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Toyota Etios Liva

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by theblack, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Recently a colleague bought Etios Liva and I couldn't resist taking a TD as i had never driven that car till date.
    Here is a small review.

    First things first - I have asbolutely no freaking clue why the etios brand wagon is so so so so highly regarded by the auto mags.
    I highly doubt there compentecy now.

    Ok lets start.
    It was a week ago on a dry wednesday afternoon and I had pretty much fallen asleep when the internal IM rang.
    Colleague : I've brought my car today do you want to TD it before lunch?
    Me : Definitely
    Colleague : chalo
    Me : ctrl + alt + l and left.

    Looks / color::
    This is a touchy topic and very very subjective but by now I had started to like the design (front design) a bit and his is a new car and blue really was in my face.
    Flashy it looked, I must add.

    Taking the key from hi I sat in the car and that's where my opinions started to go south.

    Interiors ::
    Nothing really great to brag about , infact its just quintessential dashboard and bad quality of plastics.
    Anyone blaming our fiats for interiors should really look at the etios.
    Anyway, looking at the A-pillar i was shocked to see the shoddy build quality. The inside of the A-pillar has a cladding and its so poorly put together that I can see the outside ORVM through the gaps.
    I thought "WHAT A CAR".

    Rear seat Analyis ::
    It definitely looked more spacious than punto, i was not bowled over by the space but its more than adequate is what i felt. The inclination however could have been more becuase one sits a bit upright and may be not all would like it. (Definitely not me)..
    I was quite pleased with the space in the back but the floor mats and the rear panel was JUST UGLY.
    It looked like this,
    1.) build the rear platform,
    2.) Paint the rear platform,
    3.) Stick a bench to the platform
    4.) Cover it with some 10rs Mats
    (This was terrible)

    Boot ::
    Wondering how Etios managed to give it's rear passengers so much room I stepped out scratching my head and opened the boot and TADAAAA, there was my answer.
    It felt like the boot was just about as big as my friend's Maruthi 800. It's "Definitely" not as big as the other B+ segment cars, this was a big let down ...

    Ok, now M.R liva is read to be driven.
    I cranked up the engine and depressed the clutch to my surprise I felt nothing.
    I depressed the clutch again , i felt its like my car!!
    I depressed again, It still feels like my car !! ;-)
    huh, what's going on here, Its a new car and the clutch is as hard as my punto which has done 40K ?? wow That's quality now, isn't it.

    The clutch on that car was just too hard, way too hard. So much so that i didn't have any issues using the clutch and "NORMALLY" its always the clutch that is different in differnt cars . This was a very bad feeling .

    The Drive ::
    Since the clutch was as good as mine I cleanly rolled out without jerks and the pickup was quite good in first gear.
    1st gear is much longer here that was a nice feeling ..
    I did not take it on the highway but Jayanagar 4th block neighbourhood at 2PM that day was quite calm for testing.
    So I'm coming up to a 90* left turn , I picked up speed doing about 35-40kmph and swiftly turned the wheel and to my shock my colleague who was till then sitting in the co-driver seat was sitting on my lap and my face was nudged against the window and i was gasping for AIR..

    Then i realised the dynamics of that car and so did my colleague :)
    It was really bad the rear left wheel felt like it was losing contact and that's not a good feeling at all ..

    Brakes ::
    What brakes??
    I dont want to be too judgemental but i honestly felt that if i brake 100yards before the car used to come to a halt 150yards later.
    A gentle depression of the brakes would cooly coast the car to a halt and this was very surprising.. It felt like my dad's Bajaj CT-100 under braking.
    You brake somewhere and the car brakes somewhere :)

    Overall I was not deeply pleased with the car whatsoever, and the deal breaker was a 7.11 for the variant with ABS.
    I was SHOCKED.
    Till then i felt its probably ok to own it as a city car but at 7.11L i'm sorry its not worth the money at all.

    SO what do I like here then?
    1.) Rear passenger space.
    2.) Engine seems to be a little refined (although on his car i was hearning a whining noise after the engine was cranked.)
    3.) Decent torque with tall 1st and 2nd gears which is good for city driving. (Does not pull confidently in 2nd gear though).

    So what I dont like
    (umm... a lot actually)
    1.) Brakes can be definitely better.
    2.) Being a toyota I would have expected engine refinement but its not too good at all.
    3.) Build quality is just BAD BAD BAD.
    4.) Clutch is TERRIBLE (if it already feels like the clutch is 35k kms old, I wonder if it will even last that long ;-) )
    5.) Boot space is small, a car with a "BOOT" should be able to carry its members luggage but surprisingly the liva seats more than it can carry for them ;-)
    6.) Not a great handler by any means (You need Etios liva sport?? OMG)
    7.) 7.11 OTR bangalore (are you kidding me?)

    Final thoughts
    Its a decent car with good leg room in the rear and perhaps will be liked by many but it's by no means an enthusiasts car.
    It can carry people around and it can carry people around that's all.
    But for all this if i'm asked to pay 7.11L( ABS Version/ no HU / speakers only in the front) then i would not even consider it . Simple waste of money.

    So the the famous "Out of ten" question.
    (Really an average car)
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  2. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    @theblack, Thats a nice detailed review ! Thank God you did not test it on Nice road or a highway! :evilsmile Recently I travelled in an Etios Liva as a passenger on a short highway trip. After speeds of @ 90-100 kmph, I was feeling the car might fly off the road any time! Its so damn light feeling :shocked I never got the courage to take the steering in my hand

    PS: I just loved the way you explained the 'turning' experience in Liva :lol
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2013
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  3. I have a soft corner for most of the Maruthi - Suzuki, but for LIVA I hate it to the core. May be people who go for Etios/Liva should be a breed, they just simply love the way it is. My colleague did the same. I took him to the showroom in my Punto, he got into the Liva and said WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW. I didnt understand what made him say that. For each and everything , steering, dashboard, space, brakes and what not he was saying wow. I didnt know if he wanted to offend me by saying that but it felt so stupid that at one point his wife started cursing him for admiring the car so much. When it was my turn to drive, he got into the rear, his wife in the passenger seat. I wanted to roll down the front windows. Pressed the buttons, I heard a Hooooo sound from his wife. A typical sound made when a Lizard crawls on your hand. She looked frightened and asked why, she had laid her hand on door cladding close to the window and when the windows rolled down the whole door cladding jerked and she thought she broke something. Again when I rolled up the windows, I felt the door plastics jerking like they open and give way to the glass to go up and down. Oh man, even in a maruthi 800 or tata indica I haven't felt this kinda cheap quality. The space between the door's outside metal part and the inside plastic was so less that the glass moving in and out is pushing the plastic out to find its way and this is on a new car, cudn't imagine this in a 30 K run car. Finally when we were done with TD, my friend asked me how is the car, I told it is a piece of **ap, his wife told she and her daughter will never travel in Live if he purchase it. He had no other choice but to give up.

    I haven't had so much of hatred on any other car. If this car was from a TATA or Maruthi, i dont think I would have hated it this much but such a car from Toyota is unacceptable.
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  4. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    theblack even I had the same experience when I drove my cousin's Liva.

    One of my cousine bought Liva and I was like what LIVA a taxi :evilsmile and his face was like :-(

    I showed him all cost cutting evidences in Liva and comparision of Punto and Liva by parking both cars side by side. He accepted the fact that it is poorly built car and has pathetic driving dynamics.
  5. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Yes i agree that such a car is indeed unacceptable but then again we see that the brand is pulling in awards after awards and you also have a sport version with stickering and what not.
    What is the purpose of a sport version for a car that can barely carry itself around, i wonder.

    On another note. My colleague started to feel that he should have taken a TD of the punto (after he heard me speak) . At that point i felt sad for him and for myself.
    I was really really sad to know FIAT lost another customer.
    There is nothing wrong in flaunting what one has if its worthy of it.
    But these brands are cashing in on the fact that Indians will buy anything you throw at them.
    This is the most shocking revelation i've had since i started driving cars for its true worth.

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    PS :: seeing many agree to my comments i'm happy that I've done the TD in a rightful way.
    I must confess i thought folks would feel that I"m intentionally putting the brand/car down on a FIAT forum but looks like my TD was neutral.
    Thanks for comments.
  6. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Hi Black is that a Etios or Liva may be both are almost same only difference being the dicky ..:evilsmile i had chance to travel in both the hatch back and sedan versions, yup in a Liva taxi and my colleagues white Etios Q-class. what a car with contemporary art of the central console with artistic speedo and everybody in the car is able to see what's going on, so thiny thiny doors and seat cheap cheap plastic cheaper than indica .. aaaaaaaah. Aree bhai this was not me my sister murmuring this with my mom and taxi walla was like hmmmm... I just told him wow what a car he told Sir 18 deti hai (it gives me 18km mileage) with AC Bahut aachi gaadi hai sir (a very good car), abhi Indica nahi chalta sir sabhi esse ko poochte he (now Indica doesn't run every body asks for this). Abhi taxi me eehi top class (now in taxi's its the top class).

    Now Waku doki sportz version on taxi's its kohli style.. zoom :-D
  7. prakhar_lfc

    prakhar_lfc Superiore

    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    Linea T-Jet
    I believe Toyota attracts those customers who want nothing but peace of mind. I guess this "peace of mind" is on the borderline of becoming "boring".
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  8. rudresh

    rudresh Regolare

    Hyderabad, India
    While buying car, I just TD Liva for the sake it. I had same feeling about build quality. What cheap plastic and the steering wheel is made of hard plastic if I remember. The central console indeed makes it a taxi feeling.

    Now driving, the city driving is okay. Long 1st and 2nd gear makes it easy. turbo lag is less and smooth. Well then it was time to take that to Highway. 80-90-100 thats all, felt the car will blow in pieces, i dared little more and after 110 it was out of breath. I looked at the SA and said thats it? He replied baas Sir, aur nehin bhagti. Slowly drove it to showroom and said will get back to you later :cool:
  9. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    While we are discussing the so called 'Q' class, Toyota managed to sell @ 2,500 Livas & 3,000 Etios for the month of Jan 2013 :A :confused
  10. Ashpalio

    Ashpalio Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    This forum is a Fiat Forum, however there is no restriction in discussing other cars as well, it helps in adding assurance that we have selected the right Automobile for ourselves. Yes Fiat too is not perfect with their products, take for example - the cup holder - what a thoughtless design. it fits only Italian coffee cups :D. Yet, Fiat cars hold us dear and likewise.

    Let more comparos roll !!!

    THanx for the review :)
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