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Tjet or city CVT

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by amiti, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    amiti, your findings are what should matter to you.
    Both cars are good choice.

    Few points about of City -
    - Interior space is bit more
    - Automatic will not give you more FE, but good to drive in city
    - Very common on road, but reliable

    About Linea T-Jet -
    - Much more features
    - Highway drive will be a different experience all together
    - AC is better
    - Suspension is little harder, but with top class steering, this would actually be helpful in open and bad roads.

    Though choice between 2 is tough anyday, but if you include cost + service also, Linea will be better option.

    Finally, buy which gives you more satisfaction in TD. Also, if possible, try to take TD for some longer route as well.
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  2. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    +1, Its difficult to judge any car during short test drives. This is all the more true/relevant for a Fiat. Do a longer test drive, preferably on empty stretches at good speeds in both the cars and then decide. Good luck.

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  3. Murphy_Fiat

    Murphy_Fiat Superiore

    Linea T-Jet
    If you want to buy a car with soul Go For T-JET.

    Some Points you have missed

    Honda Spare Parts are Expensive
    Linea is Factory fitted with 16" Alloys and wider tyres
    Extra 3 lac for Honda.
    Build Quality of Honda is nowhere near to Linea.

    Go For Tjet Amit.
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  4. edurgesh

    edurgesh Novizio

    Hi amiti,

    Sometime back I was also in the same situation while looking for our next car, and Honda City was the main contestant except the AT part. After considering few cars in the same price range finally selected the Linea T-Jet, and there is no looking back. It's far better than any other car in the same price range on several parameters like Looks, Build quality, Engine, Brakes, Handling & Ride comfort.

    I got the 2013 model and the only negative point I noticed in Linea was the interior fit and finish, but that has been taken care of up to a certain extent in 2014 model. Also it does not have a brand image like Honda, at least in India. IMO Honda City should be considered only if you need AT and care more about brand image; T-Jet is any day better than that in all other aspects.

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  5. Murphy_Fiat

    Murphy_Fiat Superiore

    Linea T-Jet
  6. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    @Amiti I met with an accident in my Punto and was very fortunate that day. It was not just my luck but my choice of owning a fiat punto instead of an i20 or jazz back then.

    I never could understand the importance of fiat till that day. I suggest give importance to build quality and check out accidents of city and what happened to people on board.i am not saying that this is a point to be considered but with increasing traffic and expressways the factor of safety is of high importance. Honda should give side curtain airbags with the build that they are providing. They seem to be neglecting the safety of rear passangers with lighter sheetmetal where Linea can give you a confidence on whatever happens on road your parents or children are safe in the rear.

    Features do play a role but they are only a luxury. Sunroof is not success in indian weather and dusty conditions.

    Just ask your parents to feel the safety while closing the door of linea and city. They will incline towardsyour choice.

    If fiat starts making wafer tin car like city with the 1.4tjet they can generate immense power but they chose safety ahead of other things.

    Best of luck with your new car... do share pics whatever it is linea or city.
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  7. bharath

    bharath Regolare

    My native friend has bought New Honda City Petrol automatic a week back and below were my observations at his house.

    As many say ,Honda follows the light weight design philosophy and I could sense right from the doors (light thin metal sheets) and all over the body -very fragile and flimsy.Even to replace these weak body parts ,you might need to spend some hell lot of money just for 'H' badge.

    I cant say I felt premium inside as right from day one I saw in the pictures to till date, I felt the dashboard to be aligned in a confused manner (asymmetric) unlike NEW LINEA (Very Neat and Premium Plastics and attractive ) or VERNA (best to me -attarcts most people just at the first sight) or the Germans (Neat and quality layout but not attractive though).Seemed like the japanese were in hurry ,burry to paste all the parts here and there to pull VERNA down from the crown.Clearly,Honda targeted Verna and dumped all the features which you would get everything in LINEA (leaving out the suntop,push button and some useless blah blah).The audio system was too good (Bass was the culprit) for Linea which you can plunge an aftermarket system.Believe me , I don't even use Blue&me. I use steering & those three pedals only :evilsmile as I have always believed features dont make a car and give more importance to the drive.

    Well , I cant blame Honda City again here :D.A person can sleep in the legroom :eek: and that's enough to checkmate NISSAN SUNNY here.Now noone can say Sunny has the best space in C2 segment which is its only USP.So this wicket is taken too.Very Clever Honda :cool:!

    No drive ! We were in a hurry to move out of the house so it was postponed (may be this weekend).Nobody can blame a Honda Petrol engine but the chassis built,cycle tyres,steering would play take the culprit roles :devil and spoil the fun.For a cost of 12 plus lakh car (that too a petrol automatic) I don't find any terrifc reason to own this unlike my LINEA MJD EMOTION for a cost of 1007800 -Hands down Linea wins like USAIN BOLT leaving all others in the dust :boxer .Since you are considering TJET ,you wont find the irritating MJD TURBO LAG much as you are already on the race track !

    The one thing which everybody says that "Honda CITY has a ROYAL look at the front whereas LINEA has a BLUNT face".I agree here completely because the arrow dynamic aggressive design would deceive most people unlike the classy design of the Italians which takes sometime to absorb & enjoy just like AR Rahman music:grin:.

    If you are a DRIVER :rage ,TJET for you or else TJET for you still :evilsmile.I dont want you to suggest Honda City instead TJET and make you an unlucky man !

    OT: The reason which I think the japanase and Koreans win over the Germans or Italians are they are CLEVER and CLEAR in their business who know what exactly to provide (Brand awareness,service,features,mileage ads,space,RELIABLITY)and not to (strong built,fun to drive ability,safety meeting the crash standards,suspension or even brakes -Nobody notice these things). Above all ,they are DEDICATED in their commitment and ! I LOVE this from them really and so they deserve the top places unlike these yawning Europeans:hit.
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  8. amiti


    Guys, excellent replies. I am on for Tjet. Let's see if I am able to convince my wife and dad. But one thing for sure.

    TOTAL RESPECT for all of you. You guys are writing from bottom of your heart. Really liked it.
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  9. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Honda doesn't follow light vehicle philosophy anywhere else other than India/Thailand. Their best selling Accord is mammoth of a car. City is not light-weight because they have used some bloody carbon fiber, it's extensive use of plastic in the places generally hidden from eyes. Yesterday saw a head-on of a city with Safari, city was torn like it's made of cardboard. 3 people inside it, all in very serious condition. It was mistake of the Safari guy (though@ 20-30 but on the wrong side). City rammed it @90-100. Lots of braking & tire markings around but of no use!!

    In case, your family insists on Honda, Why not slightly expand your budget & Go for Accord/Superb/Octavia/Laura/Jetta... There are hell lot of choices & all of them are great value for money. Getting value for 15-20 lacs is certainly a better option than wasting 13 lacs. City is not a Honda product, just a badge, really bad built quality. Just lift up it's bonnet and compare it's Engine mountings, aprons... with Linea and you will be revealed a very dirty side of it. It will age very fast and will go same route of 2005 city's. Every single one of them is ready to be scrapped with all their dynamics out of proportion. They will move none the less and look very funny, but still they will be called reliable.

    For royal looks, that's a matter of taste. I would call that Lack of automotive awareness and bad taste for car design, that is what every other car looks like and it's very basic design philosophy. Look at new Toyota's, VW or Hyundai, that Arrow snout is what every one pens down these days, Linea stands out and still best looking after 5 yrs! There are 1-2 good things too, got a good quality grill (an accord quality) and glossy dashboard, which are 2 things most visible/striking in any car from outside or inside. That's how Japanese do it in places like India, take advantage of lack of awareness of innocent people and sell these tailor made products. No one is innocent actually, they deserve this because they almost have no analytical mind of their own.
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  10. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Accord and Civic are not sold anymore here. Those are world cars and Honda has decided that India does not deserve for it. Brio/Amaze/City is what India needs according to Honda.

    Laura/Octavia is much better choice even if it costs higher. Again, this can be considered only if you don't want to buy a Fiat. :)
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