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To be about 5 years with Fiat...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Sandypk, May 18, 2015.

  1. Sandypk

    Sandypk Timido

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hello readers...

    Had some time yesterday, thought to post this story.

    Until 2009, i was using the Maruthi and did still continue with a vehicle from family as well. My friend who was an RTO had purchased an Fiat Linea and after 6 months he strongly suggested me to change Maruthi to Fiat Punto. In 2010, Fiat was in tie-up with TATA Motors, so when i first went there to have a look at the vehicle, they initially showed me and also were equally mentioning about Vista and Manza. But then i am also with TATA so i set them clear that it is Punto that i want. We drew the vehicle, liked it and finance and discounts were cleared and we were set to buy. I did not have much time to spare during those months, so suggested an exchange for Punto.

    After a month i received a call from the dealer that my new Punto Emotion is all set from Pune Manufacturing plant and is on travel. This surprised me as it was mentioned 2 months for my color to come and 1 month prior things happened. Atleast few minutes i thought its my next car is from a better company, Maruthi, as i did not have much expectation on European car manufacturer. They wanted my Maruthi and promised a week delivery time. It was hard for me to commute as my work timings were very odd sort of 2AM sometimes or 11PM. Anyhow took the pain and handed over the car.

    After a week i called back to check and was told they had some problem on the way, so to wait for few more days. Days went by, no calls were received. 15 days since no communication, called the manager and asked him, to my surprise, he was very cool in saying that my vehicle in still not in production and that it will take a month to 45 days. With all the discussion which later turned to argument, he coolly told me to escalate by saying this is how it works and that if customer escalates the issue atleast there will be some response and they do no response.

    This was the height, i got the information of Manufacturing VP TATA and FIAT VP and further CEO. Detailed out a letter to them mentioning the plight of a customer paying up 3/4th of the amount with taking back using vehicle, no vehicle to commute etc. Not sure was it because of escalation or any other factors got call from GM of the showroom and few Customer managers of FIAT. The GM assured me that i would be given a vehicle for use until i receive my new Punto. I stated clearly that i will not pay anything nor sign any document rather they need to sign an assurance that it is by their own wish they are giving etc etc which was agreed and to send an reply mentioning that everything is sorted temporarily. Next day, received a Petrol 1.4 Punto. Further in 3 weeks time got a call my new Punto has arrived and to collect the same. To my surprise they were in no mood to take back my punto fast rather told me to hold it own until i was satisfied with new vehicle.

    So received my punto, infact i liked the vehicle very much, the shape as the name, body, strength, road grip, balance, foremost engine and turbo power etc etc... So started to handle her smoothly and will even not park her on road side for people to draw lines on it rather take care of her. Also she took care of all of us very nice and never left us with a breakdown.

    But on the slow, she started having problems on AC, driver seat, vehicle pulling left side while driving etc etc etc. I was very very surprised, the FIAT trained engineers were not able to fix her issues and each time they do a temp fix which shows up in a day and then back to TATA-FIAT Workshop. From here on my tenure with FIAT stared with all the time escalating with TATA Motors service team, Fiat Service Team, Head Customer Care FIAT, RM FIAT, VP FIAT and sometimes CEO for even a small issue which in general should get fixed by the local FIAT engineers. Each time i go to TATA-FIAT service, i explain how she had come here and what her problems are and sometimes calls up the escalation matrix to get ensure a small work is done correctly.

    Now i started to think what a foolish idea was to go outside Maruthi, the excellent customer care. Never for 15 years with different maruthi versions and service centres were i had this agony of praying before going for service. My friends and family who owned Maruthi had no pain on service atleast. Things started to get worse with Linea as well. Then was researching and got to know from Net that huge number of customers were disappointed with this service given by dealers of TATA-FIAT. Though i was with all this, i liked her and did not want to part with so went on to see what is in store.

    Slowly i started to less-use my Punto and was using other source of commuting or vehicle from my family. Slowly FIAT got matured and moved out of TATA. I thought yes things will slowly change. Gave my vehicle for service, the manager promised me same day delivery as he said there are very less vehicle, i told him anyways i have planned for 2 days so its ok either ways. On 3rd day, i called them to understand the service is not done. Again Season 3....

    Finally i was on the way to hospital on NH nearing city where the clucth failed. Called up FIAt they suggested to get it Towed to FIAT agency. The call centre was helpful this time. As it was night next day, i went there to understand that an item that was supposed to be replaced as part of vehicle design change was not done during any of the service. Good that the Manager and the FIAT team helped me to get it towed immediately. I have to say the Manager was excellent who interacted with me, he had worked with Maruthi and host of other car companies and i could see the energy to turn around things. I did discuss with him a lot and after that 2+ hours of discussion had started to feel there is a slight hope in FIAT Service that could come across.

    I like the vehicle and is really good in terms of drive. Because of this Managers discussion, and i trust it is not a sales pitch discussion, i have decided to retain her for sometime and experience the rejuvenated FIAT Service with Prayers for sure.

    I am sure many of you would have similar experience both good and bad but friends seems like FIAT is really trying to set right things on service front is what i get to know, so lets experience the all new Service from FIAT.
  2. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Sad to know about your travails but good to see you being positive and holding on to the car. I am sure the car will return back the faith you trusted in her. Suggest you to compile your ownership experience in a separate thread or request mods to move this thread to ownership section. Add some pics of your ride and share the service centre experience.

    All I can say is Fiat is now in better hands.
  3. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Yes,they probably did not change your clutch slave cylinder just like they failed to do with my car as well,resulting in a break down in my case too.
    Carelessness and lack of knowledge.
  4. harryaviator

    harryaviator Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    Lot of people had the same issue. It should have warranted a recall and replacement free of.cost!

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