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Treatment/ Cleansing of Engineon Fiat MJD Palio Stile SDX

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Jurd_Mcwell, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. Jurd_Mcwell

    Jurd_Mcwell Timido

    Bangalore, India
    Hello Guys

    I have a prewoned 2008 Fiat Palio Stile SDX (MJD) and I m looking to go for a second oil change post owning it. The oil seems to get dark and was thinking of using some treatment/Engine Flush like Abro. My questions are as under

    1) My car has done 46K so far and I would like to believe that it has not been flushed using an engine flush treatment(Last oil change was a standard flush) is it safe to do so when the vehicle has been driven 46K ?
    2) Can a Fiat MJD1.3 engine handle Engine Flush Treatment ?
    3) Do Authorized Service Centre do Flush Treatment ?
    4) Has some of you guys have done it before and if yes can you guys be kind enough to let me know the procedure?

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  2. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    MJD engine can handle engine flush treatment. Any engine flush, Bardahl, Abro, or Stp will work. Just read the instructions and make sure not to overdo it post specified time.

    However, many modern oils have self cleaning and lubricating properties that help remove excessive sludge built-up. I would recommend you to use semi-synth grade oil for Fiat/Maruti/Tata recommended mjd oils. I have seen and experienced good performance with Shell Diesel oils on older gen. fiats and also on the MJDs.

    I am not aware if Authorised SC will entertain engine flush. It is not recommended by companies I guess. It is also safer to get the engine sump removed and cleaned and dried properly and refitted with new original packing and sealant. It may cost a bit more but is a much safer bet.

    Some amount of fine soot built up can again contaminate new engine oil anyways. So unless the engine is not showing signs of improvement after multiple oil changes flush treatment is the last option. In this case there might also be a need for cleaning injectors, which again is best done by professionals with appropriate tools and equipment.

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