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Toll Free roads likely in Maharashtra for cars and SUVs

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by ghodlur, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    MEPL are Mumbai Entry Point Limited, a holding company for the MEP infrastructure which has been awarded to collect tolls from the 5 entry points to Mumbai i.e Vashi, Dahisar, Airoli, Mulund EE highway, Mulund LBS Marg.
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  2. swgaan

    swgaan Amatore

    Panvel, Maharashtra
    Grande Punto 1.3
    For Mumbai crowd, its now official that the Toll near Kharghar on Sion-Panvel highway is waived off, also the toll near Fountain hotel at the end of Ghodbandar road also is been waived off for all private Car's, SUV's, state transport buses, but all T permit vehicles will have to pay the toll.
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  3. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    This toll does not need to be operational at all. The contract amount has been recovered long time back. A known source told me that the toll has been in profit for the past couple of years and is filling the pockets of few politicians
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 3, 2015, Original Post Date: Jun 3, 2015 ---
    12 Toll Plazas/Nakas which have completely stopped by 31-May-2015
    1. Toll naka at Wadwal on Alibaug-Pen-Khopoli Road
    2. Toll naka at Shikrapur on Wadgaon-Chakan-Shikrapur (state highway 55)
    3. Toll naka at Mohod on Mohod-Kurul-Kamti-Mundrup (state highway 13)
    4. Toll naka at Bhandara dongar on Wadgaon-Chakan_Shikrapur (state highway 55)
    5. Toll naka at Kusdab on Tembhurni-Kurdewadi-Barshi-Latur Road (stat e highway 77)
    6. Toll naka at Akole on Ahmednagar-Karmala-Tembhurni Road (state highway 141)
    7. Toll naka at Dhakambe on Nashik-Wani Road (state highway 17)
    8. Toll naka at Nanduri on Nashik-Wani Road (state highway 17)
    9. Toll naka at Shraptshrangi Gadh (checknaka) on Nashik-Wani Road (state highway 17)
    10. Toll naka near Tapi bridge on Bhusawal-Yawal-Faijpur Road
    11. Rawaltekdi toll naka
    12. Tadali toll naka on railway over bridge at Chandrapur (MSRDC road)
    Other Toll Nakas where Light Motor Vehicles (LMV) or State Transport (ST) Buses won’t have to pay toll tax
    1. Toll naka at Kasheli- Bhivandi
    2. Toll naka at Maladi on Chinchoti-Kaman road
    3. Toll naka at Waghate on Monorwada Road in Bhiwandi
    4. Toll naka at Kawad on Manor Wada in Bhiwandi
    5. Toll naka at Shilapur on Nashik-Aurangabad road
    6. Toll naka on Shilapur Railway overbridge
    7. Toll naka at Shendi on Ahmednagar-Wadala-Aurangabad Road
    8. Toll naka on Limbe between Wadala and Valuj
    9. Toll naka at Khadakphata between Wadala and Valuj
    10. Toll naka at Dehre on Ahmrednagar Kopargaon highway
    11. Toll naka at Mhasane phata on Pune-Ahmednagar road
    12. Toll naka at Bhabadbari on Prakasha-Satana road
    13. Toll naka at Taharbad on Prakasha-Satana road
    14. Toll naka at Dugeron on Chandwad-Manmad road
    15. Toll naka at Panewadi on Chandwad-Manmad road
    16. Toll naka at Yesgaon on Malegaon-Kopergaon road
    17. Toll naka at Ladgaon on Aurangabad-Jalna Road
    18. Toll naka at Nagewadi on Aurangabad-Jalna road
    19. Toll naka at Barbada on Nanded-Narsi Road
    20. Toll naka at Khanapur on Narsi-Delgur Road
    21. Toll naka at Pimpriphata on Jalna-Watur Road
    22. Toll naka at Malkapur in Buldana
    23. Toll naka on Aarambha in Jam Varera
    24. Toll naka at Nanduri on Chandrapur-Bamni road
    25. Toll naka at Visapur on Chandrapur-Bamni road
  4. kirenh

    kirenh Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    What about old Mumbai-Pune Road, Khed Shivapur etc. and other tolls on NH4
  5. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Why not NH4? Without proper roads people are paying toll happily,at least till 6 laning completion , govt should have stopped taking tolls,shame.Seems like mostly favourable to the North Maharashtra.
  6. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Closure of tolls is ok, infact great. but now who will maintain the road? It should be NHAI or MSRDC(in case of MH).
    Fact is the roads where tolls are closed are in very bad state or are deteriorating very quickly and badly.
    I observed this firsthand in my recent highway trip. The stretch between Jalna-Mehkar-karanjalad towards amravati from aurangabad is not that good and few stretches of 5-10 kms are horrible.

    In comparison to this Chhattisgarh govt has done a great job. They have taken over from the private developers and its owned by state now. They charge a nominal amount just to maintain the road and no profit IMO.
  7. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    MSRDC if it maintains, then again it will have to levy toll to cover the expenses. IMO it will be PWD which will be given the onus to maintain, PWD in turn will appoint private contractors to do the job. This means more under the table income for PWD employees who till date were denied of their birth right to earn income from other sources.
  8. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    After closing the toll booth I am pretty sure road condition will be worse for years and years. Lets be prepared for worst roads in India in MH state.
  9. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
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  10. Tornado

    Tornado Superiore

    Sahyadri ranges.
    Western Maharashtra
    Avventura 1.3 90 HP
    Bravo fiats
    Bravo fiats!! What a timing to launch Avventura! For Avventura, don't care who maintains the roads.

    Anyways, It is good to have partial waive off, as it is the trucks which do more harm to the roads, and toll collected from them can be used for maintainance of the roads.

    @Ganges, NH4 is property of the central government so Mr Gadkari will decide about it.
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