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Toyota Etios Liva

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by theblack, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    ^^ Makes sense. Appreciate the response. Here is my take:

    1. If I think it is OT, I will not post. I consider that spamming.
    2. Sometimes, it might be necessary to post OT, so I would declare it as OT. No "maybe" for me.
    3. Glad you do not believe in spoon feeding. So, could you please stop asking everyone to post reviews and photographs? They will do it if they want to.


  2. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    By the way, here is a sample review of an Etios. I can share the reference (Number of Problems in Brand New Toyota Etios - Page 9).

    You bet, this guy is not criticizing, he is still trying to praise it not knowing that he is criticizing it actually. I am sure he bought an ETIOS knowing all this in advance. "Peace of Mind" he craves for:D!! Still privileged to accept all these flaws in search of Toyota! There are inputs from a Fiat's lover highlighted in RED.

    I own a Toyota Etios V since March 2011, and my experience has been quite ok till now. According to me,


    1. Clean looks - unlike the plump looks of Dzire and Manza. Manza specially gives feeling of a HUGE car making it difficult to park and maneouvre (Yep looks are indeed clean, I am sure it brings the shakespear inside out of you everytime you see it!)
    2. Huge boot (as big as a football field?)
    3. Huge interior space (enough to play cricket?)
    4. Many bottle holders(& a lot of drunk people in that huge interior space & boot!)
    5. Chilled and huge glovebox (What about outside Glove Box?)
    6. Safety features like ABS, EBD, Airbags in a 7 lac rupee car (you forgot the least braking distance!)
    7. Very good overall engine and gearbox performance (we look forward for elaboration!)


    1. Poor fuel economy - I've driven this for 1000 km and my average is close to 9 kmpl in the city with AC On most of the times. This is almost half of the 17.5 kmpl and a HUGE dampener (Oops! Great engine/Gearbox performance? May be you referred excluding FE part).

    2. Rattling - There is a minor rattling sound from the passenger airbag unit and while it may be quick to fix, I didn't expect it from Toyota (Yep, that only expected from one damn company, FIAT!:D)

    3. Rear seat cushion softening - the rear seat cushion has already started becoming soft and doesn't have the firmness which impacts lower thigh support (Toyota doesn't make cushions, sir!:()

    4. Rear doors very light - compared to front doors, rear doors feel very light and less durable (It only feels less durable but it's not. Don't you know it's a Toyota:eek:. You are stating this when you have only checked rear doors of Maruti. Go and open a FIAT's rear door, They feel insanely solid & durable but they are not! Yep because Times of India says so. Your feeling doesn't matter here!!)

    5. Pickup from standstill - In first gear, when moving from standstill, the car doesn't move when I release clutch and requires fair amount of accelerator push. Its especially an issue on slopes where we have to push the accelerator hard to avoid vehicle from going backwards (I heard it is faster than SX4 VVT. Don't feel anything, leave feelings aside!:mad:)

    6. Paint chipping - I found that paint coating is very thin and has already chipped in some door edges (Relax, Don't worry, That's Toyota's alternate color scheme on their vehicles, It changes color every week ditto like a Snake sheds it skin;)).

    7. Front speakers vibration - I think front speakers are very close to the plastic mould of the doors hence causes them to vibrate when we play music (Nope, it's you who is vibrating, speaker is still. How dare you blame Toyota, Go and read an Auto-Magazine:mad:)

    8. Noise insulation - Toyota has provided lot of noise insulation in their Diesel model but none in the petrol, hence cabin is not as quiet as in other cars (Ahmmm... when the damn Engine/Gear Box Performance is to come:confused:!)

    I'm going to take up the negative points with Toyota during the service and hope most of it gets rectified .(Until then Pls HAVE YOUR OWN PIECE OF MIND!)

    I am yet to see a review where a FIAT car was criticized with such a soft heart. A problem in FIAT is like Mr. Marchionne should be hanged!! Sure, problems could be there later but every owner has been on the seventh cloud, even oversigting the bad attitude of dealer, media propaganda of service/spare etc. at least during initial ownership & majority is happy, i should say
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  3. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Lol I just loved the FIAT owner reply points +ve #4. -ve #6, 7.
    I am sure this guy is very creative :) Thanks ENKI, i enjoyed reading it.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2013
  4. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    I assure you this Fiatian is trying to kill his time, what in the world can make a FIATian read an Etios review otherwise:p!
    It doesn't stop here. Check out the reply of the "Freak Dude' to this post of Mr. Srininet1 (very next post!!).

    +1 to that. I too own a G model and find it very satisfactory for it's price::pP

    What on earth can call this satisfaction!! Is a car suppose to get alive & beat the crap out of owner to dissatisfy him? What Robots!
  5. @ENKi,

    Where were you for around 8 months, not to be seen posting or eve online.
  6. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Closing the thread here. Fanboyism furthers no purpose of any automotive forum related to any brand.

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