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Tjet FTA: The New Saga

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by vanandwiz, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. 17.2 is GREAT....
    My Linea, at constant 80kmph on clean NH2 (with AC on 100% of time) has never managed to get me more than 16.5 kmpl....
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  2. vanandwiz

    vanandwiz Amatore

    Sigh!! that was the last time I saw those numbers!!... Now I barely manage to get 13 on highways and 10 for local trips.....:eek: ........... but I drive it the way it has to be driven... :clapping
  3. vanandwiz

    vanandwiz Amatore

    The Saga - New Nemesis

    One review comment that always had me worried was the comment on the poor after-sales service and the callous attitude of the service center. But I never expected to taste it so early in my ownership!!

    First symptoms:
    The car’s key-code light stays on for long periods of time. Ofcourse there are time when it goes off; but most time it stays on. I found this during my first trip to Krishnagiri. I checked the manual. The fiat manual asked us to report the problem immediately to the service center. Immediately I tried calling the service center number given in the Fiat manual. Oops!! The number in the manual is incorrect (got the correct number much later). Immediately I called the sales person to find, if he had any idea on this problem. He said that the problem is nothing and need not worry. If I had anymore concerns; he asked me report this with the Concorde ECR service center. I was bewildered on how he could brush it off as a small thing. Anyway I did not have much options; the nearest service center from Krishnagiri was Bangalore or Salem. Or drive another 100 Kms extra and get it sorted in Chennai. I took the third option.
    In the next couple of days, I fixed an appointment with service center and took the car for a checkup. Unfortunately the key-code light was off when the car reached the service center. I stayed there for an hour to see if the problem would reoccur; but no luck. The service center did not register the case; rather the SA brushed off the problem as something very minor that I need not worry about.
    After that occasionally I was getting Air-bag failure warning; low fuel warning even when half the tank was full.

    First Breakdown!!
    It was the next weekend… Saturday. There was a heavy shower in the evening. Couple of hours later I went out to pick-up few pizzas for dinner. Took my son along; went in my car since there was still a mild drizzle going on. It was a short trip, about 3 to 4 Kms. I parked near a petrol bunk which was adjacent to the Pizza shop. Switched-off the engine; got out of the vehicle and checked front and back to see if any adjustment was needed. I wanted to move the vehicle slightly forward. Got into the car and cranked the engine. The cranking was a long squeaking sound, and the vehicle did not start. Tried couple of more times and each time it got from bad to worst. Third time the cranking went totally dead; no response. I wanted to give it a break; so I thought of getting the pizzas and trying again. So I came back after 30 minutes and retried. But it was the same story.
    The drizzle was getting heavier; it was getting late; my son was with me and asking all the questions and I had to manage him; a 20 day old car that will not start. I was confused. Lot of options were running through my head. Should I leave the car here and take an auto and reach home? I decided to do it step-by-step. I reached out to Fiat road side assist; they told that it might be midnight or early morning when assistance is possible. Next I reached out to couple of office colleagues near to the place. They brought assistance to jump start the vehicle. Finally I reached home.
    The next day, Sunday, I started my car when out for couple of quick spins and it was working fine!!

    Second Breakdown!!
    On Monday, I took the car to office and no problem. It was a long and tough day at office and completed forgot all about the car and its problem. Finally wound up the day at 10:00 PM; came to the car park and started the car. Yep!! The problem is back. Ho no! Not again….
    Called Fiat road side assist and explained the problem. I got a call back after 30 minutes… that help will come only in the morning. So hopped along with a friend and went home. Next day, I got few more calls to check on the exact location and convenient time. Finally help arrived at 12:00 noon. The mechanics before starting did few checks; there were some beep sounds and some display on the dashboard; then they jump started the vehicle and told me that the battery was very weak and I have to take the car to nearest service center ASAP.
    Immediately I drove the vehicle to the Concorde ECR Chennai. I stopped the car inside the service center and did check-in with reception. One junior SA (seemed to be a newbie) was allocated after 30 minutes of wait. Explained all the problems and trouble (luckily the car did not start then and went dead); he did not seem sympathetic nor apologetic for my ordeal. He went about the formalities with a monotone. And finally, told that he can do the checking the next day only. He was totally inconsiderate on my priority requests. So I left the fate of my car with the SA and left. I found that talking is not going to help and shot out emails to all levels in Fiat, Tata and Concorde. Next day there was no response to my emails. The SA was cutting my phone calls. The Landline number at service station was always with a busy tone. Alas, what have I got into?!!

    Finally on the third day I got an apology email and contact details of Mr. Savio, CR Manager. I call him and explained the problem and the current status. He gave the number of Mr. Johnson from the same service center and asked me get in touch with him. Mr. Johnson was a senior person and got a better, considerate reply and report. He checked the car and told that the battery is the problem and it needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, a new spare battery was not available in the store and it has been ordered and awaiting delivery in 3 days. I requested for a used spare battery for temporary use. They obliged and my car was roaring back on the road (I could immediately find the difference with the spare battery; cranking was faster and smoother; no warning yellow light on dashboard). After three days, I got a call that the spares have arrived and asked to get the fix done. Next day, again, another 2 hours of waiting in the lounge, finally my car was lined up for work. A brand new SF sonic battery was replaced; got the warranty card. Thanked everyone and left.

    Overall the car was in the workshop for 4 days. But I assume that less than 4 hours of work would have been done by a mechanic on my car. With my previous car WagonR; both car and I have spent far less time in the workshop and visitor lounge!! Also I never faced any reliability issue with my WagonR. So I was taking reliability of all cars for granted. One should be ready to face few issues when you buy a car parked in the yard for one year!! Hope this forewarns others.

    I am writing this review 2 months after the incident. Till now the electrical and battery have been fantastic after the battery change.
  4. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    Sorry to hear about your ordeal

    This is a common problem which some TJet owners have faced on the other forum. Ideally you should have asked the dealer to replace the battery before delivery. I am hoping that I do not have to face this problem
  5. vanandwiz

    vanandwiz Amatore

    Goodies added……

    T-jet was fully loaded with features and stuff…. Some addl stuff that could add more beauty and style were…..

    First, the standard accessories procured from FIAT (dealer)
    1.Floor mats (could not get boot mat; it was out of stock) – Rs 1750 - Free
    2.Mud flaps – included in the above price
    3.Spoiler – Rs 7000 – 50% paid
    4.Illuminated sill plates – Rs 2250 – Paid 50%
    5.Body cover – Rs 1100 – Free
    6.Reverse parking sensor – Rs 4000 – Paid 50%

    Addl accessories from various car jewel shops,
    1.Door guard - IPop grey color, it was a flexible rubbery type; could easily gel with the contours – Rs 300.
    2.Neck rest - Rs 520 – one of the premium variants that was available. Again the Fiat neck rest was out of stock!! Was not sure if it was an excuse given by the dealer.
    3.Poppy car perfume – Rs 150 - could not find a place for this, which was convenient for me; finally settled it into the center bottle holder. But again it did not fit properly. Next time I should look for a leaner perfume!!
    4.Lumbar support – Rs 550 for a set of 5 cushions (put couple of them in my living room sofa!!)
    5.Sun curtains with suction knobs. Stick-on to the side window – Rs 120.
    6.Dashboard sticky mat – Rs 100.
    7.Formula-1 body polish (rubbing compound) – Rs300.
    8.Formula-1 rain repellant glass cleaner – Rs 300.
    9.Anti-scratch cloth to wipe the windshield glass – Rs 150. Couple of yellow cloth free.
    10.Colin glass cleaner – Rs 45
    11.Premier facial tissues
    12.Decorative Chinese-bell dangler (hangs from the rear view mirror) – got it as a gift from in-laws!!

    Also got car dashboard camera through a friend abroad – Rs2500 + 8 GB memory car Rs 600 – pictures are below.

    Other accessories that I am planning to add are,
    1.Reverse camera (or a web-cam)
    2.Tablet + tablet holder - it should take the reverse camera input - most importantly reverse camera or tablet should not be directly plugged to the car battery; rather it should use the mobile charger; checked with few premium accessory dealers but could not find a complete solution. I have identified Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7 inches) or Karbonn smartab-1; both have their pros and cons but yet to finalize. But procured the tablet holder from abroad; planning to alter the holder to suit Linea (planning to do it myself).
    3.DRL – again it should not be connected to the battery. Planning to connect them to a rechargeable Li-Mh batteries that will be housed inside the car; planning to operate it through a switch.

    Any suggestions are welcome.









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  6. amazing ones @vanandwiz
    everytime I see a jet with a spoiler, I am tempted to install one one mine as well...
    your jet looks amazing...
    keep falling in love!!!
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  7. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Well ! Everytime I see a Fiat, I fall in love! :D... Sorry to read about your bad experience with TASS! Well, good that things are fine now! Enjoy the most beautiful car on road buddy!
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  8. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Your jet looks like a jet..
    Amazing dude.. Really loved the mods.. (In fact this is the first time I'm seeing a jet with spoilers)
    I also liked the illuminated sill plates. Wondering if i can get them for my punto as well..
    You reverse parking sensor and housing looks like a geeky piece of attachment, well done ;-) But does that not obstruct your visibility ?
    Does the screen also double up as a Multimedia device?
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  9. BoseSuman

    BoseSuman Superiore

    Midnapur (W.B) & Hyderabad (A.P) India.
    Linea 1.3
    Vanandwiz, Congrats. The TJET+ with spoiler are looking Superb. Enjoy & drive safely.
  10. vanandwiz

    vanandwiz Amatore

    Thanks shilkar... please go ahead and pamper your loved one!!!

    Yep.... I do love my Tjet inspite of my experience... It is like a quarrel with your wife!! It creates closeness and bonding!!!! :p ......... Now Tjet is closer to me..... but do hope we have dedicated FIAT service centers.......

    The spoiler was inspired by some of the photos I saw in few websites (before I joined TFI)... I was stubborn on the spoiler.... I used to call the Sales guy daily... and waited 15 days to get it.... that is the reason you will see few photos without the spoiler in my album.... Initially I was looking for spoilers with gap between the body and the fin. So when I got this one without gap... it was a bit of a letdown. But now I love it :cool. Also does not hinder my rear visibility.....

    Have seen Illuminated sill plates for Tjet only... not even for linea... wonder if someone else has seen it...

    Does anyone know if the reverse parking sensors can be painted with FTA??!!... If so, that should be great....

    Regarding camera.... no problem with visibility. Also the LCD screen can be folder up; just in case you want it that way..... Initially I was running with the LCD monitor down, but it was bit distracting. Now a days I run with it folder up. Also that way, not many will know that I run with one.....
    The LCD monitor is a two inch monitor... so it is small.... may be some AVI file can be stored in the memory card and played-back on the LCD, but never tried it.... ofcourse it can play-back the recorder video.... But anyway it is too small for folks sitting even in the first row seats..... also if I playback then I will not be able to record!!! :eek:

    Most importantly.... I am a newbie to this website.... just wondering, how do you folks know about this post?!!.... do you search and come here?.... or do just go to the latest post on the forum? just wanted to know so that I can also do a better browsing of thread in TFI.....

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