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To clean the interiors of car

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by Shiva Kumar, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. What: Your car interior is where you spend all of your time with your car.

    Why: Because cleanliness is next to godliness, etc.

    When: If you’ve got dust on the plastics, discolouration on the seats and your carpets have turned a different shade, now would be a good time to get around to cleaning the interior.

    Skill level: 1. There’s a lot of labour involved, and just a smidgen of skill

    Equipment level: 2. You’ll need an old toothbrush, a new shoe polishing brush, a clean cotton cloth (preferably a microfiber one) and if your garage has got a power socket, then bring your vacuum cleaner along as well.

    1. Find a shaded spot to clean your car’s interior – trying to do this mid-morning in May will only give you heat stroke.
    2. Clean out the detritus from the interior and boot.
    3. Wipe down all the dusty surfaces with the cloth.
    4. If there are stubborn stains on the plastic bits, you can use car shampoo to get them off.
    5. Use the toothbrush to get dust out of panel gaps and hard-to-reach places.
    6. The shoe brush can be used to clean the carpets, door pads and seats.
    7. The vacuum cleaner will do the shoe brush’s job much more effectively. Just make sure the wife is okay with you using it to clean the dusty car carpets.
    8. Don’t vacuum the carpets during the monsoon – the muck will clog the cleaner’s filters.
    9. Remove the mats carefully so that you don’t drop the dust in the wheel wells. Take them out, dust them and brush them with the shoe brush.
    10. Fabric seat covers are very hard to clean – you’ll need a fabric cleaner to get stains out of them. Make sure you dry the seats out properly once you’re done.
    11. Leather seats are easier to clean – you get spray-on instant cleaners that make the job of cleaning very simple.
    12. You can add a little shine to the plastic and rubber bits with plastic treatment – just make sure you don’t put it on bits like the steering wheel and gear lever which need grip.
    13. The boot usually doesn’t need much attention, but follow the same procedure as with the carpets.
    14. Do this regularly and you’ll have a car that’s squeaky clean on the inside.

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  2. Okay so now you have put the last nail in the coffin and i shall enter into cleaning mode on sunday! Since the factory meet my car has lost its epic cleanliness! bus ab bohot hogaya!
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  3. aaah! i feel so much better!!

    vacuum cleaned my car!
    polished the interiors!!

    thank you my man!
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