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Took a TD : Linea MJD 2014 - Need Experts opinion to decide

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by King CM, Jul 4, 2014.

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  1. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore


    You got it wrong about the insurance discount i guess.

    If they provide you the insurance, they show it to you as Rs 36000 worth. If you tell them that you don't need their Insurance, they'll just pay you Rs 12000 instead of the Insurance.

    So, basically it's just OTR-12k if you choose to go for your own insurance and not OTR-(36k+12k) as you are calculating it.
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  2. King CM

    King CM Amatore

    @ Ravi : Yes, Will try to finalize. Was waiting for 2014 Budget to see if something comes up for Automobiles which will impact the cost.

    @ vj_v1 : Thanks for your response. I can recheck once again. But the SA did the calculation and gave a final figure of 11.48 L for Emotion and 10.90 L for Dynamic.
    Hopefully, his calculation is correct :). Still will cross check.
  3. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Cruise control has proven to give better FE as per a mod performed by a TFIan on older T-Jets.

    I think it will give better FE boost for MJDs also.

    Best of Luck for you deal.
  4. King CM

    King CM Amatore

    Thanks for your inputs asimpleson. I too remember one such DIY post from Mr. Rengarajan and video as well. I hope you are mentioning the same.
    Definitely i will have lot of opportunities on the long Chennai highway from Bangalore, to check w/ & w/o Cruise Control.

    And On my waiting for Budget 2014,
    Even though Budget 2014 has proposed like "propose to overhaul the subsidy regime, including food and petroleum subsidies, and make it more targeted while providing full protection to the marginalized, poor and SC/STs.", I feel this would take time to really implement a practical subsidy system which would work for a differential Diesel pricing for Commercial / Passenger vehicles.

    Diesel de-regulation is already on track, which is expected to marginally increase the price, but still would maintain a considerable difference between Petrol/diesel rates.
    And the FE difference on Diesel and Petrol is still one of the contributing factors, to keep my decision tilted towards a "MJD". :D

    Still, Any counter inputs on this to go for a TJet is welcome !!;)

    I have other pre-purchase queries as well, as next step (like color, PDI, horn, ICE, etc), which I will post in my subsequent posts.

    Thanks all.

    - CM
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  5. 5u3zEr0

    5u3zEr0 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    From a purely driving perspective I would easily recommend the Tjet. No matter how good modern day diesel cars are getting, they will never be able to come close to the refinement and smoothness of a petrol engine. Diesel engines are all low revving and you really can't enjoy the high revving driving a petrol engine affords and the performance you get from it. Yes the Tjet's engine gets a little gruff when revved but it is still better for me than the diesel option.

    If the decision is purely emotional you will buy a Tjet but if you are going to be logical about it and that's when the money comes in, you will choose the MJD. If you plan to drive more than 15,000 kms a month the diesel will make even more sense.
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  6. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Yes I was quoting about the same. If petrol FE is higher with CC, diesel FE should be even better.

    Even if they implement it sooner, diesel and petrol prices are subject to change as per international crude oil prices, as you must already know. In such a case the government is more concerned about diesel prices. So cumulative effect will be there on non-subsidized diesel also. There is also a pressure from automotive lobby who are producing good no. of diesels, which are inherently more efficient engines than petrol, both from combustion and FE point of view. Besides they are more robust built than petrol engines considering the extreme pressures at which they operate. A new diesel will also come with extended warranty (as you opt for it) and therefore it will be much easier to maintain on pocket for first few years. Having said that if not tampered with and used carefully, Fiat's MJDs ask for very low maintenance, also considering the spare and labour pricings. And not to forget the longer range and lesser cash and time and visits spent on frequent refueling.

    On the matter of refinements, have no doubts that MJD plonked in the Lineas is pretty refined and not a clatter box at all once it warms up after a few kms. of run. It is a modern day diesel employing many important techniques as provided in premium diesel cars.

    Your decision for diesel should be based on your daily running distance and drive conditions. Also remember after a few years if you yearn for some more power and acceleration across RPMs you could go for a Wolf remap. ;)

    T-jet is good for people who have lower daily running and occasional long runs. Or for those who don't mind spending more on fuel and are happy with FE offered by T-jet so long as it offers power. Ofcourse amongst the lot, T-jet offers a very good compromise for power and FE within petrol cars. It is power without compromising FE too much as applicable to petrol engines.

    The T-jet Linea too is a special package of it's kind.

    For PDI you must have checked the PDI section/documents uploaded by mods..?
    For horn there is a co. called Stebel, which is pretty good and special as per some TFIans.
    ICE is a bigger discussion, for which you could post query in ICE section. :)
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  7. King CM

    King CM Amatore

    Small mistakes :)

    @ 5u3zEr0 - Thanks for stopping by. I have read many of your posts.
    I definitely would have gone for TJet if my usage was less.

    Many a times, I have driven relatives/friends Petrol Vehicles. And you know how it feels to drive a petrol, after driving a diesel (tat too TATA TDI).
    There are obvious differences, the rush you get and you cannot get the foot off the pedal. I do like it.

    I have had 2 TDs on the Linea MJD and found it satisfying. Only that I didnt TD a TJet, as I was concerned, my needle would tilt over to a TJet ;)
    Waiting for the 3rd TD from another dealer today.. So, in the process of getting multiple quotes from different dealers.

    Only that I might take my car for many long drives quite often and Diesel makes me to take my car without much guilt :)
    I dont remember when was the last time I travelled in a bus for long distances. May be few times used train.
    If it was only in-city driving, I would definitely go for a petrol vehicle. (Statistics as pe my current usage is ~14K Kms / year, in my Indigo TDI across ~8.5 years)

    Having said that, I would definitely want to buy 1 TJet & 1 MJD for usage, If i had the money ;-)...
    I respect your views as a TJet owner from heart & Thanks again...

    @ asimpleson - Thanks for your time in writing a detailed response.
    I really appreciate comment from a MJD owner, which carries lot of weightage for an aspiring MJD owner(if i may say so..)
    I would still want other MJD owners as well to pitch in and input their views here. My thread is just heating up now..

    As said above, my usage is ~14K Kms / year on my Indigo and hope it would be more without much hesitation with a refined Deisel like Linea MJD.
    Considering the usage, MJD would be a right choice IMHO. So, you are right.

    As for the PDI, I have already downloaded it. But Felt I might have other queries on PDI than the actual PDI Content per se.
    Will post later.
    Anyway thanks for an early input on the horn, even before my queries. :)
    I personally felt, the horn is just sufficient in the city and may not be on the highways.
    I prefer to honk on highways, in junctions where people misjudge the vehicle speed or light & eventually the distance and try to run & cross.
    I definitely need a loud horn for me to stand on and hold the people crossing suddenly. Sound really does the trick than light, here.

    I might not even change the ICE(Speakers) right away, to keep my 1st year cost down, except for the purchase cost.
    May be few necessary items like nomad mats and other accessories, cleaners would be my 1st priority.
    I have queries on color,maintanence, etc , which i will post later.

    - CM
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  8. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Enough of pondering buddy!! As they say, Make the Move!! :D
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  9. King CM

    King CM Amatore

    @pabhishek.. Yes, Took the 3rd TD and most likely will take the plunge shortly. Waiting for Final Quote from Dealers.

    I have posted my next step quick queries below. Please respond or suggest me another thread for the same info. Eitherway will be helpful. :)

    Accessories - What should be the accessories i should bargain for ?
    Can I ask for upgrade of tyres to a different brand..Say Michellin ?

    Color - My choice is either Pearl White or Magnesia Grey.
    Magnesia Grey or Black - Looks good on the 2014 Linea, as per my opinion. And MG is new color from 2014 Version.
    MG or Black - Is there any difference in maintaining these colors, as I have seen darker colors require extra care.
    Darker Colors tend to happily show their chrome embelishments bcoz of the contrast. (tat too in the 2014 version)
    Pearl White : Underplays the over use of chrome in the 2014 model & the color looks Royal.
    Only doubt is, over a period of time, will that White become kind of yellowish or will the paint protection coat if applied will suffice to maintain the color ?

    Horn - Inputs of a suitable horn for Linea Please ? I have explained reasons for changing horn in my earlier post above.
    Or please redirect to me some Horn related thread, to get some inputs.

    3M Care - What all 3M Car Care items are needed ? Paint protection ? Underbody antirust ?
    About Sunfilm- I saw that one of our TFI members, "nkrishnap" had applied RE 70 - http://www.teamfiat.co.in/linea-1-3-mjd/7687-petrol-hatch-diesel-sedan-38.html
    But during 2014 MJD TD, one of the SA claimed that it already has 30% tint ( I saw in the driver side window, it was written 70 RE...) and during another TD another SA said it is 40% tinted. Any inputs on this ?

    Does the front Windshield 3M protection help in anyway ? (CR 70)

    Mats - What type of mats should i buy for the MJD 2014 model ? Any inputs here ? (Nomad, Kagu..)

    Headlights - I didnt try this much, bcoz my TD was in day time. Is it required to upgrade for highway driving ? Please let me know.

    Warranty - Does the dealer have a clear chart for what is covered in warranty and what not ? Can i request this to dealer ?
    And Extended Warranty - Is it really useful ?

    Insurance - I have planned to take it myself. I hope there are not too much hassles to get one yourself. Please advise.
    Is it really required to take B2B or comprehensive is fine. ? In one of the Insurance threads, I read that B2B(incl Zero Dep) is good for expensive vehicles (including Keys, etc, but no clarity on what Expensive means !!).
    Do you term Linea as an expensive vehicle ? (in terms of keys, spare parts which get covered in B2B/0 Dep)..

    Tommorow, I might go for further negotiations with 1 or 2 dealers and finalization.
    Any specific suggestion on weapons to carry ;) for negotiation ??

    Sorry for too many questions in one post. I just wanted it to be comprehensive and kind of final.

    - CM
  10. harryaviator

    harryaviator Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    make this the final and go ahead.. Wishing you the very best well in advance
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