with NH6 is trucks...overall the road conditions are very good..except around 30 kms of horrible roads when you cross pench and aroubd 20 kms befor you reach bandhavgarh... these are basically roads which passes through the reserve forests and are intentionally kept like this to consevre wildlife...
    i will be covering the deatils in my travelogue..
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  5. Planning Contd.

    Initially the plan was to include 2 of my colleagues also who were interested to visit Bandhavgarh. However they couldn’t make it with us since they were short on holidays due to some of their personal engagements. They were however visiting Bandhavgarh by train and their safaris were ending the same day we were supposed to reach there.

    With all the information available all bookings of hotels and safaris were done beforehand. Both of us were interested in going there in a small group which in our opinion enhances the fun quotient, and with my colleagues backing up we had no other options …
    The next task was to inform our parents about the plan.. so I called up my mom one fine morning..

    Me: Hello Maa…. We are going on a vacation to Bandhavgarh..

    Mom: Bandhav..What??

    Me: Garh.. Bandhavgarh…It’s a tiger reserve forest in M.P..We will be doing tiger safaris and all those stuffs…in open jeeps..

    Mom:Oh..k…so you have booked train tickets or you guys will be flying?? BTW which is the nearest airport ??

    Me: Maa.. we are going in our Punto…

    A pause..

    Mom: what?? How many kms it is??

    Me: 1400 kms..

    Mom: Bothways omg!!! Its so far and you will be driving alone??

    Me: No..bothways its 2800 kms.

    Mom: OMG!!!why do you need to do this?? First it was with Bike(mom was referring to the number of rides I have done in my bullet) .. and now with your car ..

    Me: Maa its not a bike…It’s a bullet for God Sake..(I need to make her understand the difference everytime!!!- no offence to fellow bike owners..). we are doing it for fun…if not now when?? (OT: I got the answer to this when I saw Ravi sir’s travelogue—really passion has no age…standing ovation to you sir…)

    Mom: ya ya whatever….. U better talk to your father first…. Now you are married and you should not take impulsive decisions like this..

    Me: I have already done it maa…he is ok with it..and is equally excited….

    Moms are always like this..isnt it?? Caring and protecting…for them we are still kids…but anyways my Dad helped me a lot…he encourages a lot for this kind of adventures but with some strict disciplines…

    Convincing Maa was left to my wife… and she did it!!!

    Same thing happened with my in laws but they could digest it easily coz of the same kind of passions which I share with My FIL…

    Meanwhile my wife’s cousin family from Bangalore got excited by knowing our plans and so it was decided that they will join us from Nagpur in our car…

    So with everything set we were eagerly waiting for April to end…

    Our itinerary also got revised a bit.. now we decided that we will leave on 28th April evening around 4 since it was a Saturday and will try to reach nashik or Dhule or even jalgaon..depending on road condition and fatigue..

    Now fatigue is something Fiat owners don’t feel…ofcourse due to our cars… but then I have to take care of my better half. Sitting alone ..Listening to songs and doing nothing substantial can actually tire you comapred to us..the Fiat guys..with such a responsive sterring and a mighty engine...we can go on and on...

    Picture1.jpg Picture2.jpg Picture3.jpg Picture5.jpg Picture6.jpg Picture7.jpg Picture8.jpg Picture9.jpg Picture11.jpg Picture12.jpg Picture13.jpg

    i want to meet the person who wrote this...
    The perfect HMV pose



    How is this possible with a FIAT in your hands??

    To Be contd.
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  6. onlymakarand

    onlymakarand Amatore

    excellent narration sanjeev!! and excellent photos..which cam did u use??
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  7. thanks @onlymakarand..i used sony hx100v which i bought recently..
  8. 28th April (Saturday), 2012

    So the day we had been waiting for so long finally arrived.
    All the plannings and preparations related to the trip were done..

    Considering soaring temperatures as we were going to one of the heat belt of India i decided to buy an ice box as well. It saves you from getting down of your car every now and then and look for shops in case you want to have something cold…
    So it was stocked properly with water, colas and ice teas..

    I had also changed engine oil, oil filter and air filter a week back for this trip…
    So with everything set we left Mumbai around 4 in the evening...


    We took NH3 and decided to reach Nasik first and then if possible to dhule or even jalgaon..So all in all this was a trip without any advance bookings for accommodation till Nagpur..

    There is a different fun of doing these kinds of unorganised trips IMO.

    NH3 (Mumbai- Agra highway) is one of the finest and best highways I have seen in recent times.. Impeccably maintained and a dream to drive through….. with even a bit of ghats thrown in to test our mjds….

    NH3 is very well maintained and I was very much surprised and happy to see the kind of maintenance being carried out. I mean expecting dividers full of flower beds and maintenance in form of watering etc even in a remote place between Nasik & Dhule or Mumbai and Nasik is worth appreciation. This was noticed both while going and returning back. It is worth every penny you pay as toll tax.

    Picture3.jpg Picture4.jpg Picture5.jpg

    We reached Nasik around 7 p.m.. I must mention that it took me more than 1 hour only to reach Mumbai outskirts…and the same thing I faced inside Nasik city as well,Lots of construction everywhere and it takes a toll on your driving patience and your time as well.

    So it was decided that now we will head towards Dhule and will work on our options after reaching Dhule and having our dinner..
    We reached Dhule around 10 pm and it was time for Dinner..So decided on a Dhabha after scrutinising a few..
    Now this was a surprise for me…Dhabha as in the original way… with cot (charpai in hindi) and a wooden plank (patta) in between..

    These kind of Dhabhas are nowhere to see in and around Mumbai…Everywhere you get to see the charpai being replaced with Plastic chairs and this IMO robs you of the true essence .

    Imagine my happiness who has been dying to eat in one such dhabha for so many years in Mumbai, Looking out at each and very dhabha you can find in all the directions leading out from Mumbai and getting disappointed in return..


    So here it was ..Lying in full glory to welcome me…and I did oblige..

    Road trips for me includes few essential things.. Nice songs, Loveliest company, , Pleasant roads and the best Food.. what all you want after this…

    i saw something in the Dhabha which took me by surprise...see this
    and now see where exactly they are..

    As per the Dhabha owner its to keep themselves safe from Dogs...Survival of Fittest!!!:clap

    We had a nice and satisfying dinner comprising of Rice, Fish fry, chicken curry ,Chilly chicken ,salads & buttermilk.. yes we were pretty hungry considering we had skipped our lunch to leave in time…
    All in all Rs.340 with 3 bottles of mineral water..

    Now after dinner it was decided to stay for night since it was already 11 pm and we decided to start fresh next morning..
    So we booked ourselves in hotel manas which was closeby. This was also suggested to me by TFI memeber @onlymakarand...
    Decent hotel, clean linen , rooms & toilets...except the horrible room service...
    If you dont open the door with one bell ring they bump it like they will break it..:confused:oops:

    they charged 1300/ for one night for AC room...
    By seeing a mercedes in its parking i was sure this is one of the best hotel of this area...

    Checked into the room , had a shower and slept soon as we had a long day ahead...

    to be continued:
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  9. onlymakarand

    onlymakarand Amatore

    off topic- sanjeev, THIS (Hotel Manas) was the venue of my Marriage!! so lots of memories there!! :dancing
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  10. sungoa2010


    Sanjeev, Excellent writing and more than that the way minute details are coming in narration is catching our hearts.
    Saturday I am going to kerala (home town) and after reading this thread I kept my net connector in my bag. I desperately need it:D
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