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Tjet FTA: The New Saga

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by vanandwiz, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. johy

    johy Amatore

    Buddy great pictures, do you have a side profile picture of the car with the spoiler; I am considering putting one on mine as well. Side profile will give me a good idea if to proceed or not.

  2. vanandwiz

    vanandwiz Amatore

    Hi Johy, I do have a side profile picture of the spoiler.... will get one and post it...
  3. vanandwiz

    vanandwiz Amatore

    Courtallam Trip

    At last the site is back and I am back!! Finally catalogued the trip that happened two months back…..

    Courtallam (kutralam) was the only place in Tamilnadu where I did not do a road trip!! And that was fulfilled; did a quick three day trip to Courtallam. Me, my better half, two kids and F-I-L started on 24/Aug Friday 19:00 hrs. Returned on 28/Aug Tuesday 01:45 hrs.

    Route taken
    Chennai - Trichy - Madurai - Kovilpatti - Sankarankovil - Puliyangudi - illanji - courtallam…… Did the return trip also in the same route
    630 Kms on Google map. It was 30 Kms extra than the Srivilliputtur route.

    Until Kovilpatti it was 4 lanes (except Madurai bypass). Kovilpatti to Puliyangudi it was a good two lane road, sparse traffic, watch-out for speed breakers. Puliyangudi to illanji road is a mixed bag; there is a sudden stretch of good fast road and then few bad ones; passes through various towns and sometimes traffic gets irritating; this justified avoiding Srivilliputtur route as Puliyangudi - Illanji road is its extension!!

    The trip was planned one month in advance. It was UK holiday on 27-Aug; convenient day to take off!! But the kids had to cut school for one day…. But it is going to be a field education!!! We had all the things packed and ready on Friday morning. All the vehicle check was done on Thursday ie., engine oil check & coolant check, top-up windshield washer, fill-fuel, air check on all tyres (38 psi for long trips); Formula-1 rain repellant on windshield.

    With great difficulty I managed to shut down my work at 6:00 PM and commence my trip at 7:00 PM from my house. The idea was to do the 4 hours trip till Trichy; check-in to a lodge for quick sleep and leave Trichy by early dawn. But the idea was totally shattered by two things, 1. There was heavy traffic from Tambaram to Chengalpet; I was expecting it, and hence planned to leave by 6:00 PM. But I got delayed by small-small things and was one hour late. 2. But the bigger problem was a super-severe rain storm that hit us, that started near Villupuram; it was like going through one of the twister movies. We could see multiple lightning touch-down. It was looking very dangerous. I was on the road returning from Kanyakumari when the cyclone Thane hit Chennai on 30-Dec-2011… But this seemed worst as there was lightning attack going on with horizontal rain attacking my car. Many vehicles had stopped road side; few were still plying. Overall the visibility was poor; but still wanted to continue as long as I could drive with confidence and safety (was driving at a safe speed of 60 km/hr). I felt that stopping the car and sitting inside a thunderstorm was dangerous; rather I was expecting to drive out of this downpour. Looking back it was a good decision to continue driving. In another 30 minutes the downpour subsided to a drizzle. But before continuing further I really have to commend the wonderful work done by the windshield, the wiper and headlights; the rain repellant was quite handy.

    As a result, I lost time, after 4 hours of drive I barely managed 60% of the distance planned. As I was driving I was looking for some road-side lodge. Saw one before the Perambalur toll-gate. It was a small average room but I did not have any options; just needed a bed and pillow to sleep!!

    The journey commenced next day morning at 6:30 AM. Reached Trichy Sangeetha restaurant for breakfast at 7:30 AM. Filled fuel at the nearby bunk and started off at 8:30 AM. Reached Madurai at 9:30 AM. The Madurai bypass killed me with heavy traffic and long serpentine queue at the toll gate. The stretch of about 20 Kms took another one hour. From Madurai to Kovilpatti, it was a breeze, had to do some route check with local people on the exact exit for puliyangudi route (I did have Google maps running on my PDA). The Kovilpatti to Puliyangudi was very good two lane road. The photos on the rear spoiler were taken on this route. My wife spotted a big bird running at some distance near the road. To our amazement it was a peacock. From there, till Puliyangudi we spotted so many peacocks enroute. Peacock was a road side bird in this area!!



    We finally reached Courtallam at 2:30 PM. Ahh… it was crowded place. Finally managed to get a car park near a decent hotel and had lunch. We went in search of a lodge. Beware of touts! Better to avoid them! We went slightly out of the town (within 1 km of the main falls). We had a wide range of lodges. We finally settled for Lakshmi Lodge; we got a decent & airy room, the terrace had a great view of the mountains; and the Main-falls was visible.

    In the evening, we did a quick walk to the falls. Water in the falls was sparse. OMG! There was a queue leading into the falls!!... I have had leisure bath in so many water-falls all over South India, but never had to stand in a queue!! So we did not bother to stand in the queue, we just stood there and admired the huge yet beautiful falls. We were about to leave without a bath, one of the forest ranger (which we came to know later) came up to my daughter and asked whether she was not going to take a bath. I told that, we did not want to venture the queue with kids. He asked me bring them in for a water-fall bath. I was bit surprised and reluctant on this sudden help. But he insisted and we ran in. Later we came to know that he also has a daughter of same age and so he did want the kids to miss-out. So the kids saved the day.




    We hit the bed early and had a sound sleep. Next day, we went to 5-falls. It was Sunday, and the car-park was crowded. Parking my long sedan was like the car-park puzzle played on mini-clips. The water falls was the most crowded one I have ever seen. This time there was no savior!! We return without a bath.

    Next, we hit Achankoil. Wow! What a ride!! We enjoyed the scenic ride. I felt that the cabs and vans were driving rash in the Ghats. They were really torque-ing the way through. I did my best to let them pass. In one instance, one indica overtook and me and speeded ahead and enter a 60 degree blind curve; just then a Sumo came in the opposite direction. Collision was nearly missed but in the process the left wheels of sumo went off the road; the road shoulder were very deep and the underbody of the sumo was screeching on the road. The sumo nearly toppled to its left. It was lucky escape for the sumo and also maybe for us also.





    We enjoyed a sumptuous water-fall bath at Manalarru; at last one place that was not too crowded. We spent about 3 hours in different waterfalls there. By then we were very hungry. So we gave a miss to Thumbaruti and Achankovil (anyway the temple was closed and not schedule to reopen for few more hours). We came back to Shenkotta and had our lunch. From there we headed to Tenkasi temple. The temple has unique aerodynamics. When you enter the temple through the first Gopuram, there is a very strong wind blowing on your face. After you exit the Gopuram and move further towards the temple, suddenly the wind stops. As you move further towards the temple, the strong wind starts to blow from reverse.




    Next day, Monday, we went for one more round of bath at the Courtallam main-falls. This time there was more water in the falls but fewer crowds. Then we visited the Cutraleswarar temple. After a sumptuous breakfast in the local tiffin center we did some shopping in the local market; local exotic fruits and tasty Nentram Chips were the specialties. Next we planned to visit either Paalaruvi or Agastiyar falls. Alas, we choose the second one and it turned out to be wrong choice; Agastiyar falls was inside Mundanthurai Tiger reserve. Because of the Supreme Court order we were not allowed inside. We had to turn back. We headed back to Tenkasi, had our lunch and started the long journey back home.

    Enroute we planned to visit Sankarankovil. We spent about 2 hours in the temple. Just then I realized that it is 6:00 PM; I have a long distance to cover; and even if I start immediately I will be late reaching Chennai. And the next day I had a packed calendar in office. I urged my tourists to wind-up and started racing the car towards Chennai. And the car responded very well. Maintained a speed above 120; and where possible hit 140~150!... and the car could go even faster. But the road and the speed were new to me… So I did not push further.

    Started from Sankarankovil at 6:00 PM and reached Madurai-Othakadai A2B at 8:15 PM; fueled the car and completed the dinner. Reset the trip-B and started at 9:00 PM. I reached my residence at 1:45 AM. Until Chengalpattu, my AvSpdB was above 100 Km/Hr; from Chengalpattu to Tambaram, I was stuck in traffic and my AvSpdB dropped to 85 Km/Hr. Got an FE of 13.5 inspite of the power run!!

    Photo1088 - 1.jpg

    Photo1090 - 2.jpg

    Photo1091 - 3.jpg

    Photo1089 - 4.jpg

    Somewhere after Perambalur and Villupuram, I had a tussle with a Scorpio!! There was bit of traffic and he was torqueing and trying to make it difficult for me to overtake. But somehow overtook him and surged ahead. But my kids wanted to take the nature-call and I stopped. The kids were slow to get-out and settle back-in and by then the Scorpio went past me.
    Few Kms down the road we met again at the toll gate. Coincidentally, both of us came out of the toll gate at the same time. Both of us were doing a drag-racing!! (He was clearly torqueing hard and trying to overtake me) As we started to Drag, honestly I thought that the Scorpio would win easily. But to my utter disbelief I won!! My wife was jumping with Joy. :p

    Was the Scorpio-driver not driving well enough? Or was Tjet genuinely powerful enough to eat up Scorpio? :confused:

    Now the car has done 4500 Kms (Gosh!! The first three months clocked 4000 Kms!!.... I thought I would not be doing more than 8000 Kms per year and headed west for a petrol car… well three long trips did not help the cause; but it did bring Nirvana!!!). So with 4500 Kms, I have learned to be on the power band and tap the pedal to zoom ahead. I am finding it increasingly difficult to be light on the pedal.
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  4. vanandwiz

    vanandwiz Amatore

    Overall trip meter data on the Courtallam trip......

    Photo1084.jpg Photo1085.jpg Photo1086.jpg Photo1087.jpg
  5. sungoa2010


    Excellent photos.
    Tjet may find some difficulty with XUV but will definitely win over a Scorpio.:)
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  6. vanandwiz

    vanandwiz Amatore

    More photos on the Courtallam Trip

    These are actually videos recorded through the dashcam..... pulled a screen-grab through the VLC player.... So the resolution has become poorer...

    Between Puliangudi and Sankarankovil




    Sankarankovil: Gopuram.....


    Started from Sankarankovil @ 18:00... a Punto with KL registration....

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  7. sungoa2010


    When you are enjoying waterfalls Linea is enjoying the hair pin:)
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  8. vanandwiz

    vanandwiz Amatore

    I forgot to mention that I got back the additional road tax amount that was paid initially!!!....... The road tax amount which was mentioned to me in the proforma invoice was calculated on the undiscounted amount.... But the registration amount was for Rs.22500 less than the one quoted in proforma... when I enquired about this while collecting my RC.... I got a big story!! Registering 2011 cars involves bribing RTO officials!!! .... but anyway the sales told that they will check and get back..
    In the subsequent weeks I called the sales couple of times..... they had ways to keep me off....
    Finally sent an email asking for the difference and asked them to furnish the necessary bills..... this email was sent to Concorde and Fiat!!

    Swoosh..... in two days, the cheque for Rs.21000 came knocking at my door!! :p.... for the balance 1500 I was told that I will be given a bill, but yet to receive it after 5 months....
    They were clever to cover up this... they took my signature on the cheque receipt letter.... But the letter had right gaps to fill up their satisfaction letter.... when I enquired about this.... they had some pretext... anyway I was happy to sign-up for the unexpected bonus...

    Next couple of days I received a feedback call from Pune..... I clearly explain the goof-up from the sales.... gave a big negative feedback....... :D
  9. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    You were lucky to get the money back. In my case, the dealer from whom I bought was transparent enough since I was going to pay the road tax myself. But while dealing with some other dealers, they were demanding cash for registration saying that cheque will not work. Later when I bought the car, I realized that the SA of the other dealer was going to put the money in his pocket. Since RTO does not give a payment receipt, it is easy for dealers/SA to get away with this
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  10. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Nice detailed travellogue and pics mate!! Good to see your Jet roaring! :redcar
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