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Toyota Etios Liva

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by theblack, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    It's amazing how other cars are exposed naked when a fiat is driven in routine. I didn't feel Corolla to be any competition to Linea/Punto, Etios & Liva are not even worth commenting. what to do, Corolla is the most sold car ever on earth! I drove Polo & did brain storming whole day to find a single reason for it to be "World Car Of The Year":evilsmile. There are hell loads of great cars from lot of manufacturers. The media is pathetic!!! They manipulate right in front people face with out of the world justification like US Army killed 6 million Iraqi's to save them from dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. For Toyota, peace of mind!
  2. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    same happened to me when my Figo friend had a drive in my punto,i was the reason for his Figo buy. :D

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    ENKI is back with his punto ;)
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  3. Sailer_Punter

    Sailer_Punter Amatore

    Lol!! Amazing review and a hilarious one too.:evilsmile I think whoever drives a Fiat has this problem of not liking any other cars. There are so many choices in hatchback segment but drive a fiat and suddenly the previously liked car will have pathetic suspension, bad ride quality, wafer thin doors etc etc.
    Recently drove my friend's Hyundai Verna diesel and I kept wondering on what is the point in having 120+ BHP power in your car if your knuckles go white holding the steering wheel when the speed goes beyond 80 kmph and car starts sailing.

    Kudos FIAT for giving such good cars and spoiling us :)
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  4. fernandeskaran

    fernandeskaran Amatore

    Mumbai, Maharashtra
    Mumbai Suburban
    Linea 1.3
    My friend who bought an Etios petrol says that (atleast thinks) that its a way better car than my Linea. He once said that what's the point in driving a car which doesn't have pick up and has an underpowered engine.. I let go..because on paper even though the etios(p) has a 1.5l engine and it puts out only 90PS compared to my lineas 86PS
    And now, with skyrocketing petrol prices and poor etios FE I told him that it there's no point owing a car that u can't fuel, what is the use of the pickup now?
    @tfians: whenever u feel u are loosing interest in your car (99% u won't :D ) go drive an etios or something non fiat
    PS: No offence all you toyota owners out there
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  5. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    I recently had an experience worth sharing:
    My colleague’s brother wants to pick up a car. Since he does not know driving, he entrusted the TD part to his brother. His first choice was Liva, so we called the Toyota showroom for a test drive. The TD car arrived and we all hoped into it. My colleague started driving and immediately he started complaining about the clutch (His daily drive is a petrol Swift and he is an excellent and enthusiastic driver). As per him, it was so bad that he stopped driving barely after 500 meters.
    After that, I took the steering wheel, and tried some medium speed handling – my colleague was rolling all over the back seat and by the time we finished TD, we all decided it is just not worth going for the car. TD finished, we started chatting with the sales guy, while another friend started checking out the doors and boot. Every time he opened the right side passenger door, it was creaking and making weird noises – the sales guy told that it was because of some accident repair. We asked him if they cannot repair their car to original condition after an accident, do they agree that once in an accident, the car cannot be brought back to original condition.
    After some more unpleasant surprises later (creaking sounds, poor plastic quality, wafer thin seats, rattles etc) we unanimously decided we are giving a thumbs down to the car.

    My colleague went home and shared his opinion and asked his brother to stay away from the car. After two weeks and couple of TDs later, his brother went and coolly plonked his money for a Liva, even after all this horrid experiences. His take was – it is Toyota man, I will get peace of mind. After booking, he asked my colleague to bring the car home since he still do not know driving – my colleague flatly refused saying that he is not going to even touch such a lousy car. As per him, the car is standing in front of their house for the past month, and he do not even go near it, let along start and drive it. His brother starts the car and is still trying to learn driving.

    Some people just go blindly by faith – any amount of rational explanation or evidence is not good enough for them. Luckily for Toyota, there are many people in India who falls hook, line and sinker for the brand.
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  6. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    The 86 BHP Linea is a Gran Tourismo & fastest of the Linea/Punto lots introduced till date. It is a genuinely fast machine. Don't go by Ltrs & Kilos, you are indeed fortunate to have this GEM.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2013
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  7. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Read your review. Yep its true. My cousins BIL has the same. All time he talks and talks about Liva is just the interior space. Even i have to observed it. Apart from that, nuthing else is good or even better. So total waste for the money.
    Btw nothing can beat your car in looks. Dont know about other stuffs. But i want to believe ya ;)
  8. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    I have tried to keep my review as neutral as possible my friend... But this is what i feared ..
    I genuinely wanted it to be as realistic as possible..
    And whatever I've written is purely unbiased and i looked at it as a potential owner..
    Even if i hadn't owned / driven a FIAT by then I would still have NEVER purchased etios
  9. Arkin

    Arkin Amatore

    I am somehow convinced that the Etios is NOT a very safe car. Maybe it's just me, but I don't feel the car is very rigid/solid.
    Absence of head-restraints & an armrest, spoil the otherwise comfortable rear seat. And the front seats? Not the kind I expect in a sedan.
    And the design of the exterior, overall is very cheesy. From a distance the Etios may look okay, decent to some people, but get close and one's perception changes.
    I still like the Etios - but feel it is an incomplete product, that has spoiled Toyota's legacy.

    In Bangalore 3 out of 5 Etios and 2/5 Livas are taxis.
  10. chandu525

    chandu525 Amatore

    I once had a long chase with Toyota liva, I was at 140 , Liva was trying chase me down, Every time car came in parallel with me, I could see all the occupants jumping up and down, Max he could reach was 150 with full throttle i guess , after which he was drving like mad to catch me up,overtaking other cars from two wheeler lane , Thats the first time I realized what Punto 90HP can do for you , Solid steering feel, Rock solid stability , amazing brakes, sheer engine grunt at high speed gives confidence to push more, its only when the speed limit beep sounded I got to know I was crossing 155 KMPH, Liva what ever edition it is no match for punto
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