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Tjet or city CVT

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by amiti, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Say if he is ready to compromise on Driving dynamics and doesn't want a driver's car, what makes you think that Honda City will remain hassle free but Linea will fall apart:confused:? You are just repeating that you usually hear... Honda is reliable.
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  2. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    ENKI, even if what you said is very right, not arguing that, there is a point of goodwill in the overall market for Hondas and also Marutis. Believe it or not Honda's reliability is more about being niggle free and not seen by many in terms of sturdiness and solidness to take on rough roads and accidents. But that's all there is to it. What is niggle free and reliable can again be argued on though. Puntos and Lineas are also niggle free in many a sense.

    There was this case, where a person bought a new Dolphin shaped Honda City and it was totaled in a accident at one place in Maharashtra within say six months or so. The people got pretty good IDV compensation, but that did not include price of lengthy hospitalisation for 2 or 3 members of the family including a senior person who had a serious injury like fracture and dislocation to his leg/ankle. This senior person by the way was also a heart-patient and had to go through this physical and mental trauma. So one can see the real risk I am pointing here. It always comes down to people's health and safety.

    A popular quote worth mentioning here —
    I think the debate between Honda and Fiat can be based on overall design and built and standards vs smarter manufacturing and servicing of cars and Honda being a testimony to Japanese engineering.

    Any more arguments we make here as owners Fiat would probably be an insult to the company and our own decisions by us overly defending it when it doesn't need to be in the first place. ;)

    Let the customer decide what he wants. 'You win some, You loose some.' No matter what one chooses.
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  3. Toruk_Macto

    Toruk_Macto Amatore

    Amiti, With all the PROS and CONS of FIAT and Honda, there is something with FIAT that Honda don't have. That SOMETHING can't be explained in words. This can only be felt.

    FIAT will become a part of your family and you & your family will have strong emotions about it. FIAT is more human, Honda is a machine.
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  4. pushkaraj

    pushkaraj Amatore

    Actually i tried to summarize it but my main point was "compromise" , One thing which i learnt is Fiat is not everyone's cup of team . two real life example

    1. in 2012 my friend was looking for good diesel car in 2-2.5 max range , at that time diesel vehicles were hot favorite and used diesel cars were selling with some good premium.
    He loved driving so i suggested him palio diesel , for me it was best diesel car in that range . He loved it too . He brought used palio in 2.3 L , BUt when he started using it , he could not take efforts to maintain it - central lock issue needed multiple visit to mechanic , broken headlight in small accident - hard to find replacement. these are really small things but he was not cut out for that. He sold the car.

    2. Year 2009 , My fried brought Linea emotion pack MJD in kolhapur , he loved the car maintained it well. in 2014 ( or may be sometime last year ) Fiat closed service station in kolhapur , only option for him was to travel 4-5 hours to pune and get vehicle serviced . he sold the car 15 days ago for 3.1 ( Yes Linea diesel at 3.1 L )

    if you ask me , I have no problem taking all the efforts for my car , i think fiat is worth it . This may not be true for everyone .
  5. puneet mehra

    puneet mehra Amatore

    Man go for fiat...I am driving my palio from last 4 year's and believe me Fiat is one of the safest car we have on Indian road with tank like build quality. Honda is just a metal sheet bro nothing else

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  6. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    ^^But pertaining to this gentleman Amiti, this issue may never arise. He is from Pune. Infact people at Pune are happily going to Pandit Auto to get their cars maintained. And it is really bad what happened in the cases you mentioned, but if they do anything of such kind in Pune then one can assume that Fiat is winding-up operations in India.
  7. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    Lol, this is a fiat forum for gods sake.

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  8. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    Please do not make a choice based on market perception. TD both cars multiple times if possible. You will then really be able to narrow down the must have characteristics and weed out the frills - like Sunroof In The City, cruise control in City & Linea, auto wipers in Linea. Look at driving comfort, pax comfort , service costs and intervals.

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  9. amiti


    Sure. I won't make a choice by market perception. I will definitely see what suits me. Yesterday again test drove city CVT as my uncle was also interested in it. Yesterday's observations -- I sat behind and found that there was a noise coming from back of seats and suspensions too (thud). I could feel the noise inside the cabin. I don't have a picture but yes there has been lot of cost cutting done by city makers. I pulled out the roof from where the rear glass starts. Actually it came out and I saw that that it was a thin metal sheet covered by a some plasticky material.
  10. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    On contrary, even after completing 55,000 kms on various terrains, my Linea is not making any noise (rattles) and it feels the same as when I bought the car in 2011. :D
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