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Totally Confused

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by MelsonLewis, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. devansn

    devansn Novizio

    I would completely forgive the cons of a 1.2 Punto (Lack of power, peppiness, FE (Well, the FE part is something I feel should not be the worst), interior premium feel, etc.) for the following reasons:
    1. Stunning looks - to me, the BEST hatch in India - Jazz being closest.
    2. Amazing handling (I assume it wouldn't be any different than my 1.3 MJD) - with any other comparable car (may be a few in the segments above as well), I would get a "heart attack" every other 15 minutes or so on Indian roads for any unexpected events on the road - I guess a Palio user like you would understand what I mean.
    3. Excellent ride - again, 500 Kms driven on a Punto should equivalent to a hundred driven on any of the other similar ones.

    For the comfort and peace of mind (#2 and #3), I would be more than happy to compromise on a lot of things, straight from A$$ to the so-called interior quality.

    A couple of more advantages:
    1. 15 K service - each of those after 30K Kms costing Rs. 5K on an average - whereas a with a Swift you would spend Rs. 2.5-3K every 5K Kms - so many visits to the service center as well.
    2. Compare the number of niggles /rattles after using both these cars for 2 years or so - I am pretty much confident Punto will score here as well.
    3. Extended Warranty and Road side assistance that actually work (from other Punto users' experiences).

    At the same time, I guess its not wise to buy a Fiat thinking of selling it off after less than 5 years - you may not get much, whereas Maruthis don't really depreciate in resale value.
  2. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    @Devansn- A.S.S. is not a compromise at all. :eek:
    TATA sells more cars than Hyundai (see sept 2010 figures) and the same A.S.S. takes care of Fiat cars.

    Interiors may not be great like those of i20, Polo or Jazz, but they are better than 90% of the hatchbacks in India(All Marutis, Swift etc). Only i20, Polo and Jazz has better quality of interiors but Punto makes up with better design of the center console.

    Punto is known for excellent ride quality, comfort and handling which is same from Punto 1.2Active till Linea T-Jet Plus variant. ::T
  3. devansn

    devansn Novizio

    But A$$ is not that bad either - not as good as Hyundai for sure, but not horrible, that we cannot live with. I think its steadily improving.
  4. redtux


    A$$ being bad is history. Its just that almost all the TASC are overloaded and overcrowded with Tata & Fiat cars. I have got privileged care from Fiat technicians. Feels good infront of the Tata indica crowd. Tata should open-up more service centres. No doubt about that. I have found that the Tata behemoths (Safari, Sumo etc) take up most time & space inside the service area. The quality of service is pretty good. And if you complain they'll surely attend to it. (I got a cleaning coupon free coz i was not satisfied by the car wash :) )
  5. Chaos

    Chaos Regolare

    I Just read (rather found) this topic...

    Totally Confused, MelsonLewis; First of all welcome to TFI.. :drinks

    Now to the discussion: First clearing your doubts on the 1.4 FIRE..

    The 1.4 is not entirely what you think. Honestly I bought the 1.4 FIRE solely for the engine 'roar' that impressed me on the TD.
    In my initial ownership (first week) the car was somewhat what you have described as.
    If anyone said it felt underpowered i may had somewhat agreed.. :confused

    But as i started to explore her more & more; the learning experience and excitement was limitless!
    And after my 10 months if anyone commented the same underpowered issue, i probably would have :irked & :hit & seen to it that his views are changed!! :redcar Even if it meant to beat the living daylights out of him as he sits in the passenger seat.. or brings his japanese toy.

    From my early learning experience; the 1.4 is not something like the Korean cars behave for a new driver behind the wheel.
    A new driver behind the Punto will have the confidence within the first few kms (personal exp from friends driving my 1.4) but it takes time to drive her right.

    Its all in the engineering.. Korean cars engineering is simple.. technology... Cost effective.
    The punto is complex! And in Europe the performance demand from cars is entirely different than japanese & korean cars offer..
    Japanese have years of experience on the engine technical side, not overall "car" engineering.. Exceptions being a few cars out of the punto class..

    Having said enough on the 1.4 FIRE as you have decided to go for the 1.2 emotion..

    Again, I have driven (TD) the 1.2 & it was not as quick as my 1.4 but again leave me with that 1.2 for a day or 2 and i'll have a big list on its performance compared to the 1.4.. considering the tech on both the engines is different.. (SOHC/DOHC valves, cc, gear ratio's..)

    But I will say this, dont underestimate the 1.2's capability's for its performance!! comparing it to other similar category cars.
    I'm sure most members who have seen Ratan (ratanshivi) drive his '1.2 Active' will agree 1.2 is faster than it is on paper!!

    Its not a joke.. Ratan really knows his 1.2 and how to put her in motion.. even against a 1.4 :shocked
    Eventually its all in the experience you have had with cars that makes that difference..

    Be it the 1.2 or the 1.4 once you know to "properly" drive the car and use the stock tuning to your advantage.. Your views on the performance will definitely be a positive one.

    As for the mileage.. You should visit: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=214
    The thread is dominated with 1.3 FE figures but the 1.2's & 1.4's are as competitive and close to the 1.3 figures. ::OO

    The MID on most occasions has shown figures with 2-10% error difference.. so dont just blindly accept what the MID says on the FE part.. esp on a TD car!

    IMO if you want "FE and power together" buy the 1.3 MJD (FGT or VGT variant) ::T That answer's all your issues, a MJD! :cool

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