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Took a PDI of my ER punto at Ramkay

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by RedPoint, Sep 7, 2013.

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  1. Mohankv

    Mohankv Amatore

    GLOSSMANIA... Pictures speak louder than words...!
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  2. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto


    Well not all of us are blessed with both the time and money to spend every other weekend at 3M getting the car washed and waxed.

    You religiously do that and hence your car's paint surface is in top shape. No two ways about it.

    I would like you to answer the below question.

    Do you really think that a brand new freshly painted car right out of the factory needs a paint sealant treatment?

    What 3M does for new cars are the below steps!

    1) Wash
    2) Clay
    3) Machine polish
    4) Synthetic wax applied by hand which does the job of so called paint sealant.

    For a well informed guy, and for a guy who has seen the after affects of paint sealant done on his cars, Steps 1 to 3 are hog-wash. They simply do not add any value to a fresh car.

    Step 4 can be done at a fraction of the cost which 3M charges. And that is exactly my point and I stand by it.

    Well, if you have a comparatively older car, it would sure have surface contaminants and swirl marks. And that is when it is worth it to goto 3M to get some machine correction and bring the gloss back by removing surface contaminants like tree sap, tar, bird poop etc. Not when the car is brand new. Period.
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  3. @karthik ;one word your car looks AWESOME.
    Your love and dedication for your car can be clearly seen in the pics.honestly the way your car looks even new cars just of the factory will be ashamed after seeing your car.
    I dont understand why some people cant accept whats good.you can afford it so you do it we cant that is why the dyi and local wash stations.
    Sorry for hijacking the thread, guys enough of OT, there are other threads for this similar purpose.

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  4. Mohankv

    Mohankv Amatore

    +1 Arnab.. ^^

    Nothing wrong with getting the car protected by the external elements from day 1 right, it is needed if the car does not have a safe and dry indoor parking place.
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  5. turboKarthik

    turboKarthik Timido

    In my opinion, Yes it is required. Sorry to disagree. Depends on how much value the owner places on the glossy finish post-treatment.

    What we are paying for is the service, the labour and the quality of products used by a MNC giant whose name can be trusted, and will stand by for customer satisfaction in case the treatment is not upto the customer's expectations.

    At the risk of going OT, Let me draw a crude analogy. Why do people eat outside at restaurants?? We can cook and eat the same items at home right?? After all, we can also purchase the ingredients, spices, etc and prepare the dishes ourselves. Why should we splurge on weekend buffets at expensive restaurants??

    People can enjoy cooking by all means, but saying that hotel food is a waste of money would be a subjective opinion disguised as a blanket statement. To each his own. I reiterate, I mean no offense, but I am differing in my opinion with respect to generalizations.

    DRIV3R, no offense but in reality, most cars are stored in stockyards with little to no shelter or protection from sun, rain or dust. On the very same day of delivery, there will be quite a few swirls already. If the paint is inch-perfect, I have actually seen the 3M folks not doing the surface preparation step (claying/rubbing/sanding) and charging lesser than required since they just need to do the polishing and paint sealant application.

    A Sealant is only a synthetic wax which lasts longer and protects from UV-ray-fading and rain-related paint damage. 3M's products cost more, so the service costs more. That's all there is to it. By the way, other detailers like Ultimate Detailerz or Keystone Enterprises charge similar amounts for the same service. And honestly, how often is a Paint sealant treatment done according to 3M's recommended interval?? Once a year. 4k bucks for once a year (works out to 300 bucks a month?) sounds reasonable for a gloss-obsessed owner. :)

    Quality and labour comes at a price if we get it done professionally, especially from an international brand. True, DIY methods may work out cheaper if we do it on our own, but doesn't necessarily mean the people getting it done by professionals are wasting money. I am not in anyway objecting to doing this detailing on one's own accord, but generalizing that 3M detailing is a waste of money, I do not agree with. Like I said before, there are tons of people using their services/products and are quite happy with the results. Some would like to do detailing on their own, while some lazy buggers like me would prefer to get it done outside and enjoy the results. Choice is left to the owner. Yes, the gloss shows up best on dark, solid colors and are less likely to be visible on white, silver, FTA, gold and such light shades. I have seen customers with such colored cars complaining about not making out much difference before and after treatment.

    I think we are confusing paint surface restoration with paint protection here. A sealant will offer protection against UV-fading and weathering if done on a new car surface. Surely a new car can benefit from "prevention is better than cure". They don't "restore" the paint for a new car. We don't need to wait for paint issues to crop up, to repair and make it look good. We can have it looking good and staying good from day 1. Anyway, that's my opinion. No offense meant. Have a good day.
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  6. Mohankv

    Mohankv Amatore


    Just read this in one of your previous posts. I think its WALK THE TALK time.
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  7. RedPoint

    RedPoint Amatore

    Karthik, Thanks for your wishes !
    Thanks for your prompt advice on the paint sealent treatments. But still I am in bit of a confusion here. Since the ER (which I am about to get) is a solid color, do i really to need go for such paint sealent treatments? If so what does it adds to the brand new car that comes out of the factory which already got such treatments(does it really under goes such treatment in the factory)? Is it something that these treatments adds extra value and glow to the car that were already done by the factory?
    I am floored by seeing your both cars. Especially the red one, NO WORDS!!!!. This is awesome and I could not assume how much you love your cars.
    Well, I get very little time in the odd days, which really wanted to spend with my new born (Stress buster). So I have very less chance for a DIY. Also on the other hand I do not want my new punto to lose its glow.
    My final question, how does these treatments adds value to the brand new fresh car. Only the glow or it really saves the paints better. That could help me to get a solution.
  8. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    @wolverine arnab:

    If that was directed to me, please read my post again before jumping the gun. Who is not accepting what is good I fail to understand. I have complemented Karthik on how his car looks. Posts like these irk me. If you have a problem with understanding, try reading again or atleast ask for clarification.

    And for the record I can show you zillion other cars which have not gone to 3M but still look as much as good if not better.

    And OP has asked for opinions and I am liberal to voice mine on this topic. You need not take the law in your hands asking us to stop OT or whatever.


    No confusion there. You are using the sales terms while am talking the facts.

    The same treatment applies to older cars, just that there is an additional step in between which involves wet sanding, rubbing and polishing.

    And let's not mislead the OP by posting pictures of our weekly 3M washed and waxed cars, while he has asked if he can go for a paint sealant treatment. Poor guy might end up doing it and be disappointed when he sees the surface is not the same say after couple of months.

    For a fact, a owner who loves his car more will retort to DIY than splurging money on 3M as often as possible. Personal opinion. You too love your car but you choose the costlier and effortless route where you don't connect with your so-loved car.

    About the new car, it is just manufactured few days back. Not one that was manufactured months back. My 90HP was an example of the latter and I got the 3M treatment for older cars, if that conveys something to you.

    Over and out.
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  9. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Correct. Let me re-quote my post fully.

    Now look at this picture:


    More here.

    If you still want to insist that the 3M treated car looks better, I suggest you get your eyes tested.

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  10. Without taking sides here, new car still looks more glossy than Karthik's car.Not posting this to open a war.
    Take a look at the pictures, which is apple to apple,except one apple is slightly aged.

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